Thursday, August 10, 2017

So, the Newsreel footage shows very well that Leavelle did NOT have his hand in Oswald's pants.

And think about it logically: What reason would he have for doing that? What purpose would it serve? It wasn't going to keep Oswald from being shot. And you can't tell me there was concern about Oswald running away. And how could he if he was also handcuffed to Leavelle? So, it makes absolutely no sense for the hand to be in the pants anyway. 

And really, the same is true of Leavelle being handcuffed to Oswald. What purpose did it serve? There could not have been any concern about Oswald running away. And, the handcuff could not and did not protect Oswald from being shot. It really was a useless, pointless gesture. 

And, it didn't happen. Look at this ridiculous image. We can see where Leavelle's left shoulder is. That's where his arm starts. It goes down from there. So, how could that little thing in front be his hand going over?

 Leavelle would have to be "Elastic Man" to do that with his arm. It's fake. And, even if it wasn't fake, that hand is too far away from Oswald's hand to be handcuffed to him. It was a standard pair of police handcuffs, which have a very short chain. 

So, the "hand in the pants" is a lie. It did not happen. And one can hardly imagine it happening: a policeman walking along with a prisoner with his hand in his pants. 

Oswald being handcuffed to himself was a lie. You only have to look at the Jackson photo to see that Oswald's wrists were far apart, and there was no handcuff on his left wrist. 

And, Leavelle being handcuffed to Oswald is also a lie. If he was, then imagine how Leavelle would have been affected by all the movement Oswald did have being shot, where first he cringed forward, and then he veered back, and then he went up on his toes like a ballerina, and then he went straight down at warp speed like a freight elevator at the TSBD. If Leavelle was attached to him by a short chain, wrist to wrist, imagine how he would have been pulled upon. But, we don't see that in any film.

And as I explained before, you can't pick up and carry a person if you are handcuffed to him. You can't get in the right position. Look how Leavelle demonstrated it in the movie.

Think about where Leavelle's left wrist is. It's under Oswald, supporting his weight. Well, if they are handcuffed, then Oswald's right wrist has to be under himself because, supposedly, Leavelle's left wrist and Oswald's right wrist are tied together. But, that is impossible. And yet, prior to this, it showed them cuffed together. 

 Note that Leavelle does NOT have his hand in Oswald's pants; we never see that in the tv movie. That is supposed to represent them being cuffed together. But, think about the logistics of them being handcuffed like that and Leavelle then picking him up like this:

It is impossible, and I defy anyone to do it. Actually demonstrate it. Get a subject; handcuff yourself to him with a standard police handcuff; and then, with another man, pick him up as we see above. 

And to prove it to yourself, there is a solo experiment you can do right now. You play Oswald. Now, turn your right arm inward and then place the back of your hand flat against your back behind you. So now you've got your right wrist behind you. So far so good. But, it's way too low. So now try to bring it up. How far can you go before it locks? Not very far. You simply can't do it. Neither could Leavelle. 

So, Oswald was a) not handcuffed to himself, b) not handcuffed to Leavelle, and c) did not have Leavelle's hand in his pants. 

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