Tuesday, August 3, 2021

So, this is what we are being told about the 5 Capitol cops who died tragically. 

Brian Sickwick died the day after the riot, thus, on January 7, reported first to be due to trauma that he incurred at the riot. But then, they changed the story and it became that he died of natural causes: multiple cerebral strokes. But, he was only 42 years old and appeared to be in good health. For a person that young to die of a stroke, he either has to have extremely high blood pressure or a bleeding disorder, such as thrombocytopenia. But, that would have been known, and it would have been part of the story. So, if you're going to believe that an otherwise healthy and robust 42 year old could have multiple strokes, then you have to believe that any one of us could, that any day now, any one of us could pop.  This reminds me of Billy Lovelady dying of a "heart attack" at the age of 41. I bet he was shot with the "heart attack gun." 

The second to die was Howard Leibengood, who died on January 9. They said he was found dead at home, a victim of suicide. They have never said how he killed himself. 

Next was Jeffrey Smith who supposedly shot himself in the head while driving his police car to work on January 14.  But, do you know how rare it is for someone to shoot himself while driving a car? Jeffrey was a police officer, and he had to know that once he was dead, his car would be out of control and a deadly weapon to others. So, besides being suicidal, was he also murderous? The car turned over and rolled down an embankment, and fortunately, no one else was hurt or killed. 

He doesn't look like the kind of guy who would do such a thing.

Kyle DeFreytag supposedly killed himself at home too, and on July 10, but again, we don't know how because they won't tell us, and his death wasn't announced publicly until yesterday.

Gunther Hashida was said to have killed himself at home on July 29, but again, they're not saying how. He was the father of 3. 

These guys were not in trouble. They were considered heroes. So, what did they have to commit suicide over concerning the July 6 riot?

Here is a video showing protesters entering the building with police calmly looking on as the folks brush past them. 


And here is a video from the riot showing a Capitol policeman calmly holding the door open for protesters as they were leaving. "Y'all come back now, you hear?" 


And notice that these videos are from the New York Post. 

I think the deaths of all 5 of these men are suspicious. 

They are every bit as suspicious as the death of Jeffrey Epstein in the Metropolitan jail, supposedly by self-hanging. 

This is our tribute to the late great Austin musician Jimmy LaFave. He was a great talent and a very nice person.


Sunday, August 1, 2021

 George W. Bush Should Shut Up and Go Away

Bush is a mass murderer. He should be sharing a bunk bed with Ratko Mladic at The Hague, not giving interviews on Afghanistan in Maine.

By Andrew Mitrovica

By now, George W Bush should have completed volumes one and two of his prison letters.

But, as we know, the world is not a just place. So, like all the other American presidents who have avoided the dock despite the crimes they have committed at home and abroad, the former US president remains a free, and, indeed, carefree, man.

I suspect that Bush is happy, too, biding his time during his “golden years” painting what can charitably be described as globby, deformed “portraits” and tending to the tangled bush on his Texas estate.

"With the eager help of grovelling, amnesiac television hosts, Bush has mounted a muted, yet determined campaign to rehabilitate his foul reputation."

It is inconceivable to me, though, that a once immensely powerful man who is almost singularly responsible for two calamitous wars-of-choice which have caused such immeasurable harm and suffering to so many innocents, in so many places, could ever experience a genuine moment of stillness, let alone happiness.

I wonder, as well, if Bush ever pauses from his painting and gardening to consider the appalling measure of his guilt or shudders at the unfolding and halting scope of the profound, disfiguring consequences of his many and manifest crimes against decency and humanity.

That may well be a largely rhetorical question since one of the principal qualifications of becoming president is the necessity to kill, maim, and traumatise other human beings in the murderous pursuit of the ever malleable US “national interest”.

So, Bush likely finds considerable solace in the slimy evasion that being president is often a thankless, dirty job that requires, on occasion, the occupant to order “hits” – big and small – against America’s “enemies” just like a mafia don, but with a much larger, more well-equipped army, of course.

I have pondered these questions lately about this banal, unrepentant killer and torture-approving thug with a presidential library because, rather than finally doing the world a smidgen of service by permanently shutting up in lieu of being charged, Bush continues to believe, incredibly, that his musings on war and diplomacy have serious merit and should be heeded.

Earlier this month, Bush was interviewed at his palatial summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine, by a German broadcaster with apparently nothing better to do with its time and resources.

The agreeable tête-à-tête was billed as a “rare” departure of form for Bush, who reportedly avoids sit-down interviews with journalists.

Gee, I wonder why?

Apart from briefly prying Bush away from his juvenile tinkering with paint on a canvas and taming his unruly hedges, an interview conducted by an intrepid reporter might cause the stammering, reclusive ex-president a little discomfort and serve as a mild, belated comeuppance of sorts.

Bush could, for once, have been challenged to account finally for the litany of lies he concocted and told to start wars that he and his posse of criminal “advisers” in slick suits and designer outfits convinced themselves would be cheap, easy and quick.

Two decades later, the cruel, lethal folly of Bush’s cocky, catastrophic delusions and fabrications is plain: millions dead and scarred in body, mind and spirit, countless other lives ruined or left adrift in refugee camps where disease, want and hopelessness are rampant, countries engulfed by endless uncertainty, violence and sectarianism and a patient, resurgent Taliban poised to reimpose its malignant dominion over Afghanistan.

Bush could also have been pressed about his role in engineering an international abduction racket – known as “renditions” – that permitted America’s state-sanctioned hoodlums to kidnap mostly Muslim men and dump them into secret dungeons in Iraq and beyond where they were bound, interrogated, humiliated, electrocuted, attacked by dogs, sexually assaulted, water-boarded and, ultimately, murdered.

None of that appears to have happened. Instead, Bush was given unfettered licence to object to the withdrawal of the remaining US and NATO troops from Afghanistan.

“The consequences are going to be unbelievably bad,” Bush said, without, I imagine, even a hint of irony.

That this callous cretin would suggest anywhere, at any time, for any reason, that the “consequences” of another president’s actions “are going to be unbelievably bad” for Afghanistan is blatant proof of Bush’s genetically programmed stupidity and obscene, near nauseating hubris.

Then, Bush proceeded to demonstrate that he is damaged in ways that only a psychologist could possibly decipher and is incapable of introspection or remorse for the horror he has wrought on so many people, in so many places because of his orders as commander-in-chief.

First, he told his German guests that the Afghan withdrawal was a mistake.

Given his atrocious geopolitical record, Bush should be banned from ever uttering, under any circumstances and in any context, the word: “mistake”.

Still, to define how Bush and equally culpable company went about methodically defacing Iraq and Afghanistan as “mistakes” would, itself, be a mistake.

The injuries and atrocities Iraqis and Afghans have endured in the long, bitter aftermath of Bush’s decision to invade cannot be diminished or dismissed simply as errors.

They were and remain the inhumane corollaries of the sinister, calculated choices made by an inept president who was convinced that it was his and America’s destiny to “liberate” two distant lands for the same evangelical reasons.

Second, remarkably, Bush took implicit credit – amid all the death and destruction the American-led invasion has visited on Afghans – for brutally refashioning Afghan society as a recuperative antidote to the Taliban’s brutality.

“It’s unbelievable how that society changed from the brutality of the Taliban,” Bush said.

No, what is unbelievable, is Bush’s lunatic idea that the US military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan had any redeeming or salutary impact on the fates of both nations.

Finally, and so cynically, Bush attempted to rewrite his incriminating history by implying that he unleashed American forces and drones on Afghanistan not to rout the Taliban or punish it for harbouring al-Qaeda, but to emancipate women and girls.

“All of a sudden – sadly – I’m afraid Afghan women and girls are going to suffer unspeakable harm,” Bush said from the comfort of his picture-postcard oasis.

The name George W Bush is synonymous with the suffering and unspeakable harm girls, boys, women and men in Iraq and Afghanistan have braved for decades.

With the eager help of grovelling, amnesiac television hosts, Bush has mounted a muted, yet determined campaign to rehabilitate his foul reputation. In its place, a new, gracious, if slightly awkward and endearing caricature of Bush has emerged.

It is a sick mirage.

Bush is an unindicted mass murderer. He ought to be sharing a bunk bed with Ratko Mladic at The Hague. Failing that, he should keep monastically quiet and go away.

As penance, it is the least this intolerable piece of crud could do.

Andrew Mitrovica is an award-winning investigative reporter and journalism instructor.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Douglas Horne, who is renowned for his JFK research, and whose involvement with the ARRB could result in a dramatic screenplay, has had other interests in his life, and one of them is World War II. He has just completed what is being called the definitive work on US entrance into WW2, the events that led up to it. It's called: 

The McCollum Memorandum: A Story of Washington, D.C. in 1940-41: Franklin D. Roosevelt's Journey from Deterrence to Provocation on the Road to Pearl Harbor


I have ordered Doug's book because World War 2 has become a focused interest of mine, and my realizations about it have rattled me deeply.  And when I finish reading Doug's book, I am going to write an in-depth review of it here. 

Two things are crystal-clear and undeniable now: that the Allies provoked WW2, both in Europe and in the Pacific, and the crimes of the Allies in targeting civilians in Germany and Japan, the abominable treatment of German POWs after the war, and the mass rape of German women, particularly by the Soviets, are on par with the atrocities for which the Germans are accused, and it makes me wonder because the best way to cover up your own atrocities is to accuse your defeated enemy of worse ones. 

Regardless of what you believe about the Holocaust, it should be apparent that all pretenses of WW2 being a "good war" have been blown asunder. That idea, that World War II, unlike Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., was a "good war," one that was thrust upon us and had to be fought, in which we were the unequivocal, undisputed good guys, is the single biggest, ugliest, and most grotesque lie that has ever been told in human history. World War II was not only not a good war, it was the most evil war ever waged, and I mean by the Allies. And that means that there have been no good wars because Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. certainly weren't good. It means that the entire moral posturing of U.S. militarism as being righteous and decent and good is a complete lie.  

And since the lies about World War 1 are just as egregious as those about World War 2, and since the Allies were just as villainous; just as responsible for starting that war, as laid out by Docherty and MacGregor in Hidden History:

... it means that the official history of the 20th century is one big lie, and the whole claim about the Western democracies being the saviors of the world in the 20th century is one big lie. Of course, one of those saviors was the evil Soviet Union, and be aware that, to this day, Russia joins with the West in lying about World War 2.     

I wrote the following piece about WW2 because the shattering of my illusions and delusions about WW2 actually affected me more emotionally than the shattering of my illusions and delusions about JFK and 9/11. 

Friday, July 30, 2021

This song is almost 100 years old. But, it still sounds fresh, and it affects people because of its sweet, tender sentimentality. And it goes to show that when a song is good, it endures. 


Thursday, July 29, 2021

Paul Popa is back, and we have done that swinging song from 1946, Route 66. It was written by singer/songwriter/actor Bobby Troup while he was driving cross country with his wife Cynthia on Route 66. In the litany of towns that the song goes through, they are all in order except that Winona, Arizona actually comes before Flagstaff, although it follows Flagstaff in the song. To give you an idea how popular this song was, it was covered by Nat King Cole, Chuck Berry, the Rolling Stones, and many more, and I know why: because it's fun to do. 



Sam Haschets

complete disregard for the historical context of 9/11 -- it was a different era -- however, flight 93 did fight back

Ralph Cinque: WHAT? Are you serious? You are actually going to claim that 2001 was a "different era"? That today, people fight back, but not then because it was a different era? And Flight 93 did NOT fight back. There is no reason to BELIEVE that. I know that it's claimed, with the "Let's roll" and all, but I've got news for you: If they were going to "roll" they would have "rolled" immediately, as soon as the hijackers started waving box-cutters around. They (including the pilots) would not have let the hijackers take over the plane, actually giving them the controls, and then decided later, "You know, maybe we should stand up to these guys." The whole thing was just a story concocted to account for why the plane crashed in Pennsylvania. And I know how that goes, being a screenwriter. a contrivance here, a contrivance there. But, the whole story is preposterous since THERE WAS NO PLANE AT THE CRASH SITE IN PA. Supposedly, it sunk into a hole and got swallowed by the Earth. But again: that's bad screenwriting; very bad. Now, I have a question for you: What are you doing here? This is a group intended for people who believe that 9/11 was an inside job. That means that you shouldn't be here, and you shouldn't be allowed to be here. Oh, by the way, I'm making you famous. It's what I do.