Friday, August 14, 2020

My good friend Paul Popa is back, and we have done a song together, that soul classic from 1973, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life by Stevie Wonder.  I hope you like it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Assassination of FDR 

by Ralph C. Cinque 


I think it's very likely that Franklin Roosevelt was assassinated, and of course, that theory has been around for a long time. It started soon after his death on April 12, 1945. 

He officially died of a cerebral hemorrhage, but are you aware that he was never autopsied? 

"The doctors, seeing no real need for an autopsy, decided that it must have been a cerebral hemorrhage."

So, all the History books glibly claim that FDR died of a cerebral hemorrhage, when it's just a guess; a very convenient guess. And FDR's medical records completely disappeared after his death. Ten years later, when Eleanor Roosevelt had her own suspicions, and she went looking for his medical records, she couldn't locate them. 

And his body was rushed out of Georgia in defiance of state law that he be autopsied there. Sound familiar?  By Texas state law, JFK should have been autopsied in that state, and some of the Parkland doctors tried to stand up to the Secret Service agents about it. I wonder if they realized that those agents would have used any amount of force necessary to remove his body from Parkland Hospital. And when I say any amount, I mean including lethal force. Something similar happened in Georgia, although I don't know how tense it got. In Texas, it got very tense.

The most popular theory is that FDR was slowly poisoned with arsenic, which they put in his food. But, who did it? One popular theory is that Stalin did it. Stalin is also accused of killing General George Patton, and Bill O'Reilly wrote a book on it. But, both ideas are extremely stupid, in my opinion. 

I'm not going to go into Patton, but it is absolutely insane to think that Stalin killed FDR. Do you know what FDR did for Stalin? He sent him guns, ammunition, bombs, tanks, and even planes. That's right. He sent Stalin all the parts needed to build planes. He also sent him tons of food to feed the Soviet Army and tons of fiber to make uniforms, blankets, etc. He also conceded to him all of Eastern Europe. 

Now, why would Stalin want to kill the guy who did all that for him? He wouldn't. He couldn't. He didn't. And there is something else to consider: Anyone who contemplates killing a President has got to know that someone is going to take his place. And so the question becomes: will his successor be better or worse for the perpetrator than the guy he's contemplating killing? And in this case, there is no way that Stalin could have thought that Truman would have been better for him than FDR. Nobody could have been better for him than FDR. Truman was a machine politician, the ultimate team player. He did what he was told. The situation was such that Stalin would have sent elixirs to FDR- not poisons. 

And, it is a historical fact that Stalin was one of the first people to claim that FDR was murdered. He even wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt about it. Now, why would a guy who murdered somebody that the whole world accepted had died of natural causes propose that he was murdered?  In other words, why would a guy who got away with murder, start rocking the boat and talking up murder?  

So, who did Stalin say killed FDR?  He said Churchill did it. And I wouldn't put anything past Churchill. He was a dastardly man; a pathological liar; a eugenicist before Nazi Eugenics got started; and a war criminal. Churchill's whole, entire strategy for fighting World War II was: to kill German civilians. Kill as many of them as possible. Target women and children, etc. If any leader today fought a war the way Churchill fought World War II, he would be dragged into The Hague and prosecuted for war crimes. And I am not saying that rhetorically or facetiously; I really mean it; he really would be. But no, there is no way Churchill did it. He may have been involved in some way, it's possible; but the idea that he just independently and single-handedly killed FDR is ridiculous. Look: no matter who killed FDR, the cover-up was done here and by us. It was done by Americans who were in control immediately after his death. And it included agencies and institutions of the U.S. government which went along with the official story of his death, just as they went along with the official story of JFK's death. THEY are the ones who killed FDR. You should never think for a second that the assassination of a U.S. President can be anything but homegrown. 

So, who killed FDR? Well, who wanted him dead? Who stood to gain? And what did they gain? 

We're opening a hornet's nest here, and this is going to take a while.  It will be fun, at least for me, because I think it's very interesting. But, I'll leave you with something to think about in the form of a question. And the question is:  When did the Cold War begin? Or to rephrase: What exact day is the most reasonable designation of when the Cold War between the US and the USSR began? I'm looking for an exact calendar day, and I'll tell you what it is in the next installment. Stay tuned. Meantime: here are Uncle Joe and his greatest benefactor. 


There have been increasing calls to pay black Americans reparations for the enslavement of their ancestors, and today, Joe Biden said that, if elected, he will appoint a commission to explore the idea. 

Well, if we're going to do that, what about the Native Americans? We decimated them. We decimated their food supply, the buffalo, so that the ones we didn't kill outright would starve. We stole their land. And when we told them to move west, where we would leave them alone, we eventually decided that we wanted that land too. So, it was reservation time for them. 

We are a funny country. I mean the way we live in a delusional world where we think that the government can conjure up any amount of money out of nothing. You see: the government actually doesn't have any money. All it has are debts. But, they do have a printing press. So, they can print any amount of money that they want and for any reason they want it, whether it's to fight a war, build a bridge to nowhere, or pass money out even if  they have to drop it from helicopters. 

But, the reality is that you can no more create money from nothing, by snapping your fingers, than you create anything by snapping your fingers, such as: gold, apples, or corn. And when the reality of that sinks in, then all the money they have created is going to revert to its intrinsic value, which is nothing. 

How much longer can they keep doing what they're doing before that happens? I am not going to hazard a guess, but I do know that they can't keep doing what they're doing forever. The music is going to stop. And when it does: Heaven help us. 


Monday, August 10, 2020

I am very pleased to announce that we have decided on the villain in His Stretch of Texas Ground, Draven Denisen. He is going to be played by George Welder. 

George has played opposite Jeff Weber before, and that was in A Deadly Charter. There, he played an assassin whom Jeff's character was hiring, and George came across as tough as nails. I liked the intensity between them.  I like the parity between them in size, both height and weight. And I like the sharp contrast between them in their faces and hair. 

So, at the same time, there is an equality between them, but also a polarity between them, which I think is going to stir up people's imagination. The face-off between these two men is going to be visually dramatic and compelling all by itself. 

We had other candidates who were eager, and I apologize to them. But, I truly believe that this is the right choice for the project, and I am absolutely sure that George Welder is going to soar as Draven Denisen. 

George is joining a cast now consisting of Jeff Weber, Mike Gassaway, and Jeff Caperton. We also have some exciting prospects for the female roles (Carey, Becky, and Sarah)  brought to us mostly by Mike Gassaway and Jeff Weber, whom I thank.  All in all, we are well on our way to making an exciting and engrossing film.

 I don't know how Lovelady's shirt could look the way it does on the left, unless it was something Lovelady did with an iron. But, if he ironed the shirt, why didn't he iron the bottom part of it?  One thing is for sure: shirts don't come out of the drier looking and laying like that. According to Mrs. Lovelady, the shirt was bought used at a thrift store. And he was going to work at a warehouse that morning where he was going to be laying plywood flooring. So, why would he iron his shirt? What a pretense. What a pretend. That is not the shirt he wore on 11/22/63. This is:

I don't know whether this guy is just plain stupid or if he's one of the many Ops working the JFK cover-up. But, he claims that the collage below supports Lovelady as Doorman. 

 If you look closely, you can see that the faces match between Doorman and Oswald. The t-shirts definitely match between Doorman and Oswald. And Doorman's shirt pattern matches to Oswald too because it's not plaid like Lovelady's. The highly contrasting pattern is due to photographic haze and distrotion due to the gross enlargement not the pattern. Then, they etched that ridiculous hand in there as if the black guy was doing a Heil Hitler. That black guy wasn't even there. Therewas a black guy there, but he was largely or wholly obscured by Altgens' camera angle which obscured the west side of the doorway. Notice how Doorman's right shoulder is obscured. You can't see it, right? Do younotice how you can see Oswald's right shoulder in its entirety but you can't see Doorman's? Well the black guy was further west than Oswald's right shoulder. 

 This was taken about the same time as the Algens photo. You can see that the black man was nowhere near Doorman. And since Doorman's right shoulder got cut off by the parallax in the Altgens photo due to the angle from which Altgens was shooting,  then there was no way that the black man was visible to Altgens at all. 




So, they put that black guy in there, having taken the image from a Phil Willis frame, and then they carved that ridiculous hand.

This is all so bad, wickedly bad. They didn't give the hand the correct anatomical orientation. And it's all to cover up what Oswald was doing in the doorway, which was clasping his hands, as you can see him doing on the right, except there he's doing it right over left whereas in the doorway, he was doing it left over right. 

And look how well the lay of the shirt matches between Oswald and Doorman, with the little furl on the right and the long thick lapel on the left. What we see on Lovelady is weird and impossible, as I'll explain. But, suffice it to say for now that it is definitely Oswald on the left and right, and there isn't a shadow of a doubt. 

Sunday, August 9, 2020

I have mentioned before that one benefit of the Covid pandemic (or plandemic, depending on how you see it), is that war fever has been quenched. It wasn't that long ago that we were on the brink of war with Iran, and night after night, the war-relishing mainstream media foamed at the mouth in their delight over the prospect of yet another war. And it culminated in January of this year with the brutal and savage killing of General Soleimani and 9 Iraqis who had gone to Baghdad Airport to meet him and escort him to the Prime Minister of Iraq for scheduled talks. Are you getting it? This wasn't just a message to Iran; it was a message to Iraq to dash any thoughts of getting chummy with Iran. It was a monstrous, terrorist act for which I will never forgive Trump.  Here we couldn't even beat the ragtag Taliban in Afghanistan, which has no Air Force, no Navy, and no Army either, not a single tank, rather just guerrilla fighters; yet, they still drove us to say "no mas, no mas." Yet, the reality of that defeat did nothing to quench our desire and bravado to go to war with Iran.

But, Covid has taken war off the table, it not being practical to wage a war wearing masks and practicing social distancing. You see: you can't have everything. If you want your pandemic, you can't have your war. Sorry.  

But, it is nice that the airways are currently free of Iran-bashing and war fever, and the only war we're hearing about now is the war against Covid. 

I said the other day that the Taliban website is down. 

 Actually, it isn't. It's just the home page that's down.

But today, August 9, a traditional grand assembly of Afghans known as the Loya Jirga, demanded that the rest of the Taliban prisoners be released by the Afghan government. and President Ghani responded immediately by signing the order to release them. Again, the Loya Jirga is a traditional, historic gathering that long precedes the existence of the Afghan government. Yet, the Afghan government is the one that called for it to assemble, and the Taliban responded with derision. Yet, despite that, the Loya Jirga called on the government to release the prisoners. In other words, for Ghani, calling up the Loya Jirga backfired. 

So now, the intra-Afghan talks are presumably going to happen. And I think it is going to be more of the same, crowned by the demand that Ghani, and other high officials in the Afghan government, step down. Will he do it? I don't know, but let's hope that he does. In the end, Afghanistan is going to have a non-Western government, with a strong religious bent, that is not a puppet to anyone. For the most part, it is going back to how it was 2001 before the war, but hopefully with some improved elements, such as girls being allowed to attend school. For us, it will go down as another Vietnam- a war that we lost.