Tuesday, November 24, 2020

After winning Best Humanitarian Feature at the Austria International Film Festival, they have awarded us the Best Thriller award as well.  

I am very pleased about this, and for all the awards that My Stretch of Texas Ground has won, and for one reason: because it is an anti-war movie, and the only anti-war feature film of the 21st century. Do you have any idea how evil the post-9/11 wars have been? Do you have any idea how many human beings your government has killed since 9/11? Are you aware that in Iraq alone that over one million people were killed? A million people. Imagine driving through the neighborhood of a million people. Now imagine it still and lifeless, with no signs of human life, and no signs of any life, except maybe some stray dogs barking. That is what we wrought with our God-awful war.  Do you care?  Well, if you don't care, then please do me a favor: don't read my blog, and don't watch my movie.    

Monday, November 23, 2020

Yesterday, November 22, was the 57th JFK anniversary, and there was hardly any coverage. And I am just assuming there was some. I didn't actually see any. When I had the television on looking for it, I didn't find anything. And I didn't see anything online either among the headlines. 

I think it was decided that after the 50th, they were going to retire JFK commemorations. We'll see what happens on the 60th, but I wouldn't expect much. 

It's interesting because 9/11 is still recent enough that there is still a lot of fanfare every year, commemorating the plane that disappeared into the ground in Pennsylvania, and another that disappeared inside the Pentagon, and towers that suddenly collapsed straight down, their steel girders not just weakened and softened, but actually rendered molten, that is to say: liquified. That Americans believe all that stuff is testament to the failure of government schools to teach people how to think. I dare say that Americans have become like Jack Ruby. I wonder if they could be talked into believing they shot somebody if the government and media told them that they did? 

However, another reason for ignoring the JFK anniversary may be what's going on in the world, and I mean the Plandemic as well as the post-election turmoil and uncertainty. January 20 is going to roll around a lot sooner than you think. I don't doubt that there was massive fraud in the election, but Trump is on the wrong side of history. It doesn't matter. The fact is that the message is going out loud and clear to the institutions and individuals involved that Biden won and Trump lost; and that's the talking point memo.

Then, we just went through the Summer of Hate, and what I believe to be planned racial incitement, and as everyone now knows, all cops are racists, and we need to defund the police. Does that mean they are going to take Blue Bloods and Chicago PD off the air? Because who wants to watch racists, right?

Anyway, the point is that this is a very strange and unprecedented time. And although most people have the naive and childish notion, that pretty soon there will be a vaccine for everybody, and then life will return to normal, and we'll rejoice in the wonder of medical science.  But again: government schools, the inability to think, etc. 

But, what is the state of the JFK truth movement? I think it's probably true that more people do not accept the official story than ever before. Certainly the preponderance of books on the JFK assassination dispute the official story. And around the world, people laugh about it. They think Americans are dense and stupid for believing the official story, that is, those that do.

Doubt about the official story of the JFK assassination is widespread and growing.. It doesn't mean that the official story is going to die any time soon, but that it is going to die is certain. 



Sunday, November 22, 2020

Here's how the bok choy looks when it's finished. It cooks fast, in just a few minutes. Then, I just lace it with some sesame tahini and then sprinkle some garlic powder on it, and that's it. It doesn't need salt. And it is good eating. Loaded with vitamins and minerals.

I just picked some bok choy tonight from my garden, which I am going to fix for myself tonight. I tell you, this is what sustains me to do the things that I do. The strength, the power, and the energy of bok choy! Be afraid, enemies. Be very afraid.

Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the back and survived? That's 7 bullets. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Lee Harvey Oswald. was shot with 1 bullet, and it killed him. He died from hemorrhaging as a result of 1 bullet. Jacob took 7 in his core and survived? I just don't buy it. I can't.

Here is the EMS guy taking the carotid pulse of George Floyd and working around the cop who is kneeling on his neck. He does nothing to get the cop off him. After that, he casually left and came back with a gurney, but he was in no hurry, and he seemed to have no intention of trying to resuscitate him. But, the reports said they worked on George Floyd, hurriedly and heroically, for an hour before giving up and declaring him dead. But, when did they start? For a person who is in cardiac arrest, every second counts. They wouldn't have waited. They would have started working on him right there on the ground. But, if you watch the footage, they were slow. They acted like he was already gone, like they were going to do nothing but transport him to the morgue. That's how it looks. So, when were they going to start trying to save him?

I can't help but feel that the Summer of Hate we just went through was as planned as the Plandemic.

Friday, November 20, 2020


All over the country people saw this photo at the time & asked how Oswald could be on the 6th floor if he's standing by the doorway outside as the motorcade turned on Elm St just seconds before the shooting .Oswald's co- worker Buell Wesley Frazier said it's Billy Lovelady a co-worker who was short & stocky & Oswald was thin. If it was Oswald then it explains why he was able to get to the 2nd floor break room 90 seconds after the shooting when police officer Marrion Baker saw Oswald. He looks more like Oswald than Billy Lovelady. That would prove Oswald's innocence.
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Ralph Cinque
You're right, and the timing works perfectly for Oswald to have left the doorway when he did and get to the lunch room when he did. And we know when he left the doorway because in the Wiegman film, first he's there, and then he's not, so he must have left. It was probably before the last shot and before most people were aware that Kennedy had been shot. Oswald went inside. He turned right past the double doors to the stairwell which had these elegant stairs that went up just one flight. He walked across the second floor to the opposite corner, so he went from the northeast corner of the building to the southwest corner, which was where the lunch room was. And he got there just a little ahead of Officer Baker. Baker saw him in the vestibule as he was entering the lunch room. And so Baker followed him, and the rest is history. Oswald was definitely in the doorway. Lovelady was the guy with two hands visoring his eyes. His face is blackened out because they blackened it. And they did that because he was Billy Lovelady.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

In this video, you can hear Will Fritz say that Oswald "started for the picture show, where he encountered the officer that he killed." 


I don't think he meant that Oswald killed the Officer in the theater. I think he meant that he killed the officer on the way to the theater.

However, I definitely think it implies that Oswald was going to the theater, that that was his destination, and I don't see how anyone could take it any other way. 

Yet, when you look at the map, it doesn't make sense because if Oswald was heading to the theater, he would have walked down Beckley to Jefferson and turned right.

The T designates 10th and Patton, where Tippit was shot. The A desgnates the alley nearby, which was used by the cops that showed up. And the X shows where another map got it wrong. But, as you can see, the T is nowhere near the route that Oswald would have taken had he been going to the theater. 

This is important because, as far as I know, none of the written reports say anything about what Oswald said about how he got to the theater. And another thing that's important is that Fritz' statement implies that Oswald walked to the theater. Obviously, if Oswald said he was driven there, and Fritz left that out, it would be duplicitous. 

But obviously, even if you are going to accept the official story, you have to believe that Oswald was heading somewhere else. So, where was he headed?

I did a Google search of that because I always like to see what's being spewed. 

This is from Slate magazine, an dthey say that Oswald was in an "aimless walk." They suggest he was "in a daze." 


That is incredible. When have the actions of a criminal ever been attributed to an "aimless walk"? 

On History.com, they quote Professor John McAdams who said essentially the same thing, that Oswald was "improvising."" He was just walking around Oak Cliff trying to decide what to do before the police caught him." 

What an idiot McAdams is. It's a sad thing to realize that his feeble mind was directing college students. Really, what a pin head. 

That same article quotes Gerald Posner and Max Holland, who both cite David Belin, who suggested that Oswald was heading to Mexico because he had just enough money in his pocket to buy a ticket. Belin said that Oswald was just 4 blocks away from picking up the Route 55 bus which would have taken him to Lancaster Avenue where he could have boarded a southbound Greyhound bus, which after several connections, could have taken hiim to Monterrey, Mexico, and from there the long ride south to Mexico City. 

So, just think: on the basis of finding a circuitous bus route that could have taken him to Mexico City, and note that there were circuitous bus routes that could have taken him anywhere in North, Central, or South America, Belin was willing to attribute that to Oswald. The irony is that Oswald never even went to Mexico City the first time, never mind an entirely imagined second time.  


Note that most narratives just glass over what Oswald was doing at 10th and Patton. They don't try to explain it. They just ignore it, like the 9/11 Commission ignoring the collapse of Building 7.