Saturday, November 30, 2019

In this Evening News segment on 11/22, Walter Cronkite said that we see JFK clutching Mrs. Kennedy in the Altgens photo, but clearly that is not what we see.  So, why did Cronkite say it? First, I'm sure he was told to say it, but why? Well, if he said he was clutching at his throat, that would imply that he got shot in his throat, and they did not want to say that.  They were going with a lone gunman from behind scenario. 

So, when Arlen Specter came up with the Single Bullet Theory in April 1964 to account for 7 wounds in 2 men, it wasn't just because he ran out of bullets, it was because he couldn't concede a frontal shot.

So, when people say that Arlen Specter came up with the Single Bullet Theory, it's more likely that he was just the spokesman for it. The FBI probably came up with it, and they told him that it was a necessity because, after all, there was only one gunman. Right? And he was behind.  

And, you can be certain that they hoped to kill Kennedy without resorting to any shots from the front. We know they took at least one shot from behind that missed, and maybe they took more than one. I suspect that the front shooters were just a fail-safe. They surely hoped that the very first shot would hit him squarely in the head, and if so, they would have called off all the other shooters. Remember, they had spotters nearby to report the damage. But, the shooting didn't go well that day. Look how many shots it took for them to finish him off. I think it's fair to say that the shooting was botched.  
Randy Gunter put this up to show that Kellerman was darkened, and Roberts' hand phone was blackened, and Greer was obscured in the Altgens photo.

 I agree with all that, but what I want to know is, where's Jackie?

If those are her hands, where is she? And how far away is she from him? If she was concerned about him and focused on him, wouldn't she move in close? Isn't it odd that we are only seeing her hands? And notice how close her hands look to us, meaning that they are not deep in the picture. His face seems very deep in the picture, but to my eyes, it looks like her hands are in the seat in front of him. 

If you raise your hand to your throat, your elbow goes out, but it doesn't go out all that far. How far could it go?
So, how could JFK's elbow going all the way out here?

That Steve Edwards thinks that JFK's elbow is way out where the asterisk is, and that is ridiculous. 
This guy claims that JFK's elbow can be seen just to the right of Jackie's wristwatch.
Steve Edwards Nonsense like this does more to discredit genuine conspiracy theories than anything LNs could post.
The point of his elbow is clearly just to the right of Jackie's wristwatch.

What is he talking about? No way is JFK's elbow way out there. I have put a line pointing to the round in his shoulder. That is where is arm is going down. And you can even see the angle of the arm going down. So, how can the elbow be way over there to the right? This is ridiculous. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. How could anybody be this stupid? 
The only thing that could have been jutting out towards Jackie was JFK's elbow, instead, we have his whole extended arm, which looks like the long wand of a vacuum cleaner. That is the problem, and nobody can lipflap it away. It is, literally, hanging out there. 

Friday, November 29, 2019

I think I figured out why the obelisk is tilted in the Altgens photo. They tilted it. Why? Because it makes the distance between the obelisk and the limo seem greater. 

They knew that the hit came lower on the hill than this. And they also had the unaltered photo, and they could see that JFK wasn't hit. So, by leaning it back, they made it seem farther away, suggesting that the limo was farther down the hill. Look how much difference it makes. 
Now, that obviously is not down by where the freeway sign is. It is much higher on the hill. 

This is a concise statement as to why JFK was not shot at the time of the Altgens photo, and why what we see of him in the Altgens photo is fake. It starts, as always, with the photographic evidence. We shall compare the Altgens photo to Z255. 
Those are supposed to be the exact same split-second in time and space, but they are not. In Altgens, JFK has got this huge mitt of a left hand and tiny shriveled right hand, and Jackie is caressing this long straight wand of an arm that goes on forever. But, in Z255, his hands look equal and proportionate, and he has his elbow out to Jackie, and she is grasping him on his forearm and upper arm.  Obviously, if he has his fist to his throat, his arm can't be extended out. Only his elbow can be extended out. So, what we see in Altgens has to be false. 

But, there is more. We have to look at the timing of this. When was the Altgens photo taken? It was taken when the limo was closer to the top of the hill and long before JFK was hit. 

The Altgens photo was taken from quite a great distance, and the look that it has is not the result of zooming; it is the result of cropping. The photo was cropped above, below, and on the left side. The limo was not that far down the hill. It was a little beyond the obelisk, about where it was in the Croft photo. So, Croft and Altgens snapped their cameras at about the same time. And JFK is not shot in the Crofts photo. Don't you think if JFK were shot that Jackie would be looking the other way? 

Look at the aerial view.

The AA woman refers to the African American woman in a white blouse and black skirt in Croft. So, adjacent to that is about where the limo was in Altgens. And Kennedy was not shot at that point. In the Zapruder film, Kennedy gets shot while he is behind the Stemmons freeway sign, which is circled. In the Z-film, they converted that perpendicular sign into a flat screen to get more coverage from it, but that is where about Kennedy got shot. So, if you draw a line from Zapruder thru the sign to the road, that is where the limo was. 
So, it's the last and shortest line; that spot on the road. I put an L there and circled it. That's when JFK was first hit, and it conforms with the official story.  

But, in the Altgens photo, the limo was not that far down the hill. You can see the DalTex building behind it, and it's not that far away. It's not that far beyond the obelisk. 

To hide that this was higher on the hill, they cropped it severely, and they also installed a Charles Brehm figure on the right. You see that curve in the road, and there was essentially a curve at the top and a curve at the bottom and a straight stretch in-between. That's the top curve, and Brehm was nowhere near the top curve. He was on the straight section. But, they put him there, so that you would think that it's lower down the hill than it was.
Here is Z202, and JFK may have been hit here, and, if not, close to here. He is about to disappear behind the sign. His hand is covering his face, which is a weird behavior. So, they may have done that because he showed an expression of fear and alarm that they didn't want us to see. 
That could be off by a frame or two, but regardless, by the time he emerges on the other side of the sign, he has been shot twice: in the back and in the throat.

He reaches Brehm at Z285.

That's about 4 and a half seconds, but remember that once Kennedy got hit, the slow-moving limo slowed even more and eventually, it either stopped or nearly stopped. In another second, he will receive the fatal head shot. 

But, he couldn't have been shot much before that because if so, it would prolong the time too much between the first hit and the last one. There isn't enough footage to cover a longer gap than that. 
So, there is no way the gap was bigger. 

I did the marking on this photo, but it conforms with a widely circulated plat beneath it.

It's right about in the center where it says "JFK back shot", look how low that is on the hill. It's quite a ways down. It's well below where the Croft photo was taken. It's about where the Willis photo was taken.

So, that's about where the head shot took place. Then, there was a throat shot. Then there was Kennedy's reaction to the throat shot. That all came after this. Can't you see that this is already past the spot of the Altgens photo?

Can't you see that the limo in the Altgens photo is higher on the hill than it was in the Willis photo, that Altgens came before Willis?

And yet, Z255 came after the Willis photo. So, how can the Altgens photo be a match to Z255? The claim of that is based entirely on what we see in the Altgens photo which "kinda/sorta" matches what we see in Z255:

But, it is laughable. The view in Altgens is fake. It's comical and ridiculous. Jackie looks like she is handling the long wand of a vacuum cleaner. It's very bad art is what it is. And they did it because they were claiming that the Secret Service agents were looking back and to the right at the TSBD for the source of the shots, so they wanted JFK to be shot. The whole propaganda purpose of the Altgens photo was to show that that the shots came from the TSBD. That's the reason they kept the photo even though Oswald was in it. They arrogantly thought they could turn him into Lovelady, figuring that the dumb rubes would believe anything. 

I'm not saying that there were no shots before Altgens. There was definitely one, and there may have been more than one. I don't claim to know how many missed shots there were. But, JFK wasn't hit at the time of the Altgens photo; that they faked.  

I'll finish by giving you this link to Walter Cronkite presenting the Altgens photo on national television, 6:30 PM Friday evening. He refers to the Secret Service agents looking back towards where the shot came from, and then he gives a jumbled description of what is seen of the President and First Lady in the limo. You can be sure he didn't come up with it himself. He was told what to say. They had him spew their talking points. Start at 1:48 and watch for 30 seconds.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

This is Walter Cronkite showing the Altgens photo on national television at 6:30 Eastern on 11/22/63. Right away, he points to the Secret Service agents who are looking where the shots came from.

Obviously, he was given text to recite, but he bobbled it. He said the hands of President Kennedy are clutching Mrs. Kennedy. They weren't. And why is one hand so mammoth compared to the other? And she looks like she is holding the long wand of a vacuum cleaner. The whole thing looks nothing like what we see in Z255.  And look at Kellerman on the left. If at that point, a bullet came through the windshield and hit the President causing him and Jackie to react, and don't assume there was no vocalizing, how could he just be sitting there like a lump on a log like everything was fine? Even if he was in on it, wouldn't he go through the motions of trying to help? How could he be unaware of it if he's in the car with them? Why the disconnect between him and them? I'm telling you that this was not happening at that moment. It happened after this.  

If you bring your fist to your throat, the only thing that can go out is your elbow. 

The same went for JFK at Z255. His fist went up, and his elbow went out. So, her left hand is grabbing his forearm, and her right hand is holding his upper arm. 

But, in the Altgens photo, it's very different. He has his fist up, but his whole arm is going across in a straight line. It's like a log going across the screen, and it can't be his. How can that be his arm that Jackie's gloved hands are on when they are too far away from him?   

So, this has to be fake. It's that simple. JFK was not yet shot when Altgens snapped his photo. 
Consider how stupid it was to have a shot from the front if Oswald was supposed to be the lone gunman. How were they going to explain that?  Why shoot from the front at all? How did they intend to attribute a shot from the front to someone behind? And remember that the Single Bullet Theory was a creation of Arlen Spectre months later: April 1964. It didn't exist on 11/22/63, and there's no reason to think anybody conjured it up beforehand. 

The lone gunman scenario could not include a shot from the front. Period.  So, why did they shoot him from the front? And since they were also shooting him from the rear, how did they expect to attribute all that shooting to one gunman? 
It seems likely that the plan to kill JFK arose within the anti-Castro/Bay of Pigs covert CIA operation: William Harvey, David Atlee Phillips, David Sanchez Morales. They went to Dulles, and Dulles went to Johnson. I don't think it started with Johnson, but he was glad to come aboard. But, in the beginning, they may have been thinking of it as a false flag operation to blame on Castro so that they could invade Cuba. So, if the ultimate blame was going to be on Castro, it didn't have to be a lone gunman. 

But, I think what happened is that as it got closer and closer, Johnson rose higher and higher in authority. And he is the one who decided to forget about framing Castro. All LBJ cared about was getting rid of JFK. 

I think they hoped that the very first shot from the Dal-Tex building would do the job. Their forward shooters were a fail-safe.  They wren't going to let JFK get out of Dealey Plaza alive, and if they had to shoot him from the front to kill him, they would. Then afterwards, they could just say there was a shooter on the triple overpass, and he got clean away like a fart in a high wind. 

But, Johnson and his men took over the script, and even though there was a shot from the front, they wanted it to be a lone gunman. But, they weren't in contact with the crack team of photo alterers who were doing their thing. Hence, there is a hole in the windshield of the limo which you can see in the Altgens photo.

The illogic rests with having forward shooters in a lone-gunman-from-the-rear scenario, but neither I, nor anyone else, can explain that. But regardless, I say the Altgens photo came before the hit.
So, I'll assume McAdams is right that Croft was taken at Z161, and JFK was not yet shot. He goes on to say that Betzner3 was taken at Z186, which would have been 1.37 seconds after Croft. Of course, if frames were removed from the Z film, as many believe, including myself, then it was longer than that. 

So, was JFK shot here. WE are not seeing anything behaviorally in anybody to indicate it. That is Zapruder's pedestal in the upper right, and you are seeing a sliver of Zapruder. My proprioception is saying that the sign wasn't blocking capture, but it's just a guess. 

I think it's very clear that in Z161, JFK was not shot. He looks relaxed. 

And then we get to Willis, which McAdams says corresponds to Z202. JFK looks weird dark compared to everyone else. 

He looks charcoalized. Everyone else looks infused in light.  

Here is Z202, and it's suspicious. It looks like Kennedy has his hand covering his face. But, did he cover it, or did they cover it?

So, that looks suspicious of cover-up to me. But, you know, it does correspond pretty well to Willis because Jacky is completely turned and looking at him now. Check. Is she aware that something is wrong? And in both photos, JFK seems to have his head slightly turned to the right. Check. The hand looks weird though. It's too big, and why would he do that? So, is it covering up a reaction, a facial expression of distress? 

Then, after that, we are completely dependent on Zapruder. 

She is still looking at him. He looks like he is coughing or hacking. 
His hands have moved up higher in 226. Her position is the same. 
And in 228, Gil Jesus tells us that JFK has his hand to his mouth coughing trying to dislodge the bullet from his throat, and he is pulling on his tie with his left hand, presumably to loosen it so he can breathe better. 

So, the sign was involved at the time JFK got hit, but the representation of it in the Z film is false. It didn't provide the kind of coverage that we see in the Z film. They turned it into a screen. 

JFK had to feel it when that missile slammed into his back. Do an experiment right now. Place your right hand over your left shoulder. Now take your middle finger and slam it into your back hard. You felt it, right? But you didn't go through the clothing, and you didn't tunnel 2 inches into your back. You felt it without doing any damage at all to yourself or your clothing. So imagine what you would feel with the other. 

So, let's assume that JFK was first hit in the back at Z202. And then shortly after that, behind the sign, he was hit in the throat from the front. The final shot, the fatal head shot, was at Z313. Subtracting, that comes to 111 frames. Dividing by 18, it comes to 6.167 seconds from first hit to last hit. However, it was even longer than that because we know that frames were removed to hide the slowing and near-stopping of the limo.   

Some great images here of the Croft area by Robin Unger. But, the first one, from the Zapruder film, he shows flipped.

The top one from the Z film is flipped. It should be like this.

That is directly from the Zapruder film. So, Robin had it flipped.

So, they were standing in front of that wall, the white wall. 
This next one of Robin's is an overlay.

So, that is Robin's work; not mine. And that's how far the guy on the end in Croft was from the obelisk. 

This last one of Robin's shows the area from behind, from the north instead of the south. So, if the ladies were there, we'd be looking at their backs. 

And I think that it confirms that what I have designated in this aerial view is approximately correct. 

Here is something that John McAdams may be right about, and at first glance, he seems to be right. He says that the Croft photo corresponds to Z161.
Notice in Croft that JFK is not waving at that moment, and Jackie has her head turned severely to her left.

Here's Z161.
You can see that JFK is not waving and Jackie has her head turned all the way to her left. So, that matches very well, and he definitely doesn't look shot there. He looks relaxed. 

I found this article about Croft which includes statements by him. He said his picture is from before JFK got hit.

So, I think we should assume: no hit at Croft. 

The reason we can be absolutely certain that the imagery of JFK and Jackie isn't real in the Altgens photo is that when when a person brings his fist to his throat, he takes his forearm with him. So, the only thing he could extend outward to the person next to him is his elbow. 

And that is what we see in the Z film. So, that is his flexed elbow jutting out, not his straight forearm. But, in the Altgens photo, it's his straight forearm. The black curved line below represents the curve of his shoulder and arm going down, and it has no connection with that long arm going across like a log. And I say like a log because it's so uniform and doesn't have any of the contour of a normal arm. This is really bad.  

This is the Betzner3 photo. Notice the other freeway sign, RL Thornton. 

And here is Willis, and there is no other sign. There is no street light. And there is a tree in front of the pedestal. Is all that due to parallax? I wish I could find another image of that Thornton sign. So far, I haven't. 

And they're taken about simultaneously, less than a second apart, weren't they? McAdams says so. .8 sec.  Look how identical the SS agents are. The vehicles are in the same locations. The angles are about the same. So, how come the spectators match so poorly? 

Is that all just due to parallax? I don't know.  But, I am suspicious of the obstruction of that guy in Betzner. I'm not buying the behavior of it.  I think Betzner would have stepped around and gotten that guy out of his way. Have you ever in your life shot a picture like that? Because I haven't, and I wouldn't. I would step around the guy. Who wants a picture like this?

But, there is no obstruction in Willis.

McAdams says that this is the last image of JFK before he emerges from behind the sign at Z225. So, I presume that he thinks it correlates with what we don't see of Kennedy in the Z film because of the sign.  So, doesn't that mean that Kennedy gets shot here? If he gets shot behind the sign, and this corresponds to behind the sign to Zapruder, then again, doesn't it mean that Kennedy got shot here?

Where the sign would intrude on Zapruder's field of view depended on where he was pointing his camera, and he was constantly changing his angle of view, trying to stay on the limo.  Here's how it looks to me.

So, the sign is circled. When pointing the camera at the top of the hill, the sign should not have obstructed anything. And it would have taken quite a while before the limo got behind it from Zapruder's perspective. And because it was perpendicular to the road, it was not angled properly to where its whole surface could block his view. What we see in the Zapruder film is absolutely impossible because the angle of the sign is all wrong.    

And since the sign was not positioned to block Zapruder's view of the top of the hill, since any blocking had to wait until the limo came down the hill a ways. Kennedy should not disappear behind the sign until the sign is between him and Zapruder. Let's count the frames. 

So, that's Z 130, and the limo hasn't even made the horseshoe turn onto Elm yet. 

There's Z207 in which he is disappearing behind the sign. That's 77 frames. 77 divided by 18 is 4.2 seconds. So, do you think it went from this:

to this:

in about 4 seconds? And remember how slow it was going and how arduous that turn was. To my eyes, judging by where Zapruder, the sign,and Kennedy are, it does look like the sign could be obstructing the camera's view of Kennedy above, although not to the extent that it occurs in the Z film. But, I don't see any indication of him being shot there. I don't see any signs of anyone having an awareness of anything wrong. The SS agents look completely relaxed. There are no spectators reacting. Kennedy seems to have his head turned to the right, taking in the spectators. As soon as he got shot, he had to forget about them. so, if this is a legitimate image, it doesn't appear that he's been shot. McAdams says the above photo: "Phillip Willis took this photograph at Z-202." Oh really? Well, look where they are. they are way past the TSBD, aren't they? So, if that's 202, how could this be 255?

You can't tell me that that Willis slide came before the Altgens photo. 

McAdams claims that Betzner3 corresponds to Z186.

Again, that's 186, but this is 255?

 Kennedy does not appear to be shot in Willis, but why does JFK look so dark? Everyone else seems infused with light except him. 

 His image looks weirdly dark and crude, like he's a mass of shadow, and he alone looks that way.