Monday, March 18, 2019

Ron Schuster said that it looks like Leavelle moved around to Oswald's right side by the time of the iconic Jackson photo. 

But, he didn't. Leavelle stayed put and climbed into the back of the ambulance from where he was. 

So, here you see Leavelle climbing into the ambulance following Dhority, and he is doing it from the same position as before, from that left side. He is basically perpendicular to the ambulance and has to turn right to get in. He is doing it from that left side. So, he didn't go anywhere. He stayed put.  
The Taliban claims to have killed 2 American troops last night in an engagement that was started by the other side. 

KUNDUZ, Mar. 18 –Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate repelled the enemy’s joint operation in Chahar Darah district of Kunduz province last night, killing 2 American invading troops and 1 local commando.

There has not been any confirmation of this by the Pentagon. So, it's possible that it is mistaken. But, is it also possible that the Pentagon has stopped reporting on U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan? I am asking because I don't know.  
I am telling you that Ruby was innocent, that this fundamentally nice and very devout Jewish man was innocent. And he certainly knew, on a very deep level, that murdering was against his religion. And the whole schtik that those lying Dallas cops assigned to him, that he was talking trash about Oswald, that he hoped the son of a bitch dies, it doesn't even sound like the Ruby WE know. There are transcripts of him, and there is a limited amount of audio of him, which displays his personality, and he wasn't like that. He wasn't remotely like that. He was child-like. Jack Ruby is the most wronged man who ever lived, even more so than Oswald. And the reason I say that is because Oswald, at least, had his wits about him. Oswald adamantly and emphatically denied guilt 13 times that we can hear him, and he did so more times than that. But, Ruby was so out of mentally that he was like lamb being led to slaughter. He didn't begin to resist. He didn't begin to understand what happened to him. And he was scrupulously honest. He never lied about anything. And one gets the sense that that was a matter of religion for him too. It is one of the Commandments, Thou Shalt Not Lie. He pleaded with the Commissioners to give him a polygraph test, and he even offered to take truth serum. And it's ironic because the drug which I believe they gave him on 11/24, scopolamine, was used by the Nazis as a truth serum. Why, if Ruby had the capacity to shoot Oswald, didn't he shoot him on Friday night? What did he wait until Sunday for? And why doesn't it bother you that Ruby is accused of going to the Dallas PD on Friday afternoon to "stalk" Oswald but there are phone records proving that he was on the phone talking to his sister at the time? And it means that one of the most famous images of Jack Ruby is most certainly an impostor.
I can remember Peter Jennings claiming on national television that that was Ruby on Friday afternoon stalking Oswald, yet there is a Saturday newspaper in the picture. And you know darn well that Ruby wasn't as bald as this. Furthermore, he didn't have a hook nose like this guy. I tell you, my heart pangs for Jack Ruby. He was not the monster that people think he was. Rather, he was targeted and used by monsters.
Ruby did NOT shoot Oswald. Ruby arrived at the basement much earlier than 11:20. It was probably an hour earlier. It was only a 5 minute drive from his apartment to the PD. And all he did that morning was wake up, get dressed, and eat breakfast, and then he left. And he said that he got up early. And think what he described when he reached the ramp: Pierce in a squad car alone talking to an officer on foot whom he didn't know. But at 11:20, Pierce was at the top of the ramp with two other officers in the car with him, and the officer on foot was Roy Vaughn whom Ruby did know. Vaughn had excused a traffic violation for Ruby once, as a courtesy, since he was a friend of the Department. Don't you think Ruby would remember him? So, the circumstances were different. Then, think about this: the story goes that Ruby was talking up a storm during the melee", "What are you doing? I'm Jack Ruby, you know me." But, why would Ruby say that if he knew he shot Oswald? He had to know that police frown on that kind of thing, didn't he? Then, there is the fact that in the various footages, it is obvious that the Shooter didn't say anything. Ruby didn't know that he shot Oswald until police told him that he did up on the 5th floor. But, how could he not know if he did it? The reason he didn't know is because he didn't do it. And all the stories you've heard about Ruby being a Mafioso, a pimp, a drug runner, and someone who repeatedly threw people down the stairs are just bull shit. He wasn't the least bit big, and he wasn't the least bit tough. There aren't too many guys he could have thrown down the stairs. It's all part of the lore, part of the fiction, part of the myth-making about Jack Ruby to hide the certain fact that he was innocent. He was framed and innocent. Framed, drugged, and innocent. It is all freaky as Hell what happened on November 24. Here is a picture of Ruby after having supposedly shot and killed a man and destroyed his whole entire life and everything in it.
He just lost everything, but look at his affect. Look at that blank stare. He looks like a zombie. He was strung out on drugs- drugs that they got into him, and mostly likely including scopolamine- "the zombie drug."
This photo isn't right. It isn't real. It's supposed to be Hardin and Wolfe sliding Oswald into the back of the ambulance. But, they each had to be on opposite sides of the stretcher. Hardin is the one closest to us with the wavy hair. Next to him in the white shirt, with only his left shoulder visible, is Wolfe, his assistant. On the other side of Wolfe is Leavelle in the Stetson hat. And then on the far side of Oswald is Dr. Fred Beiberdorf, the young medical student. Is his right arm coming down to Oswald? Or is that Oswald's left arm going up to him? I don't know. It's a very strange confluence of appendages there. But, it's not what I want to talk about. It's not what's bothering me. What's bothering is Wolfe's position, his location. He needed to be on the other side of the stretcher, where Beiberdorf is. As I look at the photo, and taking into consideration that more distant objects appear smaller in a photo, and closer objects appear larger, Wolfe seems to be on the same side of the stretcher as Hardin. Then, look closely at Wolfe's head. It looks more like art than photography. Why should it be as shadowy as it is? And why does it have a tail in back? 

Here's how it looked in the KRLD film:

So, there you have Wolfe and Hardin on opposite sides, and they are about to lift Oswald and slide him in. And you see Leavelle's location. You don't see Bieberdorf at all because he is farther back. So, how two seconds later, did it become this?

So, it went from this:
to this?
I just don't see Wolfe as being on the other side of Oswald. I don't see Oswald's stretcher going between Wolfe and Hardin. And I don't see motion. Everyone looks very fixed and stationary. Hardin looks like he's waiting; not like he's doing. Look at the size of Hardin compared to the Beib. Hardin is much bigger. And it's because he was much closer to the camera. But, Wolfe seems big too. He just doesn't seem like he was on the other side of Oswald. 

So, I am wondering if this is another staged photo. It does not follow from the footage. And if it is a staged photo, maybe they didn't have Wolfe. Maybe he was added. Maybe they slipped him in there. And it's not like we can recognize him. His head and hair are just a weird shadowy silhouette. We don't have a face there that we can see. So, that could be anybody. This photo was taken by Robert Jackson who also took the iconic Jackson photo, which I also have told you was staged and altered. This one too appears to be staged and altered. 

Sunday, March 17, 2019

A top Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, was interviewed by the most popular television station in Afghanistan, Shamshad TV, and he said: 

"We will not allow the US to discuss any of our own internal affairs; we are only talking to them about the withdrawal of their forces."

It makes it clear that all that hoopla about progress at the peace talks was pure spin. The only hope for peace is if we get the hell out of their country without making any demands at all- except not to be shot at while we're leaving. 

In other words, we need to get out the way the Soviets got out- because they gave up; they lost. We need to stop thinking that we can spin it into something that is going to look and sound like victory. That's not going to happen. 

The fighting continues relentlessly in Afghanistan with people dying every day. The Taliban does not try to engage against the U.S. militarily, and the only way the U.S. engages against the Taliban is with drone attacks. And that's because the U.S. has zero tolerance for U.S. casualties.  And, the reason they have zero tolerance for U.S. casualties is because every U.S. casualty becomes news. Every time a U.S. soldier dies in Afghanistan, it makes headlines here, and they don't want that. But, you can't win that way. Either the war will go on forever, or we have to get out. That's it. There are no other options.

So, we are fighting our war with proxies, and it leaves no chance for victory. And consider how poor the morale must be when it's Afghans fighting other Afghans. It is hardly surprising that many go over to the other side. It's the path of least resistance. 

And, in the meantime, did you know that in the midst of the fighting, the Taliban has its own National Agriculture and Livestock Commission?  And they are calling for a massive Spring campaign to plant trees throughout the country, particularly fruit trees. And they are calling for the Afghans to pull together and provide trees to the poor so that they can have a fruit tree too. 

The plain truth is that the Taliban has vast support among Afghans because they are culturally and religiously connected, and I mean deeply rooted. You can't defeat that.  All you can do is put enough soldiers there to get a stranglehold on the country, but then you have to keep strangling forever. It never ends. 

We lost this war when we started it. Even if we returned to having 100,000 troops there, there are 37 million Afghans, and most of them have guns. We can't possibly win. 

God damn us for ever going in there, and God damn us for staying.  

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The New Zealand killings of Muslims are on everyone's mind, and it is staggering to think that anyone would be capable of such evil.

I have been reading the heartfelt reactions and outpourings of sympathy from around the world. But, I can't help it that I smolder at the sympathies offered by the U.S. government because it has killed so many innocent Muslims- thousands.  

And I shall repeat what I have said before, that when you cross an ocean to invade and attack another country, and the soldiers of that country resist you, that doesn't make them terrorists. 

So, I lament ALL the killings we have done: the innocent civilians as well as the military personnel. Why not? They were human beings too. What do you expect them to do if you attack their country? Of course, they are going to fight back. We are the ones who crossed an ocean to attack them; not vice versa. That's what matters: WE CROSSED AN OCEAN TO ATTACK THEM. 

Here is a mere sampling of the carnage we have wrought, and just in Afghanistan: 

Feb 27, 2007:

For the second day in a row, U.S. soldiers on Tuesday killed Iraqi civilians when they fired on a vehicle that they thought was a threat, the U.S. military said.

May 8, 2007:

A U.S. Army commander Tuesday said the U.S.Military has apologized to Afghans whose relatives were killed in March when U.S. troops fired on them after a suicide attack.
"This was a terrible, terrible mistake," said Army Col. John Nicholson, commander of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division. "And my nation grieves with you for your loss and suffering. We humbly and respectfully ask for your forgiveness."

Sept. 17, 2008:

U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates apologized Wednesday for recent U.S. airstrikes that have killed civilians in Afghanistan. "I offer all Afghans my sincerest condolances, etc." 

Feb 24, 2010:  

America’s top military commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, took to the Afghan airwaves Tuesday to apologize for the deaths of 27 civilians in an airstrike led by U.S. forces last week, according to The Christian Science Monitor."

April 8, 2010:
In the dusty Afghan village where U.S. troops killed two pregnant women and three other innocent civiliansin February, a remarkable scene played out today between an aggrieved father and the most senior special operations officer in the United States military.
Vice Admiral William McRaven -- the commander of Joint Special Operations Command -- showed up with two sheep, and in the cultural understanding of the region, surrendered himself. He didn't literally surrender. But he didn't have to. In the code followed by the southeastern Afghan family so devastated by the February incident, offering two sheep is the equivalent of begging for forgiveness.

May 30, 2011:
U.S. Marine Major General John Toolan, the commander of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in the southwestern region of Afghanistan, said NATO-led forces had targeted a compound in Helmand Province, believing militants were using it as a base.
The statement said the compound had civilians inside and nine of them died in the air strike. It added that NATO will "make amends" with the families of the victims "in accordance with Afghan culture."

June 8, 2012:
The top commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan offered a somber apology Friday in an eastern province where officials say 18 civilians -- half of them children -- were killed in a coalition airstrike this week. U.S. Marine Gen. John Allen spent several hours with local Afghans to express his regrets about Wednesday's predawn raid to capture a Taliban operative in the Baraki Barak district of Logar province.

November 29, 2013:

The American commander of coalition forces in Afghanistan telephoned Afghan President Hamid Karzai to apologize for an airstrike that killed at least one Afghan civilian and badly wounded two others, a coalition official said Friday. Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. "expressed deep regret" for the civilian casualties, the official said, and promised a joint investigation with Afghan officials into circumstances surrounding the attack Thursday. Dunford made the call late Thursday after Karzai angrily denounced the United States, saying it has repeatedly shown disregard for the lives of Afghan civilians.