Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"There is no chance at all that any shots came from the TSBD. That's no chance, absolutely positively none."

Bob Mady

Another important point is that most ballistic analysts agree that NONE of the shots came from the Sniper's Nest or the 6th floor. In fact, I don't know of any ballistic analysts except those who are LNs and HSCA CTs (whom I call LNs with a twist) who say that shots came from there. 

So, if that's true, how could Loy Factor's story be true that both Malcolm Wallace and LHO fired from the 6th floor? 

Of course, Richard Hooke presumes that Factor lied about Oswald having shot. Richard thinks that Factor lied because he didn't want to admit that he is the one who fired at Kennedy. 

But, you really can't do that. You can't revise the man's story and say he told the truth about this and lied about that. Either you accept what he said or you don't. In this case, the baby has to go out with the bath water. 

So, for me, the Loy Factor story does NOT reach the threshold of credibility. But, for those who still cling to it, how do you account for the fact that Factor claims two shots were fired from the 6th floor when the ballistics does not support it?  

This is a guest post by Bob Mady. And the graphic is his work too. 

As BAKER is running into the TSBD, SHELLEY and LOVELADY (in the light colored shirt) walk towards the rail yards to see the activity of hunting down the shooters.
In this image from the Couch film, you can see SHELLEY and LOVELADY, but there is also an Officer running ahead of them, and it looks like he is about to draw his gun as he is running toward the rail yards.  Wonder who this was?

Mr. LOVELADY - Well, I asked who told her. She said he had been shot so we asked her was she for certain or just had she seen the shot hit him or--she said yes, she had been right close to it to see and she had saw the blood and knew he had been hit but didn't know how serious it was and so the crowd had started towards the railroad tracks back, you know, behind our building there and we run towards that little, old island and kind of down there in that little street. We went as far as the first tracks and everybody was hollering and crying and policemen started running out that way and we said we better get back into the building, so we went back into the west entrance on the back dock had that low ramp and went into the back dock back inside the building. 
Mr. BALL - First of all, let's get you to tell us whom you left the steps with. 
Mr. LOVELADY - Mr. Shelley. 
Mr. BALL - Shelley and you went down how far? 
Mr. LOVELADY - Well, I would say a good 75, between 75 to 100 yards to the first tracks. See how those tracks goes--- 
Mr. BALL - You went down the dead end on Elm? 
Mr. LOVELADY - Yes. 
Mr. BALL - And down to the first tracks? 
Mr. LOVELADY - Yes. 

Bob Mady

Go to CE 2063, Memorandum of Interview, which is a statement by Postal Inspector Holmes of Oswald's last interview before he was killed. Holmes said that Oswald denied emphatically any involvement in the murders of Tippit or Kennedy or any knowledge thereof. It was essentially Oswald's last words.

So, in his final words, Oswald denied shooting Tippit or Kennedy, and he also denied any involvement in it whatsoever and any knowledge of it whatsoever.  

And it is the truth: Oswald had no knowledge of it and no involvement in it, except as the patsy. He was not patsy and participant. 

If Oswald knew that Malcolm Wallace, Frank Sturgis, and other individuals were conducting the JFK assassination, why would he say that a "militant revolutionary group" was doing it? It makes no sense.  

But, I will give Oliver Stone credit for one thing: he never said that Oswald sent the telex; he suggested that Oswald was the informant mentioned in the telex.

He came to that conclusion because he can read plain English. The recalled telex (it was just the recreation from memory by a night clerk) said that it went FBI headquarters in Washington DC to the field offices of the FBI. Since Oswald was in Dallas on November 17, he obviously did not send it and could not have sent it. 

Yet, there are quite a few people who continue to attribute the telex to Oswald as the sender- that he himself sent the telex- that very telex. 

But, another option is to take the liberty of assuming that Oswald must have sent a telex which preceded that telex. But why? Even if Oswald was the informant (and there is no evidence that he was; it's just an appealing idea) why assume he sent a telex to inform? What is the basis for it? The FBI had an in-house telex network, but Oswald didn't. And why assume he sent it on November 17? Supposedly, the telex arrived very early in the morning on November 17, at 12:45 AM Oswald's time. Wouldn't that mean he had to send it on the 16th or prior? 

But, what evidence is there that Oswald knew anything about any telex offices in Dallas? And if he did go to a telex office in Dallas on November 16 or before, wouldn't there be a record it? I know that they wouldn't allow anyone to send a telex without using his real name.  A telex is a legal document. 

And then when you add the fact that such paltry information as saying a "militant revolutionary group" was going to assassinate the President made it more like a guessing game, why would Oswald do that?  If Oswald had specific information, why wouldn't he provide it? He actually knew who! The individuals! He knew them! The very persons who were doing it! So, what's with "militant revolutionary group"? 

Did he want to inform the FBI but without ratting out the people who were doing it, the people he was working with? 

So, Oswald didn't want to rat them out before, and he certainly didn't rat them out after. Is anyone claiming that at some point after his arrest Oswald started naming names? That his profession of ignorance at the Midnight Press conference was all a lie? That he really knew everything, and he was just acting? 

It's terrible what was done to him in 1963, but it's also terrible what is being done to him today by his supposed friends. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I think the worst thing to happen to Oswald since he was framed for killing Kennedy and murdered by Jack Ruby is his Hollywoodizing by people claiming to be his defenders. They have turned him into something that he wasn't; and they have endorsed all kinds of false stories about him. Some of these people are magnets for every false rumor and wild story about Oswald to come down the pike. 

What is crucial is to stick to the known facts. But, what makes something a fact? It takes more than somebody claiming it. Look how many men have been released from life imprisonment and even Death Row by DNA analysis? Just recently, another man got freed after decades in prison. But, how did these innocent men get convicted in the first place? Usually, it was from eye witness testimonies, and often just one: one eye-witness getting it wrong. 

When it comes to false reports about Oswald, what is the basis for them? First, the person could be mistaking Oswald for an Oswald double. Second, the person could be lying. And third, the person could be delusional. 

What helps to sort through it is to review the known facts. We know that Oswald returned from Russia in June 1962. We know he was minimally debriefed by the FBI. And that wrapped up the false defector program for him. We know he sought, unsuccessfully, to exploit his Russian-speaking ability, but nothing came of it job-wise. So, he began a series of low-paying jobs, none of which lasted. He and Marina also got involved with the White Russian community in Dallas. They attended some parties, and Oswald wowed them with his Russian-speaking. He met George DeMohrenschildt, and they became fast friends. DeMohrenschildt was no doubt asked to befriend Oswald by the CIA. There were a lot of residence changes for the Oswalds in that short period. And then in April 1963, after he loses his job at Jaggars/Chiles/Stovall, he heads down to New Orleans, arriving there on April 25.

I know of no reason to believe that Oswald was working as an intelligence agent during that period or that he was receiving $200/month from the FBI. That would have gone a long way, but the Oswalds were always in dreadful poverty, living hand to mouth. So, how could he have been getting $200/month?

But, somewhere during that period- between June 1962 when he returned from Russia and before April 1963 when he moved to New Orleans- the decision was made to cast him as the patsy in the JFK assassination. Perhaps it was made as soon as he got back from Russia. Perhaps it crossed someone's mind before he came back from Russia. But, I say he had to be here to really be pegged for the role.
I don't know what the official story is as to why Oswald moved to New Orleans other than that he just thought he had better job prospects there. But, we know the role it played in the assassination: to establish his pro-Castro credentials. And that's why I have to think they did something to draw him down there.

In Dallas, Oswald was not doing intelligence work of any kind; he was just working odd jobs. And by the time he went to New Orleans, he was already cast as the patsy, and once they cast him as the patsy, they weren't going to tell him anything about the plot. That would have been dumb. Why would they do that? He was the patsy. You keep the patsy in the dark. The less the patsy knows the better. 

What reason was there to tell him? He wasn't needed for anything. It's not as though they needed him to shoot. They had real assassins for that.

So, once he got to New Orleans, the dye was cast. He was the patsy, and they weren't going to breathe a word to him about the plot. From that point on, they were just playing him. They were stringing him along, keeping him totally in the dark about what was really going on. 

And why would they have done otherwise? Why would they tell him they were going to kill Kennedy? Why would they think he would be into it? Why would they think he would be capable of it? Why would they think that he was qualified? Why would they think he could be trusted? And most important, why would they think that if he was taken into custody after the assassination that he would remain quiet, particularly after he realized he was framed? Why would they empower him with information he could use against them?

Oswald was just the hapless patsy in the JFK assassination. He had no other role; no other assignment. He was not hobnobing with Carlos Marcello or other gangsters. He did not go to Mexico City to sneak poison into Cuba to kill Castro.  And, he certainly was not up on the 6th floor with Malcolm Wallace prepping his rifle. 

If when they decided to make Oswald the patsy in the JFK assassination, they also decided to make him a participant in it and even a shooter, they would have been the dumbest criminals in the history of crime.   



If Lovelady drew an arrow to Doorman to indicate himself, think about how valuable it was to Joseph Ball. Wouldn't it be 10X as valuable as Frazier's arrow? Maybe 20X? Who could possibly know better than Lovelady who he was in the picture?

So why if Ball got an arrow pointing to Doorman from Lovelady would he let it be obscure? Why would he let it be buried in Frazier's arrow to where they looked like one? Why would he let it be obscured anywhere? 

An arrow pointing to Doorman by Lovelady was an ace. If you have an ace, you play it, right? At least, here there would have been no reason not to play it.

So, if Lovelady knew that he was giving Ball what he wanted, he would not have drawn the arrow obscurely, and if Ball had gotten what he wanted, he would not have let it be obscure. He'd have un-obscured it. 

Why would anyone believe that J. Edgar Hoover would respond to an imminent threat against the President, that was days away, by saying to start investigating all the hate and racial groups throughout the country? It is insane.

And even if you think that Hoover would have done it just to let Kennedy dangle because he wanted him dead, why would Hoover put in writing such an inept response?  

Obviously, the proper response was to find the informant to obtain specific information about what he knows, then contact the White House and the Secret Service and confer with them about what to do, including cancel the trip if the threat is deemed the least bit credible. But, the response in that telex is just ludicrous. 

What an awful shame that Oliver Stone included it in the movie JFK. All I can surmise is that it was a movie, and from the standpoint of the movie, its entertainment value, it sounded great. Why not have a protagonist who was victimized but who was secretly working under-cover to undermine the criminal plot? It's gold. 

But, this wasn't a regular movie, and Stone didn't have the liberty of doing that. He didn't have the right to do it, unless he was going to say the whole thing was fiction. 

And since he corrected all the atrocious spelling errors, Stone had to know that the "telex" was composed and constructed by William Walter, the former late night clerk at the FBI office in New Orleans, that he wrote it from memory, after 5 years, and that nothing else and no one else existed to confirm it. How far do you go with a thing like that? How much do you bank on it? You certainly don't put it in a movie.

And, you certainly shouldn't look at a thing like that in isolation. You have to look at the big picture. And when you look at the big picture, you realize that there is not a lick of evidence that Oswald was an intelligence agent in the JFK assassination. To whatever extent he was an intelligence agent, it did not involve the JFK assassination. They left him out of that one. In that one, he was just the patsy.    

And I have to think that LNs love it when they hear CTs saying the Oswald was hobnobbing with Carlos Marcello and other gangsters. He gets back from the Soviet Union in June 1962 and before you know it, he's hobnobbing with gangsters and running guns, and trying to kill Castro, and then he's involved in the plot to kill Kennedy, but he's secretly an under-cover agent trying to save him. Stop it! It's nonsense. It's noise. It's fiction.

Oswald was to the Dallas plot what Thomas Arthur Vallee was to the Chicago plot: just a hapless patsy who was told nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

Don't go Hollywood with the story. It's bad enough what Oliver Stone did, but what people are doing today is much worse. And such fantasies help the other side.      

So, why is there a breach between the head and the tail? I figure that Lovelady started by making the head, and then he made the tail separately, lifting the felt pen off the photo and starting over. And, it resulted in a breach. Also, there is no denying that because of the extreme enlargement that this is, there is undoubtedly some distortion involved. But, it is the only other game in town besides Frazier's arrow. 

So, you can't expect perfection, and you can't ignore this when there is no other contender. 

This rendition of the arrow was done by bpete, and he had the nerve to call it a dot.

There's a breach there, but so what? It sure looks like an arrow. And it's the only thing that looks like an arrow besides the arrow that Frazier drew.

And concerning Frazier's arrow, you can only go by what the unaltered image shows- the actual photo.

That lightened version which you have put up 1000 times isn't how the photo looks. Does anybody think that if they went to the National Archives it would look like that? Above is how it looks. And to think that Lovelady would have obscured his arrow into Frazier's is insane. Why should he have? He would been giving Joseph Ball exactly what he wanted. Ball would have been jumping for joy. And his response would have been: 

"What are you doing it like that for? Draw yours separately and draw it big. Come on. I want to see two arrows there."

Look, punk: You can put that distorted one up 10,000 more times, and it won't matter. It has no relevance. And so far, not even your friends have supported you on this, never mind any bonafide or even non bonafide researchers. And you can tell your friends that it's too late now; if they wanted to do it, they should have done it when you first claimed it. 

But, you did good in your latest effort, and I shall make use of it. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

You can see in the picture above that I identified each of their arrows, but why didn't they? Even when it was just Frazier, I should think he would have at least initialed it. Drawing an arrow is like making a statement. When you come upon a statement, you want to know who made it, right? 

And, why did Lovelady draw his arrow so small? It's because he knew very well that Ball didn't want him to draw it large. He wasn't giving Ball what he wanted, and he knew it. 

You give a person a photo to draw an arrow on with an arrow already on it to show him where to draw it? Talk about leading the witness. 

So, Lovelady knew what was expected of him, and frankly, he was being defiant. But, by drawing his arrow very small, he was trying to be defiant in a gentle way. It was just big enough for Ball to get the message, which was: 

"Look, I don't want to make trouble for you guys, but please leave me out of this. I'm not up for it. I wasn't Doorman, and I am not comfortable saying that I was. I'm not going to make waves for you, but please, just leave me out of it."

Here is what Lovelady said at the end:

Mr. BALL - Mr. Lovelady, your testimony will be written up and it can be submitted to you for your signature if you wish and you can make any changes, or you can waive signature and we will make this your final--- 
Mr. LOVELADY - I want this to be the final one. 

I bet you did, Billy. But, it was just the beginning for him. 

And somehow, for 49 years, the entire JFK community looked at CE 369, knew it was supposed to have two arrows, but only one was ever seen and recognized (and often attributed to Lovelady), yet nobody brought up the fact that there had to be two arrows.  

And if I am wrong about that -if somebody did bring it up before I did- then believe me, I will be delighted. 

I understand completely why LNs didn't bring up the missing arrow, but why didn't CTs? And I mean those who champion Oswald's innocence. 

I have to think that the discovery of Lovelady's arrow is the most important discovery in the case since the discovery of the Fritz Notes in the late 90s. And I am not saying that to pat myself on the back. I am saying it to highlight the importance that it has. 

And anyone who wants to resist this has only one recourse: to find Lovelady's arrow elsewhere. And no, claiming that Frazier's and Lovelady's arrows are heaped together is not remotely plausible; it is just an extreme and outlandish claim that reveals nothing but desperation. And, it is a frank admission that there is no other arrow in the black space around Doorman. There is no question that Lovelady's arrow is the one pointing to Black Hole Man. 



Sunday, November 23, 2014

I just received this from Bob Mady, and I think it is excellent. 

"If you view the 'midnight press conference', watch when OSWALD is told that he has been charged with the murder of the President and observe his reaction. I believe it says it all, OSWALD was exactly what he claimed to be: a 'patsy'."

"For what it is worth, OSWALD was involved with the intelligence community, for sure, but in the case of the conspiracy to assassinate the President, he knew nothing. OSWALD was the fall guy, the 'patsy'. Continuing to depict OSWALD as a participant in the operation is counter-productive, and it is destructive to our understanding of the case.  He was the decoy, the distraction, the shiny object that was showcased afterwards. He was put in the spotlight for public consumption; that's all. And, he has stayed there for 51 years. Sadly, some people continue to chase the wrong horse. Wise up!  The assassination had nothing to do with OSWALD.  After 51 years, one might think you could figure that out by now.

Bob Mady 

Of course, Bob wasn't talking to me. But look: just because there are claims and rumors that Oswald did this, and Oswald did that, that he was involved here, that he was involved there- you need to apply healthy skepticism to it. You don't go around believing Loy Factor and Rod MacKenzie and Carlos Marcello just because they claimed to have done stuff with Oswald. That is just being gullible and stupid. THERE ARE NUMEROUS FALSE OSWALD SIGHTINGS THROUGHOUT JFK ASSASSINATION LORE. There are too many to count. 

If you are going to start believing that stuff, you might as well go all the way and start believing that the driver shot Kennedy or that Jackie did. I kid you not; there is a guy online who says that Jackie shot her husband- a payback for all the affairs.

The idea that Oswald was an under-cover agent in the assassination plot is just an obsession, a fixation that some people have. And they need to get over it. He was just the patsy. That's all. Nothing else. He wasn't Ethan Hunt. He wasn't James Bond. The whole line of thinking that Oswald was an under-cover agent in the JFK assassination is totally wrong. It is based on nothing but rumors, imagination and lies. 

This is how I have Lovelady's arrow presented now on the OIC website. See what you think:

There are two reasons why this has to be Lovelady's arrow, and they are equally compelling. In a word: it is because of what's there and what isn't there. 

What's there, of course, is the arrow: the tail of it on the forearm of Black Hole Man, and the head of it in the black space. But, what's not there, anywhere in the image, is: ANY OTHER ARROW. 

Of course, there is Frazier's arrow, but that's his. Both Frazier and Lovelady drew an arrow. And bpunk's notion that Lovelady heaped his on top of Frazier's is ludicrous. No honest observer would seek to deliberately confuse the issue by mingling the arrows. Clarity requires that each arrow be distinct and distinguishable. Who knows that? Everybody knows that. That is, everybody except bpunk.

But, in truth, bpunk doesn't really believe it either. He only claims it in response to me, and it's because he's a no-good punk. It's not as though he's ever approached Vincent Bugliosi or Max Holland or anyone else with the idea that he's made a notable discovery. And in 51 years, nobody else has ever made the same claim. 

What has happened quite a lot over half a century is that people have attributed Frazier's arrow to Lovelady. But, I think it's fair to say that I put a stop to that. Even David Von Pein, who used to claim it, no longer does. He quite formally retracted it.

So, with Frazier's arrow clearly recognized and identified for what it is, that leaves Lovelady's arrow.  And the fact is that the arrow I found pointing to Black Hole Man is the only candidate. There is nothing else. It is not as though there is something else but it isn't nearly as good. There is nothing else, period. There isn't anything else remotely or wildly or far-fetchedly or anything else. If you scour the whole scene, as I have done many times under bright light and magnification,  you will see that there is nothing else that could, under any stretch of the imagination, be considered Lovelady's arrow. 

Why do you think bpunk resorts to the heaping argument? It's because he knows that there is nothing else there. 

And that's why this discovery is so compelling and so certain. There is nothing else even competing with it. That is Lovelady's arrow, and if not, it means that Lovelady didn't draw one.  

And that means that Lovelady was telling us that he was Black Hole Man, and in the same breath and without saying another word, he was also telling us that Oswald was Doorman. He might as well have said it, and I'm sure he knew it. And it must have been a very tortured life he lived after that. 

This is so big that, in principle, it would make sense to contact the Attorney General of the United States with this evidence. However, I don't think there would be any point in doing it because I know very well that the government of the United States does not want to know or hear the truth about the JFK assassination. The US government wants to perpetuate the official story of the lone gunman because it would be devastating to the reputation and public image of the US government if the truth about the JFK assassination became widely known. 

So, they are fighting it tooth and nail, as I know they are, and I am fighting back, and that's how it is. There is no point in being naive about it.

Nevertheless, the discovery of Lovelady's arrow is a very big find, and it's worth celebrating. And the good news is that it's never going away. In fact, I am going to add it to the OIC website. 


Think about what you would do if you were the FBI Director and you were told that an informant had communicated (somehow) that a "militant revolutionary group" was going to try to assassinate the President on November 22, and it was November 17. 

So, what would you do? Really think about it. I'll tell you what I would do as FBI Director, but I want you to think about it yourself first. So, stop for a minute or so and really think about it.

So, what I would do as FBI Director if I learned such a thing on November 17, 1963 is first: I would tell whomever showed me the communication to do whatever it takes to make contact with that informant again, and I would be determined to speak to him myself. I would be hell-bent on finding him and demanding from him more specific information. 

"What militant revolutionary group are you talking about? And give me some names! What do you think this is? A game show? Tell me specifically what you know; provide every concrete detail you have: names, dates, meetings, etc."

And if they were unable to re-connect with this informant by phone, I would issue the order to get our people on the ground there to round this guy up and bring him in for questioning. Hell, I'd put him on the top of the Most Wanted list, if necessary.  Find that informant, and bring him in! Do it now!

Next, I would inform the White House of the threat, and then I would inform the Secret Service, since they are responsible for protecting the President. And my expectation would be that they would cancel the President's trip, as they did in Chicago.  

And then, I would stay close to the phone and other agency communications and be prepared to travel down there myself to interrogate this informant and size up the whole situation. 

Would I order the probing of all "racial and hate groups" throughout the country? No. What for? Would it really help to start investigating every Neo-Nazi group in Northern Idaho? No! Progress would come only from tracking down that informant and finding out the basis for his warning and all the specific details of what he knows. Starting a nationwide fishing expedition among racial and hate groups would not be the answer.

What it means is that the entire content of the mock-telex that William Walter fabricated years later MAKES NO SENSE. There is no chance that J. Edgar Hoover would have responded like that. 

And considering that it was a fabrication, and realizing that William Walter was a deplorable speller and a borderline illiterate, why wouldn't he get someone to help him write it? Alternatively, why didn't he use a dictionary? Considering the importance of it, considering that he was, in effect, reproducing a piece of forensic evidence, why wasn't he smart enough to realize that, in this case, spelling counted?

What I'm saying here is that there was a lack of good judgment here- on the part of William Walter.  And it casts further suspicion on his character. 

However, William Walter, who was the only person on Earth who ever vouched for the non-existent telex, did say that it originated from Washington D.C. He was certain about that, and he said it was from the Director. Therefore, we are left with NO BASIS to think for even one second that Oswald sent it. 

Was Oswald the informant mentioned in the telex? People can believe that if they want to. It's not theoretically impossible. However, there is not a lick of evidence that he was. And it seems inconceivable to me that Oswald

a) would wait until November 17 to inform the FBI. Why not tell them right away, as soon as he knew?

b) would describe the people who were involved as a "militant revolutionary group". How is that helpful? 

c) would omit the names of specific individuals and other specific information he had concerning the plot. Wouldn't he realize that specifics were necessary? How were they going to make arrests without it? 

So, in truth, I don't think Hoover ever sent such a lousy telex, and I don't think Oswald ever made such a lousy attempt at informing the FBI. Both stink. Both don't add up. 

There is nothing of evidentiary value in this whole William Walter story. There is not one solid thing connected to it. Nothing. And it is very regrettable that Oliver Stone ever included it in his movie. 


I hope you realize by now that there is no telex, that what people have been calling a telex is a fabrication of one William Walter, who was a night clerk at the FBI office in New Orleans. He is the only person on Earth who ever claimed to see that telex. 

But, he didn't have the telex, and he didn't have a copy of the telex, and he didn't write down what the telex said. He didn't even surface with this claim of a telex until 1968, which was 5 years after the assassination.

So, at some point, he just sat down and composed a mock-telex, trying to recall from memory the wordage- and that is what we have. 

Nobody ever came forward to confirm his story. And even though he was married at the time, his ex-wife denied that he ever said anything about it to her. 

And we know from logic and common sense that the telex- if it existed- could not have contained what he said it did. There is no reason to think that Oswald would have contacted the FBI about a "militant revolutionary group" plotting to kill Kennedy. If he knew anything at all, he knew something specific, and he would have said so. 

What would have been the point of saying that a "militant revolutionary group" was doing it? It wasn't a guessing game, was it? 

And then from Hoover's end, what would have been the point of responding by having agents start investigating all the hate and racial groups in the country? It was November 17. There was no time for that. It was just days away. The proper response would have been to cancel the President's trip and secondly to contact Oswald (or whomever sent it) for more information. 

Now keep in mind that Walter definitely said that the telex came from the FBI and not from the informant. That's the FBI in Washington. So, there is no basis whatsoever to say that Oswald sent it. 

So, how did the informant contact the FBI? We don't know, and Walter didn't know either. He only knew about the telex; not about the informant

So, you can think anything you want about the informant and how he contacted the FBI, but it's just your imagination at work. We simply don't know.  

Remember: if the informant knew anything, he knew something specific. If it was a militant revolutionary group, then what militant revolutionary group?  

So, the fabricated telex by William Walter makes no sense- neither from Hoover's point of view nor Oswald's- that is, if you assume Oswald was the informant.  

But, since you don't have an actual telex, and since the fabricated one is ludicrous in its content, what it means is that you don't have anything. It does not begin to meet the threshold of being evidence.  

Here is how COPA wrote it up:

On November 17, 1963, FBI overnight code clerk William S. Walter, in New Orleans, maintained that he received an Airtel alert from FBI headquarters in Washington about “a threat to assassinate President Kennedy November 22-23” in Dallas “by a militant revolutionary group.” Instructions in the Teletype included contacting infiltrators in local racists hate groups. The original airtel and all copies disappeared shortly after the assassination. Word of the Teletype did not leak out until five years after the assassination. Upon receiving the Teletype (Walter said under oath), “I immediately contacted the special agent-in-charge who had the category of threats against the president and read him the teletype. He instructed me to call the agents that had responsibility and informants, and as I called them, I noted the time and the names of the agents that I called. That all took place in the early morning hours of the 17th of November.” Ray & Mary La Fontaine maintain that this Airtel is the result of LHO’s pre assassination interview with the Dallas FBI.

“URGENT: 1:45 AM EST 11-17-63 HLF 1 PAGE

Notice that COPA also corrected all the egregious spelling errors in Walter's mock- telex. I guess they figured it was just his problem that his spelling was so atrocious, and that it did not apply to the actual telex. And frankly, I agree with that. I don't think there is any chance that a communication from J. Edgar Hoover could have been as bad as Walter wrote it.  

Still, I think they should have at least pointed out that Walter's mock-up contained those atrocious spelling errors because he is the man. This is all derived from him and no one else, and his atrocious spelling is part of who he is, and it is relevant.

And even if you believe Walter- and whether you do or don't, the fact is that his story is unsubstantiated- there is no reason and no basis to connect it to Oswald. Did you listen to Oswald at the Midnight Press Conference? He said: 

"I don't know what this is all about. Nobody has told me anything. I know I have been accused of murdering a policeman. I know nothing more than that."

Do you think Oswald was lying bold-faced to the world? He had to have been lying if he said the above (and he did say it, and it is filmed and recorded) when, in fact, he had infiltrated the plot and informed the FBI about it. 

And if so, why during his interrogations did he not bring it up, especially since A FBI AGENT WAS SITTING RIGHT THERE: JAMES HOSTY.

How could Oswald be sitting across from Hosty and not say, "You know I contacted the FBI warning them about the plot. And you know I left you a hand-written note about it at your office." 

Of course, Oswald did not send the telex, and William Walter said as much. At most, Oswald was the informant- although Walter never said that either. And the fact is: there is not the slightest bit of evidence connecting Oswald with Walter's story. Nor is there the slightest bit of evidence that the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame had any prior knowledge of the JFK assassination.  
I think that most people who are smart enough to realize that the official story of JFK's death is a lie also realize that the official story of White House lawyer Vince Foster's death is a lie. 

And once you realize that Vince Foster was indeed murdered, then it follows that his murder was the highest-up political assassination since the murder of Robert Kennedy. So, we are talking from 1968 to 1993. Was there anyone in-between who was higher up? A White House Counsel is pretty high up. 

Of course, Foster's death involved the Clintons, and a lot of authors have covered the evidence in the case, and why it all points to murder. But, what was the motive?

Below, OIC senior member Stephen Requa makes his startling case that the murder of Vince Foster involved not just the Clintons, but many others. 

Utah Court Fraud of 1993 and the Vincent Foster Murder to Yield Answers to the Big Questions About JFK Murder

The Bogus Utah "National Security" Operation that Got Vincent Foster Murdered in the White House.

Copyright S.H. Requa

OIC members must be made aware of the death of White House Counsel Vincent Foster, reported as a suicide in 1993, as plainly a murder, one both conducted and intensively covered up by FBI persons. This is comprehensively covered at:  
 "101 Peculiarities in the Death of Vincent Foster"  

Those familiar with the cover-ups in the JFK assassination will see very much equal egregiousness just as well evidenced with Foster's assassination. From the details in item 101 of the "Peculiarities" there will be few among us who will not conclude anything other than that Vincent Foster was shot in the White House by an FBI Agent (named elsewhere as Goetzman) who was allied with George Bush, and that Foster was rolled in a carpet and taken out while video cameras covering White House entrances were made dysfunctional. That the Clintons were deeply involved with Mena Arkansas drug trafficking related to Oliver North, Bush, and all the complex of events associated with Iran/Contra is well know to most of us, but culpability for the Foster murder is clearly seen to derive from Bush/FBI sources. Louis Freeh, a Bush protege, was appointed FBI Director the same day as Foster was found dead. This was also the same day that in Utah Judge Tyrone Medley entered an unlawful and fraudulent receivership order, overnight, on Banner International with its famed Requa/Hoover Files on Western Hemisphere gold mining properties. This Utah Court Fraud was ex parte, without Service or Notice, and it comprised an arbitrary confiscation of the assets of Banner International, about which lawyer William F. Pepper wrote the Utah FBI and US Attorneys this in January 2013 after information disclosed the covert recipients of the Requa/Hoover Files, "a continuing crime" as Pepper notes.

Also occurring at the same time in 1993 were the events of how "George Bush Almost Got Indicted for Fraud" for trillions of dollars that Clinton found embezzled from sacrosanct Treasury Trust Funds when Clinton assumed office, all as was detailed in covered-up Congressional Hearing records reviewed and reported by Bush-insider Al Martin here:

A connection between these events would strike few of us as far-fetched. Those for whom George Bush embezzled the trillions of dollars, and who got them, were not on a "national security" operation or charade. To be sure, the larger Bush Cabal Iran/Contra frauds did have their grounding in supposed "national security" operations (and charades) against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua; but, Bush's grand scale embezzlements from Treasury Trust Funds can claim no such rationale. As detailed by well-known Iran Contra author Al Martin in the above link, the government was in fact bankrupted by these colossal embezzlements. It was plain and simple covert theft to an astronomic degree, which Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan persuaded Clinton to ignore and keep covered up. Well he might have done so, since the principles of the that private bank of the Federal Reserve are some of the most likely to have received some of those embezzled funds.  In his "Solution" to the "Federal Reserve Problem", Dean Henderson calls for the nationalization of the Federal Reserve, together with the following under Item 6 of his Ten Step Program:
"Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law all fraudulent transactions involving the Fed cartel. Send the FBI to the New York Fed. Seize all documents. Confiscate the world’s largest gold reserves which are stored there. These were stolen from various governments including from our own Ft. Knox reserves. 
It is indeed time for us all to view the "Fed", as organized from its beginning as the mechanism for the elites to defraud the citizenry, as to be noted in a link further below. 

With the Utah Court Fraud to steal the Requa/Hoover Files we see most clearly of anywhere else ever the FBI and courts used to accomplish colossal thefts -- all at the instigation of Federal Reserve insides and members of the H.L. Hunt crime syndicate, known to most of us as deeply involved in the JFK assassination.  

   The Neocons and those who did 911 were also not doing it to save America.  At the acme of all the depravity in the JFK assassination and afterwards is greed pure and simple. It is fascism for and by the richest of the rich. At the top of the scheme to murder JFK were H.L. Hunt, the defence industry profiteers, and the banksters of the Federal Reserve, plus the topmost Mafia. Those who actually financed, organized, and conducted all the 1960s assassinations were motivated by pure greed to share in vast Vietnam war profiteering. Corrupt military, CIA, and FBI persons may have been appealed to by delusions of patriotism in  a "national security" operation, but the bank-rollers of the assassinations were not. The bank-rollers were the H.L. Hunt, Mafia, and allied Texas oil men like Clint Murchison. They were the defence industry profiteers and contractors -- and they were the profiteers from within the Federal Reserve Bank. 

It is plain to be seen in the evidence, by anybody without bias, that Vincent Foster was murdered by an FBI agent and that the crime was covered up by the FBI; and, item 101 on the above linked "101 Peculiarities" provides specific evidence that he was in fact murdered in the White House by an FBI agent allied with George Bush. Although his name is excluded in the link above, elsewhere it is given as "Goetzman". I believe for the following reasons that this is indeed the case: Foster was shot in the White House, rolled in a carpet, and then carried out while the White House surveillance cameras on the White House doors were made non-operative for the crucial time period. No conjectures are required here to be introduced, just connecting the existing and established facts of record. Fosters body was covered with carpet fibres. He had been rolled in a carpet that workmen at the White House had removed.

In the mid 1990s I received an email in London advising me that in the weeks before Vincent Foster had been found dead in Fort Marcy Park a "crisis" had erupted in the FBI which would come to a head with William Sessions being fired as FBI Director. On July 20th 1993, on the same day three events transpired. These were the death of Vincent Foster, reportedly as a suicide, the announced appointment of Louis Freeh as FBI Director, and also in Utah the entering of an Order Establishing Receiver against my then gold mining exploration company Banner International. This was entered ex parte, without Notice or Service, transpiring overnight from a grossly perjured Complaint being entered on the 19th, the day before, about which lawyer William F. Pepper having wrote his 2013 letter to the Utah FBI and U.S. Attorneys, the complaint letter linked above and below commenting on the "baseless receivership" and its "continuing crime".

The "crisis" that had erupted in the FBI was over an exposed covert FBI operation (exposed by myself) in Utah during 1993 up till the Utah Court frauds of July 20th commented upon by Pepper. The "crisis" was caused by the FBI's failure to get me murdered at the Capitol Motel in Salt Lake City after I exposed the alleged crimes of FBI Agent Collins to falsify the Utah Corporations Dept. filings on my Banner International company, all as narrated in these chapters of my book entitled The Great American Gold Grab:
Agent Collins was observed by myself in actions associated with falsifying Utah State records as detailed there and in this Criminal Complaint: 

As noted, the law firm of Ray Quinney & Nebeker (RQN) of Utah has been evidenced - with no standing in that court or that case - as having acquired during this time the possession of the Requa/Hover Files covering thousands of gold mining sites throughout the Western Hemisphere.How these Files were acquired is now of the utmost interest to OIC members:

In 1917 the private bankers of the Federal Reserve Bank brought Herbert Hoover and Mark Requa (my grandfather) together as the most accomplished mining engineers in the world. They did so because they had an evident agenda for them, easily now seen, that is first evident in 1917: to create the means (eventually through the Requa/Hoover Files to come) to maximize for themselves the world's gold production.  They have come very far, with Barrick Gold and others - to accomplishing this. They could clearly see with their actions in controlling the nation's money that they would eventually make money worthless, at which time the plan would need to be to have control of the world's gold. The plan to create the Requa/Hoover Files is seen already by the Federal Reserve bankers in 1917 above. What they eventually did create with the Requa/Hoover Files from the 1930s till 1992 is in fact to be seen at that link above. On July 20th, 1993 with a fraudulent Order Establishing Receiver as referred to by William Pepper above, they covertly stole the Requa/Hoover Files. They "disappeared".
Exposing the depth of the Federal Reserve Bank's 100-year-long larger criminal conspiracy -- from the creation of the Federal Reserve Act and Bank to the present -- is now readily accomplished by taking up the realities of the 1993 Utah Court Fraud to steal the Requa/Hoover Files. The way to do this most effectively to start with is to expose the crimes detailed in the OIC site on the Timeline of 1905-13, revealing the organization of the Federal Reserve Act and the murder/poisoning of Jane Stanford as done by the same criminal accomplices for John D. Rockefeller. These included Theodore Roosevelt.

The way to finish the job is to focus on the realities of the assassination of Vincent Foster
 -- a murder that was done in the White House the same day that Judge Medley entered the receivership fraud against Banner International in order to steal the Requa/Hoover Files. To do that they had to murder Vincent Foster because he had jumped out of the plan because it was falling apart after they failed to kill me in Utah at the Capitol Motel just before, as detailed in these book chapters:
Foster realized that a hoax "national security" operation was in progress based on organized extreme FBI disseminated libels about me. 
These are noted in this book chapter:

Following the Capitol Motel Incident (an attempted homicide organized by FBI persons), I created great furore by spreading to every point possible (newspapers, government agencies, shareholders, etc.) all the details of the conspiracy I had just discovered in Utah to have the FBI destroy both my company and myself personally. Vincent Foster assuredly got this news I was spreading far and wide. The fictions (about me) that had been used to create that "national security operation" for having me killed then blew up in their faces. Foster was assuredly furious and refused to cooperate any further with "the Plan". To steal the R/H Files by FBI Agent Colins' COINTELPRO operation (by Agent X in the book) of organized libels against myself, with perjured court actions ex parte overnight, they were forced to remove Vincent Foster. This is why Judge Medley ordered the receivership the very moment Vincent Foster was made dead. He couldn't do it till then.

FBI Agent X as referred to in these chapters, now with Criminal Complaints against him as Agent Steve Collins, is alleged to have instigated the Utah Court Fraud to steal the Requa/Hoover Files with the crimes detailed in the above book chapters and in these Criminal Complaint links that include the "Capitol Mortel" incident:

As to be seen, Agent Collins is alleged to have been retained for the Federal Reserve Bankers via RQN law firm and the Eccles/Quinney family,Marrinner Eccles having been the longest term Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank. This was the culmination of the agenda first seen in 1917, eventually to get the R/H Files created on thousands of gold mining properties - and then needing to steal them back:

The motives for the Utah crimes, however, were multiple, having also to suppress my knowledge of how and why Jane Stanford had been murdered, with her murder as the first major crime organized by John D. Rockefeller from 1905 to 1913 to create the Federal Reserve Bank:

A century long conspiracy starting with the poisoning/murder of Jane Stanford in 1905 has transpired. It was commenced with the objective to establish the Federal Reserve Bank as a means to defraud all the populace and in the process ultimately to destroy the value of the nation's money -- and by then to control all the gold. The very same criminals who organized and covered up the poisoning of Jane Stanford -- to steal her university and establish it as a platform to advance eugenics (genocide) -- were the same persons who instigated the creation and enactment of the Federal Reserve Act. They were also the same persons who created and financed Hitler. 

Their primary objective has been to control and to destroy America while employing all their means available to scavenge its wealth and resources. This is the agenda of the Rothschilds with their Rockefeller stooges:
Their REAL agenda is this:

“Debt Forever: (plus wars forever, since they pay so well for Rothschilds to finance the government´s debt): Debt that can never be paid off, only grow. Power of creating money from nothing and loaning it to nations at compounding interest . . . the “magic” of Rothschild-controlled central banking. "America’s infection is called the “Federal Reserve System,” a private, for-profit corporation independent of the federal government. The Fed has no reserves, is simply a system for transferring wealth from the people to the elite via national debt, GWOT, “benign global hegemony” ...“The continuous consolidation of wealth and power into higher, tighter, and righter hands.” "The whole Rothschild Usury Mill (RUM) offers only one destiny or conclusion, only one horizon: Rothschilds will own the entire planet. They are already closer to global ownership than few people other than the elite might imagine. The US has a potentially-fatal RUM infection. …
Their agenda in order to perpetuate 911 started with their crimes to elect George W. Bush:           
“The continuous consolidation of wealth and power into higher, tighter, and righter hands was part of the Bush agenda to steal the Trust Funds of the U.S. Treasury:
Likewise they have  stolen our nation's gold, as noted by Dean Henderson             His solution, with his item 6): Arrest the perpetrators. Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law all fraudulent transactions involving the Fed cartel. Send the FBI to the New York Fed. Seize all documents. Confiscate the world’s largest gold reserves which are stored there. These were stolen from various governments including from our own Ft. Knox reserves. His Ten Step Program as linked above includes number 4: 
4) Nationalize the Federal Reserve. According to a London barrister I have been in contact with, under the Federal Reserve Act there is a provision that allows for the US government to buy back the Fed’s charter for $4 billion. We should pay this fee, revoke the Fed charter and launch a new US dollar issued by the Treasury Department. With the dollar fixed, the vampires cannot crash it.
The Utah Court Frauds by Judge Medley that transpired the same day as Vincent Foster's murder and the appointment of Louis Freeh as FBI Director are now our best evidence for the present deep criminality of the Federal Reserve Bank. The evidence and details reported at www, and those being narrated in a book on the Jane Stanford poisoning* now will provide the critical mass of evidence to accomplish what most needs being done: bringing to an end the Federal Reserve Bank. 
It is finally with the assassination of Vincent Foster in the White House by an FBI agent, most especially to facilitate the theft by Federal Reserve Bank associates of the Requa/Hoover Files, that must be seen as the last straw for the Federal Reserve Bank and for the the Rothschild/Rockefellers behind it. 
Solving the JFK assassination? The assassination of Vincent Foster leads the way. All roads of crime lead to the Federal Reserve Bank and the Rothschilds