Saturday, April 30, 2016

Isn't it ironic that the bastards who accused ME of sending out bogus letters through a remailer in the Czech Republic to hide my identity, which I have never done or even heard of doing, were in fact doing it themselves and are still doing it?

Case in point: I received a harassing email today from which is obviously a bogus address. But, when you look at the details, look what you find. Below, I made bold the designation "cz" which occurs several times. That's an abbreviation for Czech Republic. 
"Received: from  (EHLO" 

Also, there is: 
Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2016 00:26:02 +0200 (CEST)

And look at the date: Saturday, 30 April 2016. Except, it hit my account on Friday the 29th at 3:17 PM.  

And notice the very last thing it says: CEST. That stands for Central European Summer Time. 

Folks, this is a war, and I hope you realize that it is deadly serious. People have been killed to protect the official lie about what happened to JFK, and I don't doubt for a second that they will kill again. There is nothing they won't do.

If anyone has any further light they can shed on this email, I would appreciate hearing it. Thank you.  

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Friday, April 29, 2016

So, Oswald was shown the Backyard photo, and he said it wasn't him, that the photo was altered, that his face was put over the body of another man. He also said that he knew how to make such a photographic alteration, and he could show them. 

But, Marina said that it was him and that she took the photo. 

Now, if we look at this historically, even though this was a he said/she said, just one vs. one, why was there a rush to automatically believe Marina? Why did she warrant more credibility than him? Why didn't people, and particularly Oswald defenders, consider the possibility that Marina was the one who was lying?

Aren't we used to seeing story-lines in which the wife is the one who betrays the husband? How about the possibility that nearly everything that Marina said was a grotesque lie?

Before the JFK assassination, the framers of Oswald must have done a very detailed assessment of Marina: her personality, her attitude toward Oswald, her attitude towards being in America. Recall that James Hosty went out to Irving to visit her. He knew Oswald wasn't there. He went to see her. Apparently, they talked for hours. What other assessments did they do? Well, there was George DeMohrenschildt and his wife Jeannine who spent a lot of time with the Oswalds. It was George DeMo who took Marina to Baylor to get her teeth fixed. Now, George DeMo was CIA. So, don't you think he was answering to people about them? And not just about Oswald but about Marina. And according to George DeMo, she spoke derogatorily about Oswald behind his back. She complained about him. And, she must have communicated how much she wanted to stay in America. 

So, they must have anticipated needing her cooperation, and not just her cooperation, but her theatrical skills- to recite her lines correctly and convincingly.

And, I think they expected that she was going to be a pretty easy convert. That's because she had a bad attitude towards Oswald but a good attitude towards America. Perfect. So, they knew beforehand that the carrot on the stick was going to be America: getting to stay in America. 

Plus, she was living with Ruth Paine, and they knew that Ruth was reinforcing the negative attitude towards Oswald. 

Did you ever see the movie The Odessa File? Fabulous show. One of my favorites. Done well in every aspect of the story. In it, Jon Voit plays a German investigative reporter who is trying to bring a Nazi war criminal, the vicious commandant of a concentration camp, to justice. But, the powerful Odessa organization, which had infiltrated every aspect of West German life, including the police, was on to him. So, he was away, and home alone in Hamburg was his beautiful girlfriend, Sigi.  Late one night, Sigi was terrorized by a man who was following her. To escape his clutches, she had to do something daring, which was run out into the street and stop a car. And fortunately, it turned out to be a police captain in plain clothes.

Except: it was all a setup. They were working together. So, this police captain (and he was a real police captain) recommended that they have a police woman live with Sigi, to protect her. And Sigi agreed. The purpose was to obtain information about Peter (the journalist) especially his whereabouts. But, fortunately, when he finally called after a long absence, he was suspicious right away when he heard that a police woman was living with Sigi- because he knew that the Odessa was everywhere. So, very cleverly, he made Sigi aware of the situation, and Sigi very cleverly figured out a way to evade the police woman, so that she could help Peter.

Well, Ruth Paine was like the police woman living with Sigi. And think about the feedback they must have been getting from Ruth Paine. Remember, Ruth Paine was the daughter-in-law of a woman who was best friends in the world with Allen Dulles' longtime mistress. Surely, they knew an awful lot about Marina Oswald before November 22, 1963. 

So, they knew that Marina had a shitty attitude towards Oswald, with complaints galore. They knew she was enamored with America. They knew ahead of time that it was her nature to be submissive to authority. 

And they may also have figured that money would be an incentive. You know how sparsely Marina was living. And she had two children. They must have realized that the kind of money that they could foresee her getting "if she cooperated" would seem like an absolute fortune to her. 

So, very messily, they got Kennedy killed. The Paine garage was set up in advance with the "evidence" they needed. Marina was taken to the police station where she was completely docile, completely cooperative, completely submissive. But, they predicted that in advance from the psychological profiling that they did. Marina spent the night of the 22nd in Irving with Ruth Paine. The next day she went into "protective custody" at the Six Flags Hotel under the auspices of the FBI and Secret Service.  

Now, here's something that you may not have thought about before: one of the most urgent reasons to kill Oswald more or less immediately (less than 48 hours) is because Oswald was Marina's tie to reality, and they needed to cut it. There is a report that Marina visited Lee in his cell on Saturday, November 23, but what do we know about that visit? Nothing! In fact, I am not at all sure it happened. Doesn't it bother you that we know nothing about it, about what was said between them? Then, the next day he was killed. Now, once he was dead, there was now NOBODY left to hold Marina to reality. No friend; no relative; no acquaintance; nobody. After that, it was all new people, surrounding Marina, 24/7, implanting new memories of her life with Oswald and her memories of him. Part II of this will follow.  


There is an article on the Smithsonian website about the Backyard photos not being fake, and that 3D modeling proves it:

Now, I am going to demolish this article. I am going to tear it apart. But right now, I want to address just one thing. The article states that "Oswald said that the photo was fake, even though it was taken by his wife."  

Well, let's think about that a minute. Let's presume, for a minute, that Marina did take it and Oswald did pose for it. On what basis would Oswald think it was practical to claim that it was fake? If he knew it wasn't and that his wife took it, he would also know that when asked, she would say so. He would also know that they would find the camera. And if there were others who saw the photo, he would know also that they too would confirm that it was authentic.

So, what would be the point of lying about it? 

Look: a lot of people lie, and they lie for a lot of different reasons. But, they all lie with the expectation that the lie is going to stick, that there is at least a good chance that they are going to get away with it. But, there would be no point in lying if you knew there was NO CHANCE of getting away with it.

And to those who are real Oswald defenders (and I don't mean the fake and phony ones of which there are plenty) what reason is there not to believe Oswald about this? 

The Backyard photo is incriminating but not because it makes him look militant and bellicose. It's only incriminating because in it, he's holding the rifle: the alleged murder weapon. So, here's what it means: This picture won't matter at all if Oswald hadn't denied owning the rifle. If he had said: 

"Yes, that's my rifle, but I didn't shoot anybody with it. Somebody must have stolen it and done it and then tried to frame me."      

Isn't that what you would have said in that situation? If you were brought in, and you were told that your weapon was used in the commission of a crime, and you knew it was yours, wouldn't you admit it? Wouldn't you say something like what I wrote above? 
And wouldn't Oswald?

So, if he denied owning that rifle, he really didn't own it. And the presumed fact stated in the article that Marina took the photo, that's what needs to be challenged. Marina. Marina was their secret weapon. Do you realize that? Do you realize what she did?

The other thing about this collage that makes it so compelling is that it's not just the man that matches but also the clothes. And that is rare. Usually, when you are comparing images, you don't have the clothes to work with. But, here you do, and, it serves as a confirmation.  

"The man seems to match, so let's check and see if the clothes match." We can do that here. We couldn't do it with the images of Rafael Cruz, but we can do it here.

And when we do it, we see that Doorman on the right is wearing the same clothes as Oswald on the left. It is a spot-on match: the long-sleeved shirt that was not only unbuttoned but sprawled open over an exposed white t-shirt with a ruffled, sunken collar. That is definitely Oswald's outfit, and he was the only one who was dressed like that. So, who else could be wearing Oswald's clothes except Oswald?
If it were to come out publicly that this is Rafael Cruz, he will not be able to say that he was just there to honor the President. That's because he was living in New Orleans at the time. That's another state. It is not credible that he would travel to another state just to watch JFK whisk by.  

And one of two things are definitely true: either that is Cruz, or an amazing coincidence took place in that at the top of Dealey Plaza right before JFK was to ride into the Valley of Death, that a Cruz look-alike just happened to be there.

Here is a shot of him at a protest demonstration in Austin in 1959. They were protesting that the US government had given sanctuary to Batista when he fled Cuba. Well, of course they did; he was our man. We put him there. He was living a comfortable retired life in Florida until we recruited him to go back to Cuba and take over. All that oppression and torture that Rafael experienced in Cuba? It wasn't from Castro; it was from our guy: Batista. Ted doesn't mention that in his slick commercials. 

In this case, his face looks thinner on the left. But, that was 1959, so 4 years earlier. People gain weight. The bounty of America and all. The ears are a very good match. And notice something else: the glasses. How many young people would wear glasses at a time like that? They were just walking around on the street. I'm 65 years old, and I wouldn't wear glasses for that. But, Rafael is. He's wearing them there, and he's wearing them here.

I'm thinking that was the same day, as he's wearing the same clothes and doing the same thing.

Again, mathematically speaking, it would be an amazing coincidence if that were someone else because of this thing called DNA. But, the first thing is to find out what Rafael Cruz has to say about it. Will he deny or confirm that that's him? We shall see. 
Here is an image from Rafael Cruz' college days in Austin. It's from an Austin Statesman newspaper clipping.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

I made two new Cruz collages, one when he was very young and the other when he was old. They're both very impressive.

So, even at the extremes of age, it works. It would be an amazing coincidence if someone else who looked that much like Cruz just happened to be there. But, this is the JFK assassination we're talking about. So, there should be no granting of coincidences. Forget it. Not on my watch. 

The question has arisen as to where Cruz was living in November 1963. He was living in New Orleans. When his daughter was born in November 1962, he was living in Dallas, and she was born there. But, reports are that he moved to New Orleans right after she was born. So, he was definitely living in New Orleans in November 1963. That would mean that he made a special trip to Dallas to attend the motorcade.

These photographic matches are much stronger than the ones used to place Cruz in front of the Trade Mart with Oswald. They are much, much, much, much better.  

Boehner calls Cruz ‘Lucifer in the flesh’

Dylan Stableford,Dylan Stableford 7 hours ago 
This is perfection, folks. Every last element matches: eyes, nose, mouth, chin, ear, neck, shirt, t-shirt. What more do you want?

I left the hairlines out, but that's because they altered it on Doorman. And it doesn't matter that I left it out because it's not as though Oswald and Lovelady were twins from the eyes down. Everything you see here matches, and that would be impossible if they were different men. There's this thing called DNA which prevents it.  

Anyone who looks at that and doesn't see that it's obviously the same man wearing the same clothes has got a problem with (re)cognition and the ability to reason. Or, they are soaked in the blood of John Kennedy and Lee Oswald; take your pick. 

I have posted this historic collage from the National Guardian, which shows so compellingly the match between Oswald and Doorman.

And then, when you crop out the tops of the heads since they altered Doorman's, you are left with perfection.

Same man; same face; same clothes. But, why not try to recreate using higher quality versions of the same images?

Now, here it is with the tops cut off:

And there you have it. Everything coordinates. There is nothing askew. Eyes, nose, mouth, ear, neck, shirt, t-shirt. It can't possibly not be him. 

This collage has risen very high in my regard. I think it's time to get it installed on the OIC website. 
Oliver Stone has made a movie about Edward Snowden called Snowden. Here is the trailer for it:

There is also a teaser trailer:

Edward Snowden is a hero to many people, including me. And realize that he's still on the run. He's living in Russia- and how nice of Vlad Putin to accept him and want to help him. I hope he chooses to stay there. I think he can be a more powerful force against US government corruption there than he can here. And why should he submit to any kind of US prosecution? To clear his name? His name is already cleared. I wouldn't grant them the respect of legitimacy, which they certainly don't deserve. He socked it to them. Good for him. He won; they lost. He has nothing to explain; nothing to apologize for; and nothing to regret. He is a hero, and he is 100X smarter than his hapless enemies.      
The distance from Love Field to the Trade Mart was 10 miles. This young man may have picked the very best spot to place himself, and I'll tell you why.

After the limo passed him, all he had to do was cross Houston Street, which was easy from the side of the street that he was on. And then he was on Main, and he could have seen it all unfold on lower Elm.

So, there was no traffic on Houston, save for the slow-moving motorcade, and he was south of the motorcade. He wasn't going to get in their way. He just had to scoot across the street and go past the decorative wall, and now he's got a open view. And he had plenty of time because the motorcade traveled very slowly and then slowed down to a crawl. Many said it stopped completely. 

He didn't even have to past the pergola. Even from the corner of Main and Houston, he could seen lower Elm just fine. 

So, all he had to do was cross Houston Street, and he would have had an excellent view of the Kill Zone. Did he? Well, why wouldn't he have? To keep watching the rest of the boring motorcade? Press cars? Local officials? Who cares about them? Jack and Jackie were the whole show. 

But, it would have been hard to do from the other side of Main. He'd have had a better view of JFK, but it would have been harder to cross the street. I bet that Dallas police didn't want people darting in-between cars in the motorcade. But, it would have been easy as pie from the side of Main he was on, the south side, because the motorcade was turning right, and he was left of it.  

So, it was a very opportune spot. 

 That's Cruz. I don't think it would be wise for him to deny it.

Then again, he's going to have a problem if he admits it as well. 

The great thing about the name Oswald Innocence Campaign is that it says it all. If anyone hears it or sees it in print, they know exactly what we are about; what we stand for. 

We don't have a stupid name like CTKA: Citizens for the Truth about the Kennedy Assassination. The truth? Do you know anyone who is for lies? Everyone claims to be for the truth. What exactly does that communicate? What exactly does it inform about the claims of the organization? Absolutely nothing.

And we don't have a stupid name like ROKC: Reopen the Kennedy Case. Why reopen it? They opened in 1963, and then they opened it again 1976 and then they opened it a third time in 1994. What good came out of any of it? The last one probably got James Altgens and his wife killed. Evil corrupt government is incapable of investigating itself. 

The Oswald Innocence Campaign is not a conspiracy organization. If anyone asked me I would say that we are a JFK assassination research organization. That is how I would want to see it in print. Conspiracy is a derogatory term, and it is not the essence of what we are. We are more like the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. They are often asked if they are a 9/11 conspiracy group, and they say no. They make no statements or claims regarding conspiracy. They simply say that the buildings could not have collapsed the way they did due to fire or plane crashes, that there must have been energy applies to make them do what they did. They are scientists. They are professionals. The approach the phenomenon of what happened from a scientific standpoint. 

The OIC declares that Oswald was innocent, and it's based on the fact that he was standing in the doorway, clasping his hands, when the crime occurred. It doesn't matter who did it. And it isn't necessary for us to figure it out. And, our members can believe whatever they want about it. Our essence, our reason for being concerns just one thing: Lee Harvey Oswald's innocence, and the fact that he couldn't be in the doorway and up on the 6th floor at the same time. But, the beautiful thing is that it's all subsumed in our name, the Oswald Innocence Campaign. It needs no explanation. It is self-explanatory. Our name is perfect. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

If push comes to shove, what is Rafael Cruz going to say about this? Is he going to deny it's him? 

He denied it was him at the Trade Mart, but this match is much more compelling. It has already been vetted by photographic experts at the National Enquirer, including a plastic surgeon who knows facial anatomy like few do. 

So, I am not sure he is going to deny this one. He might think that it's too risky. He might say, "Yes, that's me, and I was there, like thousands of others, to honor the President and First Lady." 

Except, it's not going to work. It will have no credibility. 

First, if it was as simple as that, then why didn't he say so himself? Everybody remembers where they were when Kennedy got killed. And his son is running for President of the United States. So, if that's all it was, Rafael Cruz should have been forthcoming about it. If he waits until he's forced to admit it- by having his nose held to the grindstone- the admission won't count for squat.

Second, he didn't live in Dallas at the time; he lived in New Orleans. And he wouldn't drive to another state just to watch JFK whisk by in a motorcade. Nobody would.

But third, if he was just a regular guy there to honor President Kennedy,  how did he wind up at the top of Dealey Plaza? The motorcade was 10 miles long. He was right there at the end of Main Street as it reached Houston. So, he might as well have been in Dealey Plaza. He was at the door. And, after the limo passed him, he only had to cross Houston Street to have a clear view of the Kill Zone. So, how did he know to go there? Did he know in advance that something was going to happen in Dealey Plaza, or did he just get lucky? In all the miles of the motorcade, he just happened to wind up right on the threshold of Dealey Plaza? By accident? Sheer chance? Coincidence?

Rafael Cruz has got some explaining to do.

You filthy bastards. You're losing, and because you're losing, you resort to scum- because you've got nothing else to do; no other recourse.

What happened at the state park was a misunderstanding, and the ticket was dismissed. It's all over. It's done. There's nothing pending. It was dismissed. Period. 

And the "unidentified" man who was involved in the mishap with me was my "cousin" Paul. Here is a picture of him, and my other two cousins, Tony and Pat. They're all bluesmen and damn good ones. This was from a gig this last New Year's Eve in Goleta, California, which I, fortunately, was able to attend, and it was riveting.  

So, that's Tony playing the harmonica, and you should know that Tony is a senior member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign, and he performed the song I wrote, He Didn't Do It, about the innocence of Lee Harvey Oswald, which you can experience here:

And that's Patrick on the keyboard, (wearing the beret; it was very cold; like 38 degrees) and he really rides the keys. He never plays the same song the same way twice because he's got so many rifts, runs, and licks in his blues repertoire. And that's Paul on the guitar, and he was soloing at the time. He's very good. The photo was taken by his girlfriend Moniere, who is Persian.

These filthy bastards are bloodied from head to toe. And remember what this is: a war. We are fighting for JFK truth, and they are fighting to stop it, and they'll resort to anything. I have no doubt that they will kill, as they have killed before. How many witnesses, researchers, and activists have already been killed to suppress JFK truth? You think they are done killing? They are waging this vicious war full-bore, and they are being paid to do it. And these evil, filthy bastards consider nothing too low or off-limits. This is like Special Ops in the military- the evil, gangster US military that they were in. Well, I'm a fighter too. I'm already beating them in the realm of ideas. Pummeling them into the ground, as the OIC marches ahead. And I'll defeat them otherwise. Wait and see.    


This is a followup on the floor-laying by OIC Chairman Larry Rivera:

Thanks for copying Jay on this.  He is a professional in this field and has given his opinion already
Roy Lewis unequivocally told me there was no refurbishing going on up there, and if there had been, he would have been aware of it.  Roy is a first-hand eyewitness.  A couple of days ago, I sent  images from Joachim Joesten's book AND a first generation article from the NYT where Cason said that NOBODY ever went up there, that it was Dead Space, and that they even found employees napping up there sometimes because it was so quiet and remote. Days could go by and nobody would go up there. A sniper could have hidden up there for days and not been noticed.  If you examine affidavits from the first two days 11/22-11/24 NOBODY ever mentions any floor refurbishing. And finally, Roy himself told me the lighting up there was so poor they would have needed special lamps to carry out this type of operation.  The floor refurbishing crap was brought into the story well after the fact.

Larry Rivera

And, this is a response from OIC senior member Jay Knowles:
Sure, but  make sure you post my images and here is Jay's opinion, we did that last July. See below:
Here is what Jay said on 7/6/15

As a professional carpenter having built and renovated dozens of homes, I can verify what you (Larry) have said, and appreciate you posting the pictures of the existing old flooring.  It is, in fact, not a simple job and would require carpenters running the job who had several years experience- at least.  What a great observation you made which has been in front of our noses all this time!  So now, we are apparently faced with the Dan Rather footage having been faked by the killers........ by constructing a fake "plywood installation worksite" !!!!
I can't help thinking that Jack Valenti's role may have been to oversee the film faking, such as the Dan Rather footage and many others after the personal he stuck like glue to LBJ after the coup. 

  Cheers,  Jay 
And on 7/29 when I sent him the image with what looks like old plywood on the cart:
Yes it's possible that it's plywood...there is also a seam on the floor at the right which could be a piece of plywood laid on the floor....but to me, it all still looks suspect.  A bona fide jobsite would have all the damn boxes OUT OF THE WAY.  I would never allow men to work on a flooring job that had boxes piled up everywhere ...exactly on the area of the floor where the new plywood was to be laid.  It would not be safe,  and it would be grossly inefficient with the time it would take to put the new floor in,  with the boxes directly in the way of the work.   To me it looks like the whole scene was created after the fact. A real flooring construction site would have the work space completely cleared of boxes; there would be many tools left in the area, as the work was in progress; there would be the necessary saws. This just isn't right.   

W. Jay Knowles

Now, you see, I find it unusual that a man would wear heavy glasses for a family photo. I would think that he would take his glasses off for the picture. But, he liked the shirts with the big collars. It's not my cup of tea, but to each his own. And both times, he had a slightly toothy smile. 

On the right below is his wedding picture. Still with the heavy glasses and the big collared shirts.  
He looks happier at the motorcade than he does at the wedding. And by the way, let's consider who he is with at the motorcade. Who are the two white men in front of him? 

Especially the one in the glasses.

I wonder what the facial recognition software would say about him.
He doesn't look happy at all. Compare his expression to that of the African-American woman. He seems a bit pensive, doesn't he? Rather serious? Is he with Cruz?

Now look at this. Notice how on both he's got the full lower lip and the thinner upper lip. They are the same lips. Notice how identical the ears are. Then compare the chins. He was thinner on the left. That was taken in Cuba, and he got more to eat after he came to America. The noses match very well too. That's him: Rafael Cruz. 

Note that the location of this picture was west Main Street, just as the motorcade was reaching Dealey Plaza. They were about to turn on Houston. So basically, it was Ground Zero, approaching the Strike Zone, the ambush. 

Trump is doing it. Nothing can stop him now. He's getting the Republican nomination. 

And they actually released a poll today showing Hillary beating Trump. Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, that is hilarious. 

Do you have any idea how many people in this country hate that woman's guts? And that was before Benghazi. There are whole swaths of this country in which they'd vote for Jeffrey Dahmer before they voted for that (word that rhymes with witch). The idea that she could beat Trump is ridiculous.  

I have the feeling that the Justice Department is telling the FBI to just drop the case against Hillary, that they don't give a shit about it. You say she got people killed? So, fucking what? We said drop it! But, Andrew Napolitano thinks there may be a few principled agents at the FBI who may resign over it. We'll see.

It comes down to priorities. The Elites are freaking out that totally untethered Trump is going to be in the White House. How can they fucking worry about Hillary's crimes at a time like this? At least, she can be counted on to do their bidding. Never has a leading candidate been so maligned by the media as Trump has, and never has the maligning failed so miserably. The more they malign him, the better he does! 

The way it looks to me is that the only way they can stop Trump now is to go the lone-nut route. I sure hope that he's not relying too heavily on his Secret Service protection. Remember, Donald, at the crucial moment, they could be busy talking on the phone while you're being shot, like Emory Roberts. 

You hate it when that happens. Frankly, if I were Donald Trump, I would fire all the Secret Service agents, and just go with my own private security force. He can afford it.

Donald, just say, "You're fired." You can do it. 

But, short of the lone nut option, the only thing they can do is throw all their weight and resources behind Hillary. I'm talking about a mass exodus of Republicans, where they endorse Hillary, and not just endorse her but campaign for her. I bet even Obama would get actively involved in supporting her- which exiting Presidents don't usually do. 

What about the option of just cheating; rigging the voting machines? Faking it. Well, it's not like Donald Trump is going to stand idly by and let them do that. He's sharp enough to surround himself with pretty sharp people who are going to be on the lookout for that shit.

You saw how Kasich and Cruz joined forces. Well, that's just the beginning. That's just a taste. It's going to be everybody from both parties allied together against Trump.  Sworn enemies are going to be holding hands around the fire singing Kumbaya. The outcome?

Well, if I were betting, I'd bet on Trump. Come to think of it, who's to say I won't? I'm known to place a wager now and then. I bet on Nate Diaz over Conor McGregor. My gut told me he was going to beat him. 


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Imagine how much plywood it would take to resurface the whole 6th floor of the Book Depository. 

You realize how big the building is, right? It's huge. And if you were going to do it at all, you'd do the whole thing, the whole floor, right? 

And, you would order the plywood all at once, right? Wouldn't that be most efficient? But again, imagine how much you would need. Imagine the volume of materials as you got started. So, they show us this?

Someone actually wrote: "plywood on cart." Isn't that special? I am reminded of the movie The Graduate, in which Benjamin Braddock has just had a shouting match with Elaine Robinson in his grungy room at Berkeley. The landlord Mr. Cleery shows up and threatens to call the cops, and Benjamin has to talk him down. 

"Oh no, Mr. Cleery, there's no need for the cops. Everything is fine. Just look at her. There she is. (points to her) She's just sitting there. (she adjusts herself) She's enjoying a glass of water. (Elaine drinks.) Now she's smiling. (Elaine smiles.) And, she is definitely not upset. Everything is fine." 

Likewise: "There's the plywood. Look how neatly stacked it is. They're building a floor, not a Sniper's Nest."

Now, let's consider: the Sniper's Nest had to get built, but Oswald, being innocent, didn't build it. So, who built it and when was it built? 

Well, I think the odds are very great that it was built that day because they did use the 6th floor, and if it was built days ahead of time, wouldn't people have noticed it? Aren't the odds great that it was built during the time that the floor-laying project was supposedly going on? 

But, another thing about that picture is this: who would work that way? If you're laying a floor, don't you clear the area? Would you actually start laying down boards with boxes right there?
First of all, a piece of plywood is 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. It's been that way all my life and before I was born. How could you work at it without opening up that space? They were mostly nailing down whole boards, right? You don't cut unless it's necessary, do you? The fewer joints the better? And, that isn't even the color of plywood. Unfinished plywood is light. It's close to the color of the cardboard boxes in view. How could plywood be so dark? What, did they stain it first? They don't sell it pre-stained, and nobody would stain it first. So, why doesn't that plywood look like plywood? But, who would work that way, and how could anyone work that way? You need fucking space to work. It looks cramped and crowded- and there, it's devoid of people. Now imagine Billy Lovelady, Danny Arce, Bonnie Ray Williams, etc. crammed in there, plus Bill Shelley shouting orders as foreman on top of it all. You buying that shit? That is NOT a work space. There is no basis to think that they were seriously laying down a floor under those conditions.

But, meanwhile, Benjamin Braddock is still selling it.

 "Oh, look. There's some scrap plywood. And there's the carpenter's square. And, there we have a homemade drop cord. There is no need to doubt that this was a real construction project."  

The bloodied will always lie, but it doesn't mean they have the brains to lie smartly. The 6th floor "floor-laying" project- and the so-called "evidence" for it, as seen here- are a joke. They shouldn't be showing this shit. They shouldn't be showcasing it. They should be hiding it. They should be burying it and hoping that nobody ever finds these ridiculous pictures. What stupid idiots and hapless fools.   

I am very pleased to announce that Pasquale DiFabrizio has become the newest senior member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. 

Pasquale is a licensed private investigator in Los Angeles, and he works on a variety of cases, including homicides. He has been investigating the JFK assassination for decades, and he is a staunch believer in Oswald's innocence and Oswald in the doorway. Earlier today, Pasquale submitted the affidavit of Officer Seymour Weitzman concerning the 7.65 Mauser that was found. Pasquale wisely pointed out that even if you were going to assume that he mistook the Carcano for the Mauser, which is especially unlikely since it was the carbine model, but how, supposedly, did he get the caliber wrong? What's the memo on that? 

This is an example of an element of the official story that was shunted into a dead-end with the hope that it would be ignored. Well, that is not going to happen with Pasquale around. 

I'd like to note that Pasquale is the first P.I. to join the OIC, and how appropriate that is considering the nature of this work. I hope you realize that private investigators are much more reliable and trustworthy and to be counted on than government investigators. The government is incapable of investigating the assassination honestly. It's kind-of like letting the wolf guard the hen house. Pasquale, welcome to the OIC. 
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Pasquale DiFabrizio Here's the affidavit of evidence signed by policeman Seymore Weitzman stating that a 7.65mm Mauser was found. Even if he got the brand of rifle wrong, which makes no sense because there were a lot of Mauser knockoffs, how did he get the caliber wrong too? Oswald's supposed rifle was a 6.5mm caliber.