Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Amy Joyce asked me my opinion of this picture, whether it is really Lovelady.

It's from this footage, but up by Jack McFile.


We know that he did take police up to the 6th floor, and we have no reason to doubt it. And I'm satisfied, based the little that we can see, that that is him, that it is consistent with his known features. But, I told Amy that I would never claim 100% certainty due to the blurriness of the image. Notice how stocky and burly he looks with that thick neck. Lovelady slimmed down a lot afterwards and was his thinnest in 1976 when Bob Groden photographed him. We know his weight in February 1964 was 170 pounds, and that's because the FBI weighed him. And we know his weight when Groden photographed him was 145, and that is a substantial amount of weight loss. Notice the high round collar of his t-shirt in contrast to Doorway Man's which was sunken and crudely v-shaped. There is no way that that guy, Billy Lovelady, was the Doorway Man. 
The Idiot Backes has once again spewed more of his imbecility, and it concerns this image.

Backes claims that I said Bart Kamp made it. I said no such thing. I said he came up with it, that he posted it.

Backes said it was uploaded to the internet on Daily Motion. Not so. The version they have is just like the ones on Youtube and doesn't show this.

This is how the doorway looks in the version on Daily Motion. Notice that the figures on the sidewalk next to the doorway are blurry, but they do look human. 

You're seeing bodies there and heads, and you know for sure that it's a cluster of people. But this?

This (below) I could see it just being a blurry film.

But this?

The camera wasn't focused on these people on the sidewalk either, yet they still look human.

But this?

Backes: YOU, born stupid, breathe stupid, move stupid, eat stupid, work stupid, and most of all SPEW totally and completely stupid because you are stupid. 

So, this is the latest "new" image, again by Bart Kamp. I have been saying for years that the Towner doorway is black, and that's how they dealt with the issue of Oswald in the doorway in that case, so I have to wonder why Kamp didn't post his image before now. 

But, what important to realize is that this just another black image. It's just dressed up with some photographic noise. There is nothing insightful here; nothing useful; nothing the least bit recognizable or informative. It is 100% noise. And what excuse is there for it? It's not as though the people in the doorway were moving around. And Tina was moving to track the limo, but no more than Zapruder was.  

I think I mentioned that I have an aunt, still living, who took home movies of us when we were kids. She never married and never had children of her own, and you might say she lived for her nieces and nephews. And I can tell you that the movies she took, and I'm sure it was well over 100, never came out blurry like this. And it's not just blurry; it's complete noise. You really can't make any sense out of it at all. And when something is as bad as this, it's pointless to even try to decipher it. Forget about it. I'm not interested in anyone's opinions about what certain figures might be. Trying to do so would be equivalent to taking a Rorschach test.


Here's a refreshing development. There is a Brian Doyle who lampoons the ridiculous Prayer Man hypothesis as much as I do. And, he has had run-ins with Bart Kamp, as I have. And, he is of the view that Prayer Man is actually Prayer Woman, and he even thinks he knows who she was. I am going to post the comment he wrote on my post about Prayer Man, and I have already thanked him.

Brian Doyle I signed-up because I saw Bart Kamp was mocking myself and Richard Gilbride as "talking to ourselves" on this page...I am the JFK research community's debunker of Mr Kamp's fraudulent "Prayer Man" theory where he says Oswald was a shadowy figure all the way to the left in the Darnell film in the Depository portal...I figured out a geometric triangulation formula that proved the Prayer Man figure was 5 foot 5 or 6 inches tall and could not be the 5 foot 9 Oswald...A year later digital photo analyst Chris Davidson enhanced a clear frame from the Wiegman film bringing out the clearly visible face of a woman on Prayer Man and therefore debunking the Murphy theory on which it was based...Bart Kamp has committed himself to being the main proponent of the Murphy Prayer Man theory and is trying to attain fame through it...ROKC member Stan Dane even wrote a book about it...Kamp has made a You-Tube video...These characters refuse to recognize the clear evidence seen in the Davidson enhancement because it destroys their bogus theory...The final dagger in the heart for Murphy's theory was Buell Frazier's 6th Floor Museum interview in 2013 where he clearly detailed that when Gloria Calvery ran up shouting he couldn't hear her so he turned to "Sarah" and asked her what Calvery said. Sarah told Frazier "I think she said the president has been shot"...A look at the infamous Darnell frame upon which the theory is based shows Frazier facing and talking to Prayer Man at that exact moment...End of story...Even with all this evidence Kamp is accusing me of not considering all the other evidence (ie: twisted distortions and deceptive interpretations of evidence) and trying to force my one small piece of evidence against the rest. The one piece of evidence happens to be a photo that clearly shows the face of Sarah Stanton looking back at you from Prayer Man...https://www.facebook.com/Prayer-Woman-1648957192079151/
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Ralph Cinque Brian Doyle, we don't know each other, and I don't know if we share any other views, but we certainly share the view that the Prayer Man hypothesis is completely and totally bogus. And I am going to take the liberty of posting what you wrote on my blog. Thank you.
Bart Kamp, the British Prayermanite who came up with this bogus image of James Bookhout

has found a new never before seen image, and that is: the Towner doorway.

On all the Youtube showings of the Towner film, and not just on Youtube but all of them, the Towner doorway shows up practically black.

Here it is on Daily Motion which is not Youtube:


But, Bart Kamp came up with this frame of the Towner doorway, which I am seeing for the first time. 

Notice that the ceiling light is way off-center-for some reason. even though it seems to be a pretty direct, facing shot. But notice otherwise, that what we are seeing is complete utter noise. There is nothing here that is discernible. It appears to be the most crowded of the doorways. But, we don't see anyone that we can identify nor anything that we can correlate with any other doorway. Not with the Altgens doorway:

Not the Wiegman doorway:

Not the Hughes doorway:

 So, where did Bart Kamp get this, and why don't those figures appear in the other renderings online?

If Bart Kamp thinks that this settles the matter, and makes everything all right with the Towner film, then he is even more deluded than I thought. And I always thought he was very deluded. He has to be since he thinks that these are one and the same guy:

This is for Hank Sienfake, who said that Oswald, once shot, just grunted and went straight down. Notice him up on his toes.

Even David Von Pein admitted that he went up on his toes. 
Getting back to the Oswald killing, so there were, supposedly, two improprieties that happened in a very short span of time that are outside the norms of civilized behavior and human decency. The first was Leavelle putting his hand in Oswald's pants, and the second was stripping Jack Ruby down to his underwear.

I doubt you can find any other case in the history of jurisprudence that a police officer handled a prisoner by putting his hand in his pants; by grabbing him there. It happened in the garage of the Dallas Police Department on November 24, 1963 and at no other time in the history of police work.  

Amy Joyce found out from reading the record that Ruby was kept in just his underwear for a protracted length of time, where they were interviewing him on the 5th floor in his underwear. 

And keep in mind that most people wouldn't stand for it. We wouldn't be having this discussion if it concerned a woman. They wouldn't dream of doing it to a woman. What woman would stand for it? And, she would have a harassment and abuse case from it for sure, wouldn't she? 

But, the fact is that no normal man would stand for it either; letting police interrogate him in his drawers. Would you? He would demand to put his pants on before he answered anything. But, Jack Ruby was NOT a normal man. Do you know what the word "submissive" means? Well, Jack Ruby was submissive to the Dallas Police, and to the extreme. Only Jack Ruby could be kept in his drawers during questioning without complaining, without demanding his pants. No one else in the great wide world. 

But then, supposedly, it got worse: they demanded that he remove his drawers. It is in the official record that they confiscated Jack Ruby's underwear, and that they expect us to believe it is truly an unspeakable outrage. 

1 set underwear. 1 set underwear. 1 set underwear. Just try to imagine how that went down.

Jailer: Jack, I know you're only in your underwear as we've been talking here, but now I need you to take them off.  

Jack Ruby: What?

Jailer: Department policy. We put all prisoners in jail-issued underwear. As a prisoner, you can't wear your own underwear here. You have to wear ours.  

Jack Ruby: So, I shoot Oswald, and immediately, you want from me my underwear? 

Jailer: That's right. 

Jack Ruby: Did you make Oswald do this after he shot Kennedy?

Jailer: That was different.

Jack Ruby: How so? 

Jailer: We made an exception in his case, but not in yours.  

Jack Ruby: You're serious?

Jailer: Jack: either you take them off, or we'll take them off.

Jack Ruby: (Gulp) You want that I whip them off right now in front of you?

Jailer: I guess we can have you go into the bathroom to do it.

Jack Ruby: You want to give me the replacement pair, or do you want me to go Hemingway? 

Jailer: Oh, right. Wait a second. (he goes and gets underwear) You can put these on. The bathroom is right over there. (he points)

Ruby: (returns from bathroom, soiled drawers in hand) What do you want me to do with these?

Jailer: I'll take them. 

Ruby: You want me to just give them to you? 

Jailer: Hand them over, Jack. 

It's ridiculous, and what is more outrageous is that the unholy bastards expect us to believe it. The JFK world is the Bizarro World. They will heap whatever outrageous story they have to on us to keep the lie going that Oswald killed Kennedy and Ruby killed Oswald, neither one of which is true.