Thursday, December 8, 2022

This is by a friend of mine, Dr. Alen Salerian MD.  I apologize for the small print. 

                                              Death Caused by NW

                           Neurotoxin (paralytic shellfish poison) Weapon


                          Death by NW                                                     Did JFK’s Behavior match NW?



1.     Silence before death.                                                                                              YES

2.     Paralysis.                                                                                                                   YES

3.     Signs associated with sudden

 severe inhibition of autonomic functions.                                                                   YES

4.     Delayed Death                                                                                                          YES

5.     A small entry wound

6.     No exit wound                                                    

 corresponding to the entry point                                                                            Yes

7.     No bruising of entry wound                                                                                      YES

8.     No pallor mortis                                                                                                          YES

Table 2


                   A Neurotoxin- Weapon was instrumental in JFK’s death

1.    no bruising on the throat wound consistent with saxitoxin’s anti- bruising effect

2.     small entry wound on JFK’s THROAT.

3.     no exit wound in JFK’s NECK.

4.     No damage to JFK’s cervical VERTEBRAE.

5.     JFK’s instant vocal PARALYSIS.

6.     JFK’s paralysis and IMMOBILIZATION.

7.     JFK’s delayed DEATH.

8.     the umbrella man with an unobscured view of JFK opening and closing the umbrella during the ambush.

9.     William Colby testimony confirming the existence of a silent neurotoxin weapon to neutralize large and dressed dogs suggesting that this weapon was designed for humans.

10.  Mortician’s report that JFK’s body did not show discoloration hours after death consistent with saxitoxin’s anti-bruising effect.

11.  lung contusion corresponding to the back small entry wound.

12.  The mathematical odds of” a neurotoxin weapon was used in JFK’s assassination” is correct is consistent with all the above.

 I have been asked to put up my collage of Saddam Hussein showing that the Saddam they tried had bad teeth compared to the real one.

And if you look at the ears, you'll see that they're different too. Saddam was known to have multiple doubles, so they may have hired one of them. Let's face it: there probably weren't too many gigs left for the guy, and work was work. Notice that the ears were different too. 

And one more thing: look at all the grey in his beard on the right. If he had that many white hairs in his beard, don't you think he had a few on his head? So what, was he dying his hair while on the run? And what about after his arrest? He was arrested on December 13, 2003, but his trial didn't start until October 19, 2005. Don't you think his roots would have started showing by then? And he wasn't sentenced until November 6, 2006. Yet, all his images show him with jet-black hair. So, were they providing him with Just For Men? Or, did they have a hair salon there? Here he is on January 16, 2007 at his appeal, still with jet black hair on top. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Alen, I read your paper, and first, you are absolutely right that JFK was hit with a neurotoxin. The spastic paralysis he exhibited was pathognomonic of that, and there is no possibility it was caused by any physical trauma. And the fact is that, to that point, his physical trauma was minimal. The hole in his back was nothing. It was a deep scratch. And remember that they kept probing it with their fingers, and each time you do that, you make it bigger.

And as far as his neck goes, I don't assume his larynx was damaged. And it certainly wasn't the reason he didn't speak. If it was just that, then we would have seen him trying to speak and then trying to communicate non-verbally in lieu of speaking. But, he never made any attempt to speak, and it was clear that he wasn't up to it mentally. 

Now, as far as which neurotoxin he was hit with, I agree that it's very significant that William Colby mentioned shellfish toxin as being an intended weapon. I have no experience with anyone stricken with shellfish toxin, and I can't say whether JFK's clinical presentation conformed to it. Remember, he was not "paralyzed" due to denervation. It was just the opposite; he had uncontrolled and unrelenting innervation which froze his muscles in spasm. And I will say that I am extremely disappointed that more doctors haven't recognized the fact that JFK exhibits extreme muscular dyskinesia. Apparently, even doctors are affected by the "JFK-land" syndrome, where strange developments are brushed off because it's the JFK assassination where weird stuff happened. Well, we shouldn't do that. There is no JFK-land. It was the real world where the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology apply. And for a man to be riding down the road, in normal composure and consciousness, and then be hit and then manifesting the symptoms of a neuromuscular disorder plus a complete cognitive breakdown- there has to be a cause for that. 

So yes, the obvious patho-physiology of JFK being ignored by doctors is very frustrating to me. 

But, regarding the umbrella as a weapon, Cutler and Sprague were just speculating. They never built a functioning umbrella gun. Whether such a thing is even possible, remains to be seen. And your idea that the missile involved plastic and a feather, and these materials dissolved? How? I can't even imagine that happening. But, I do know that ice could vanish quickly, not just from melting, but because ice is inherently unstable and bursts easily. And by contaminating it with minerals which interfere with the delicate crystalline structure of widely spaced hydrogen and oxygen atoms in ice, you can make it burst even more easily.  

And realize that it could have been a cocktail of drugs. It wasn't necessarily just one. And when you recognize that possibility, then the sky is the limit. 

So, there is a lot we don't know. But, what we do know is that JFK went very quickly from normal awareness, cognition, and muscular control into a helpless, spasmodic state, accompanied by complete mental collapse. And since he suffered no physical trauma that could explain it, intoxication is the ONLY modality that can. It's not just a possibility. It's an absolute certainty. Thank you. 


Monday, December 5, 2022

"Ukrainian officials said today that Russia’s military had begun a 'massive missile attack' across the country. The deputy head of the president’s office said that two buildings had been hit in the southeastern city of Zaporizhzhia, killing two people and injuring three others, including a small child. Air raid sirens sounded in cities such as Kyiv, where locals were forced to take shelter in the underground subway system. Ukrenergo, Ukraine’s energy provider, said its facilities had been struck, causing blackouts amid 'the eighth massive missile attack by a terrorist country.'”

People are rightfully appalled by this, but why aren't they appalled by the vast, unlimited, unrestrained decimation of human beings that were the targets of British and American bombing campaigns in World War 2? We must stop calling it the Good War. 


Sunday, December 4, 2022

  On the left is definitely Oswald and on the right is somebody else, who was stockier, had a shorter neck, a more box-shaped head, and look at his hair. It doesn't match Oswald's by a mile.  I'd call it a crude and lofty imitation of Oswald's recession. 

So, does that mean they didn't have Oswald in the garage? Not necessarily. I think the one on the right was a recreation. Why did they need a recreation? It was to validate the Jackson photo. It wasn't taken during the televised spectacle. It was taken earlier at their photo-shoot after Jack Ruby was already tucked away on the 5th floor.  Blurring it deliberately, they took it to this point:

And then they jumped to this:

That happens in a flash, but how can it be real when his arm is slapped to his chest? How did that happen so fast? First, no one slaps his arm to his chest in response to being shot. That was just a stupid dramatic gimmick they came up with to cover the area of impact, since Oswald wasn't actually shot. You see any trauma? Second, imagine the speed involved to get the arm slapping done that fast, in a small fraction of a second. He'd have to pound himself in the chest. How do you do that when your aorta and vena cava have been blown out? Both these frames occur at the 40 second mark in this video.

I tell you, anyone who still believes that Ruby shot Oswald is a friggin' Pavlovian dog who is salivating to bells on cue. 

Saturday, December 3, 2022

This is someone else's Altgens reenactment.

Then they put the core of the Altgens photo into it, trying to locate the limo as precisely as possible.

I don't have a problem with it, but look where the limo is. It hasn't reached the location of the Stemmons Freeway sign. Kennedy was not shot in the throat way up there. So, that imagery of him reacting to the throat shot in the Altgens photo is fake.

And I can prove it. Here's the Willis photo. It's universally accepted that JFK has not been hit in the throat yet. How could he be when he isn't reacting to it? 

Willis told the Warren Commission that the shot rang out a second after he took this picture. So, that's when JFK was shot in the throat. But, if the shot came after this, then it was practically at the sign. 

But, let's go back to the reenactment.

Now, let's look what came next as he panned his camera.

And then:

If you look on the right, you can still see the edge of the TSBD, but we still haven't gotten to where the sign was.
So finally, we're down to where the sign was, which I put in.

That is about where Kennedy was shot in the throat.

So obviously, he wasn't shot in the throat yet way up here.

So, Kennedy was not shot in the throat there, but he was shot in the back, and he rode down the hill that way, not doing anything to respond to the attack, even though his traumatic injury was minor and inconsequential at that point. So, why didn't he do something? And don't tell me his back brace prevented him. He got in the limo, didn't he? He didn't need help to do it, did he? And he was going to get out by himself too, wasn't he? So, his back brace wasn't preventing him from moving around. He wasn't damaged very much physically and not at all vitally, meaning that no vital tissue had been struck. So again, why didn't he do something? The answer is that he was incapacitated functionally and mentally by whatever they put into that ice bullet that struck him in the back. 

Friday, December 2, 2022

As strange as it is that Kanye West should become a fan of Hitler, there's something that I find even more strange: and that is the filing of a $250 million lawsuit against him for saying that he believes that George Floyd died of fentanyl poisoining. 

It's strange because in the United States, you can't defame the dead. Once a person dies, if you say something that defames them, their kids  or their estate can't sue you. So, I don't understand the basis of how he could be sued for saying it. 

But, in addition, the death of George Floyd was a public event. It was covered widely in the media, and it was discussed widely. So, why shouldn't Kanye West be able to say what he thinks about it? 

But then, the icing on the cake is that the involvement of fentanyl in the case is undisputed. This is what the famed Michael Baden said:

Medical examiner: George Floyd had 'fatal level of fentanyl' in his system, but is 'not saying this killed him'

Dr. Baden clarified that even though it was a potentially fatal dose, that people can build up a tolerance to it, if they take it a lot. So, it wasn't necessarily fatal, but for many people, it would be fatal. But, isn't that splitting hairs? In today's political and legal climate, I have to wonder if that clarification was made on the advice of his lawyers. But, the point is that since a high does of fentanyl in Floyd's system was undoubtedly a factor in the case, the idea that Kanye's statement should put him in legal and financial jeopardy is bizarre and freaky. 

What about the long tradition of freedom of speech that we have in this country? It's the first amendment of the Bill of Rights. 

And the truth is that, if it ever went to trial, I suspect that Kanye's lawyers would produce a medical doctor who would testify that he or she believes that Fentanyl poisoning was a causal factor in Floyd's death. And I have no doubt that they could find one. So, if it were going to come down to whose medical opinion is sacrosanct, the answer is: nobody's. And that means that even Kanye should be allowed to express his opinion. 

So, this is just one more way that things are going to Hell in America.