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That is Harold Wolfe extracting Oswald from the ambulance at Parkland Hospital, and behind him at the head of the stretcher is the ambulance driver Michael Hardin. I don't know who the other man is across from Wolfe, but I'll guess and say an FBI agent. 

But, the problem is that we don't see Wolfe after this. Somehow, he disappears. In the iconic photos, we don't see him. And afterwards, when Hardin is leaving, we don't see him. 

Where could Wolfe have been? It's not as though he came in his own car and could have left. He came with Hardin in the ambulance. So, why wouldn't he be here with him? 

I maintain that they did a reenactment of this for which they couldn't get Wolfe. Was he unwilling because he knew it was fraud? Well, let's put it this way: he died by suicide. You buying it? 

But, since Wolfe is in this frame, let's see what Oswald looks like. Because I figure that if Wolfe was there, it was no reenactment. 

Well, there is Oswald, and he does look pale, and he does look like he's dead, and Oswald was dead on arrival. He was as dead as Kennedy was. Both, had a little vital activity left going on, but they were dead. Hey, a chicken that runs around with its head cut off is still dead. 

 Wow. He does look bad, and he does look dead. And it's a good shot of his nostrils. 

 That looks about right for Oswald's nostrils, which were flared.

From there, it goes to shots in which I believe they did things to obscure his face. But still, YIKES! he looks bad. Ugly bad. 

I knew that at this point in time, he would look bad because of what his doctor's said, that he was completely exsanguinated. 

So now, let's look at the iconic photo they wanted to show the world. 
That guy looks like he is pretending to be asleep.
Notice that that guy is making a fist with his hand, which Oswald couldn't do. Let's compare nostrils.The guy above had very symmetrical, even, balanced, nostrils, while Oswald's below had a more asymmetrical and complex shape. 
Let's go back to the ambulance to see what position Oswald's right arm was in.

So, his arm was on  he stretcher, bent 90 degrees, it was supinated; and his hand was superior to his head in that reclined axis. So, how did his hand get raised?
 You couldn't push on somebody's arm to move the stretcher because it would just push his arm down. Remember: Oswald is out of it; he can't do anything. So, are we supposed to believe that Hardin moved Oswald's arm into that position in order to push on it? That's ridiculous. Nobody would do that. And let me tell you, as a doctor, that that is way too much fist for Oswald to be making. It's one thing for the fingers to curl a little bit spontaneously, but that tight a fist? That's deliberate. That's something that he's doing with his muscles. But, I keep telling you that Oswald was dead, and he couldn't do anything with his muscles. And I mean not a damn thing. This is definitely a staged photo, and apparently, they couldn't get Wolfe to participate in it. And then he committed suicide.  
My friend, the non-mainstream and very excellent investigative reporter Pat Shannon, sent me this video of someone critiquing the work of Ed Chiarini. Ed is whacked. He thinks the JFK assassination was a hoax and that JFK came back as Jimmy Carter. And guess what? Rossilyn Carter is really Jackie. Who knew? 

But, the truth is that in some of his analysis, Ed has got both feet on the ground. And here, he points to the contradiction of a ceiling mic in the Beers photo which is not seen in any of the films. 

So, on the left, it's from a film, and on the right, it's the famous Beers photo, one of the three iconic still photos from the shooting, the other two being Jackson and Johnston. 

Before I go any further, It wasn't Jack Ruby. It was FBI Agent James Bookhout masquerading as Jack Ruby. Ruby had showed up much earlier than reported, and he was swifted up to the 5th floor, and that is where he was during the garage spectacle. No real shooting took place. Oswald was shot later.

Note that it makes no sense for a microphone to be there. They announced beforehand that reporters were forbidden to ask questions. Ike Pappas asked one anyway. He's the one holding that hand mic that you see. And the question he asked was ridiculous. He asked Oswald, "Do you have anything to say in your defense?" It wasn't a press conference. Oswald was being led to a car to be driven away. If Pappas asked anything at all, it should have been a yes or no question. But, to ask that very open-ended and mile-wide question in that situation was just plain ridiculous.  

They obviously didn't have a microphone hanging from their ceiling as a matter of course, and the DPD never claimed to hang one as part of the security/protection detail.  

Chiarini argued that the presence of the microphone in the stills proves that there were multiple takes  (with and without the mic) while his critic says that the microphone was just added to the picture afterwards, which would have been easy to do. 

I say they are both right, that the mic was probably added afterwards, but there were definitely multiple takes. It's easiest for me to demonstrate it with the Jackson photo.

This is obviously a staged photo and could not have taken place during the shooting. Supposedly, it was taken a fraction of a second after the shot was fired. But, supposedly it was enough time for Oswald to slap his left arm to his chest. But, if he had time to do that, then everyone else in the picture had time to react to the shot. And I mean react viscerally- to the sound of the blast, the shock of it, and everything else. If you look on the left, Detective Lowery is still clasping his hands in front, and the expression on his face is in no way consistent with a gunshot blast happening. You know, a person hears a gunshot in a situation like that, and instintively, they will have the thought that they are going to be shot next. So, Lowery's behavior not only defies the behavior of a policeman, but it defies the human instinct for self-preservation. But really, none of them is acting appropriately. Tom Petit was a reporter, but why  wasn't he startled by the blast? Blackie Henderson on the right, is supposedly reaching in to wrest the gun away, but he doesn't stop puffing on his cigar. Who says a man can't do two things at once? And that is ridiculous anyway because he'd have to have arms like a gorilla to reach anywhere near that gun. The police inspector in back, in the white hat, isn't even looking at the action. He appears to be looking through it at the guy with the camera. Not one person in the photo is showing the least sign of a visceral, automatic and autonomic startle reaction.  But, the gun has already gone off. Boom! 

And there is no way this was taken during the spectacle. In the spectacle, "Ruby" shot Oswald from the side. He wasn't in front of him. He pivoted in front of him afterwards, but it took longer than a fraction of a second. This is the moment of impact:

Now, keep in mind that LC Graves does not begin to react until after the shot. So, we are supposed to believe that "Ruby" passed right in front of him, and either did or practically did brush against him, but Graves was completely unaware of him until after the shot. I tell you: anyone who believes that is brain-dead.  

Now, this is after the shot, and Oswald reacts by pitching forward. It's from the NBC footage. 

So, Ruby fires, and Oswald crunches forward. You're seeing that with your own eyes there. So, how could he also be slapping his left arm to his chest, as seen in the Jackson photo? 

There was a movement there by the shooter to swing around to get his back to the camera. Then we get a glimpse of Oswald again.

Still no movement by Leavelle or Graves, and no reason to think Oswald is engaged in any chest slapping. 

Then, Oswald rises up on his toes, and we can see his heels off the ground in the KRLD film. 

And then, he goes straight down like a freight elevator at the TSBD. And fast too. It's like a vacuum. Swish! And he's gone. Then, Leavelle makes a move to grab "Ruby" but "Ruby" wasn't resisting or running away. On the contrary, he dives into the waiting swarm of police. 

But, how does it leave room for this?

It doesn't. That never happened during the televised spectacle. It's a staged photo, and I believe it was taken beforehand. We have evidence that the garage was cleared at 9:45. Dr. Frank Bieberdorf said that he and everyone was ordered to vacate the area. And then, just minutes before the shooting, you see the reporters and cameramen filing in. So, they weren't waiting around there. They were made to wait in the press room on the 3rd floor. I believe that the Jackson photo was taken during that period as a staged photo. And it had to be taken then. It could not have been taken afterwards, and it was published that evening. So, it had to have been taken before. 

The Beers photo was supposedly taken before the shot, but why is nobody but nobody showing any awareness of Ruby? It's like he's invisible. 

You notice Leavelle's shriveled left forearm. That is freaky, and it isn't real.  They decided on the "hand in the pants" element later, so that was added. It's just art. You notice the shooter's very light colored sock in contrast to Ruby's black socks. 

And that's why they had to come up with the whole "1 set underwear" ruse. Yes, they actually expect us to believe that they changed Ruby's underwear, put him in regulation underwear. Even though this was a City jail that only held prisoners until they were arraigned, after which they were either released because the charges were dropped, or on bail,  or on their recognizance, OR if they were remanded, they were sent to the County Jail. So no matter what the outcome of the arraignment, they were soon gone, as Ruby indeed was the very next day. And  yet, they actually expect us to believe that they replaced every stitch of clothing on Ruby's body down to his socks and underwear. My friends: it is the evil Leviathan State forcing something down your throat. Again: you would have to be brain-dead to believe it. 

Now, look at the Shooter in Beers. He is practically kneeling with his left knee on the ground.
Look at the stretch he has going there. Look how low he is to the ground because of it. He's not that way in the Jackson photo. 
That's supposed to be  .6 second later. So, how could he go from this:
to this, in .6 second?
He couldn't move that fast and that much in a fraction of a second.

In the film, the shooter does seem to be stretching.

Let's look at Beers again.
Notice that you don't see the shriveled left arm of Leavelle in the film frame.  You see Oswald's clasped hand, and therefore you should see Leavelle's shriveled left arm coming over to it because  the only distance separating Oswald's right and Leavelle's left is the very short chain of a pair of regulation handcuffs. 
But you do see it in Beers.
And look at Blackie Henderson on the far right holding his little cigar in his left hand. How, in a fraction of a  second, could he go from that to this:

It's just ridiculous. I'm not sure about the Beers photo, but I absolutely know for certain that the Jackson photo was not taken during the televised spectacle. It was taken beforehand. The garage was cleared, and for two reasons: One to capture Jack Ruby and scurry him up to the  5th floor until it was time to weave him into the story. And two: to take that Jackson photo. 
This is a very interesting communication from my old friend whom I all The Wizard. It's about Sassa, the Japanese journalist who just happened to be right next to "Jack Ruby" in the garage (who was really James Bookhout). 
So, that's Sassa and above him is Blackie Henderson, and emerging from in-between them a few seconds later would be James Bookhout masquerading as Jack Ruby. 

Dear Ralph,

I noted that Atsuyuki Sassa died last year at 87. This was the Japanese "reporter" who was arguably the closest witness to the Oswald shooting and who later became Japan’s Cabinet Security Chief. It transpires that he joined the forerunner to the National Police Agency in 1954, so we can take it for granted that his position as a reporter was a cover, despite briefly interviewing Henry Wade. He was also filmed a few feet from Ruby in and leaving the DPD basement assembly room on the Friday night. 

I am still not sure exactly what was going on with regard to Ruby on the Friday night, other than the fact that it was unwholesome.

An interesting detail: Sassa's father, Hiroo Sassa, was an outspoken Marxist anti-fascist academic who warned about the threat of corporate fascism in Japan in the early 1930s. After WWII the Americans did the Japanese equivalent of de-nazification, and the Sassa family anti-Imperialist stance might have been important in the son's selection for the Japanese security services. The US occupation lasted for ten years. Of course, by that time the CIA had Communists to worry about.

RC: Regarding Jack Ruby at the Friday Night Press Conference, Ruby was definitely there because he admitted going there to deliver sandwiches to the detectives. And when Sims turned him down about that, he decided to give them to the tv crew who was covering the event. But, did Ruby ever actually attend the Midnight Press Conference? Listen to Ruby's "last confession." At 2:50, he says that he had never known Oswald or seen him before. 

Why would he say that if he had seen him at the Midnight Press Conference? How could he forget about such a thing? He couldn't. He wouldn't. He didn't. 

The Wizard has already shown us that this image of Ruby is fake, that it was pieced in. 

Then there is  this one, but look who is there, just one person away from Ruby: Sassa.

So, is that guy Ruby?

Well, for sure, he's got a lot more hair than Ruby, but then again, practically all of Ruby's images are doctored to give him more hair. 

Well, I can't say I see any dealbreakers there, but isn't it weird how mask-like Ruby's face is on the left? Look at the sharp instant transition from white pasty face to dark neck. And it's not really following his jawline either because the jawline goes up to the ear. So, I just don't know about that photo. 

Ruby was definitely at the PD late Friday night. That is beyond dispute. But, did he really lay eyes on Oswald? The fact that he denied it weighs heavily on me because I don't think Jack Ruby lied about anything. I don't think he was capable of lying. 

MY STRETCH OF TEXAS GROUND reached the finals of two more film festivals, in each case, one of only 4 films to do so. The first is the Hollywood Verge Awards from Los Angeles, and the other is the Eurasia International Film Festival out of Moscow, Russia. The laurels for these have been added to our website.

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The Medusa File
Secret  Crimes and Cover-ups of the U.S. Government

by Craig Roberts

reviewed by Ralph Cinque

Published in 1997, this book was written by a man who seems to have lived several lives, where the diverse experiences and skill-sets that he has acquired in his life- including writing skills- seem impossible to have fit into just one lifetime. I simply don't know how he did it, how he found the time to live it all. But, his book The Medusa File is a masterpiece of expose' journalism, and it will shake you up.   

It starts by looking at the post-World War II era, and some pretty horrific things that were done and which affected the course of history, not just for the rest of the 20th century, but beyond. 

First, let me point out that World War II is often referred to as "the good war" and that is horseshit. BOTH SIDES IN WORLD WAR II TARGETED CIVILIANS. Do you understand that? And it actually started with the Allies. Hitler initiated his terror bombings of London during the war in response to the Allied terror bombings in Germany. That is a fact.  The firebombing of Dresden was one of the most monstrous acts of terror ever committed, even though the monstrousness of it has never been acknowledged by the UK and US who did it. But then again, we have never owned up to our monstrous evil of nuking two civilian population centers in Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I am pointing this out before I get into Craig's book to let you know that I am bitter as Hell about World War II- just as bitter as I am about everything else. 

Operation Paper Clip. We've all heard of it. Nazi scientists, and others whose talents we desired, were summarily declared to be innocent of any war crimes (against Jews or anyone else).  I always thought it was just a few hundred, but I learned from Craig that it was 1800. 1800 Nazis given a fresh lease on life!

Among the most famous was Walter Dornberger, who was Michael Paine's boss at Bell Helicopter. That's THE Michael Paine, who, out of the goodness of his heart, supported Oswald's pregnant wife and daughter, and probably paid her medical expenses when she gave birth.  Remember: Ruth Paine didn't work. Michael paid his estranged wife's bills. And, he claimed to have handled Oswald's rifle that was (supposedly) wrapped in a blanket in Ruth's garage. Now keep in mind that Oswald denied ever ordering or owning a rifle, and John Armstrong, Gil Jesus, and others have made strong cases for why he wasn't lying. But, Michael Paine said he moved said rifle twice when he was straightening up his soon to be ex-wife's garage. He said the first time, he thought it was "tent poles for camping." Yeah, he figured the Oswalds were into camping.  The second time, he thought it was a "military shovel" like he remembered from the Army. Funny, isn't it, that with all that Army experience, it never occurred to him that it was a rifle.  And how could he speculate so much about what was inside the blanket without peaking inside? Michael Paine was DIRTY, and his boss was former Nazi, Walter Dornberger. 

Craig pointed out that there is no doubt that Dornberger was fully aware that slave labor from the concentration camps manned his various projects during the war. 

Then, there was Reinhard Gehlen, head of Intelligence of the Third Reich. He went on to become reborn as the head of West German intelligence. And he spent a lot of time in the United States receiving awards and commendations and living it up. He was  an expert on the Soviet Union, and Craig made the very interesting point that Gehlin had a big influence on fostering and breeding and fomenting the whole Cold War mentality against the Soviet Union that followed WW2, and he did it out of his own self-interest. After all, that's what he was selling. And, the more dangerous and threatening the Soviets were, the more valuable and indispensable his services were. 

Then, the other big name is Wehner von Bruan, the rocket scientist, who certainly was given a glorious life here, full of fame, recognition, money, and hobnobbing with celebrities. He was the original Rocket Man.   

But, what really shook me up from reading Craig's book is that hundreds of these salvaged and recycled Nazis were experts on chemical weapons. We brought them over by the hundreds; so many that we created a playground for them to work: Edgewood Arsenals in Maryland where human guinea pigs were subjected to chemical weapons exposure in order to determine their toxicity and lethalness and to test various protective measures and antidotes. 

We didn't beat the Nazis; we became the Nazis. 

Another thing that was done was to exploit the "Atomic veterans" who were subjected to nuclear radiation to test the effects and outcomes. I can share an outcome. My Uncle John was an Atomic veteran. It sterilized him. That's why he and my Aunt Alda had to adopt their three children. And he died a horrible death: cancer, heart disease; severe Alzheimer's disease, plus he couldn't get out of bed. My cousins had to hire big strong male caretakers who could pick him to put him in the tub to wash him. 

I didn't know this until I read Craig's book, but Sarin gas was invented by the Nazis.  And it was one of the chemical weapons that we feared Saddam Hussein had, which George W. Bush used to justify crossing the ocean to attack that beaten down 3rd world country. Well, Saddam didn't have any Sarin, but if he ever did have it, it's almost certain that he got it from us.

Another group of Nazi good guys we brought over were the mind control experts. I have mentioned many times that I believe Jack Ruby was drugged with scopolamine to make him zombie-like so that he could be easily coaxed into going down the police basement with very little prodding. Scopolamine is a South American drug  but it was researched and developed for use by the Nazis, and Allen Dulles' CIA learned about it from them.       

Speaking of chemical weapons, Craig has a chapter on the use of them in Vietnam, particularly Agent Orange. At the time, the U.S. government actually said that it was harmless to humans and would quickly break down in the environment.  Today, we know that the dioxin in Agent Orange is one of the most toxic substances known to Man, and it is also one of the most enduring toxins. This article is from 2014, but it shows pictures of babies and young children in Vietnam born with horrific birth defects from dioxin exposure, and that 's in the 21st century. 

The Medusa File is a book about US government crimes and lies. The crimes include our evil campaigns against democratically elected leaders, such as Mossadegh in Iran, and Arbenz in Guatamala. Allende in Chile, (whom we replaced with our killer and torturer, Pinochet) the killing of Patrice Lumumba, the first legally elected leader of the Congo, whom Allen Dulles ordered killed  as "an urgent and prime objective " and "authorized by President Eisenhower." 

Then, Craig covers the lies about the plane crashes: Pan Am 103, Arrow Air 950JW, and TWA 800. I have never believed that Libya was responsible for Pan Am 103, and even less so since reading Craig's chapter about it.  

The First World Trade Center attack was no more what we were told it was than was Oklahoma City. 

This book, The Medusa File, may be the most concise compendium of U.S. government malfeasance that has ever been written - covering the period that it covers.  Of course, there has been a lot of U.S. government malfeasance since then, including 9/11 and the genocidal wars that followed 9/11- in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and elsewhere. Craig has got plenty to work with if he is ever inspired to tackle The Medusa File III, that is, if he can squeeze it into what has already been an amazing lifespan. Here's the link to the book: 

Oh God No! The Taliban is saying that they killed  7 Americans. 
PARWAN, Aug. 24 – At least 7 U.S invaders have been killed and 5 more wounded in a martyr attack, latest in a series of martyrdom operations in Parwan province of northern Afghanistan.
Report coming of the area state Mohammad Muhsin hailing from Parwan province carried out a tremendous car bomb attack on the patrolling convoy of the U.S invaders in Bagram district of northern Parwan province last night in which 7 American invaders were killed and 4 more were wounded.

The explosion was powerful enough to blow 2 of the U.S tanks to bits. The parts of the corpses of the U.S aggressors lay strewed across the area.

For decades, people have been saying that Sirhan Sirhan was hypo-programmed and drugged, and I don't doubt that he was. But, in terms of how he looked, I think Jack Ruby looked worse, meaning, more dazed, more zombified, more out of it.  
Look how spaced-out Ruby looks on the right. That is a very weird expression for him to be having after killing a man and completely destroying his own life.  Do you realize that we have no oral statements from Ruby on 11/24? Cops said he said was talking up a storm, talking trash about Oswald, but we never hear him speak a word. Compare that to Oswald who was a chatterbox in the hallways. Ruby was inebriated. There was a local Dallas news report that said he was muttering incoherently after his arrest, but it never got repeated.  
I found this image of Ghislaine Maxwell which was taken at an Oscars after-party in 2014 that was sponsored by Vanity Fair. 

What I am reading is that the L.A. pictures were staged by her attorney, Leah Saffian. But, that doesn't mean it isn't her. It just means that they are trying to give us false information about her.  But, in that case, we need to speculate on why there was a desire on her part, and her attorney, for her to surface in L.A. The only reason I can think of is because she's not in L.A. any more and is probably very far from L.A. She's probably out of the country.  

You see the open book she is reading. The Post reported the title of the book, but how could they know it? Someone must have told them, and probably Leah Saffian. Was Saffian the one who took the pictures? The book is: The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives. On the very day the pictures surfaced, a review of the book went up on Amazon by one "G. Maxwell." But, look at that thick wad of unread book. That's got to be at least 200 pages. So, who submits a book review BEFORE they finish the book? Plus, if you look at the review, you can see that "G. Maxwell" read the Kindle edition, not the hard cover edition. 

So, below the 5 stars, it says the date, August 15, 2019, and then below that, it says Format: Kindle Edition. So, that has to be another G. Maxwell, right? But then, what are we talking about? An extraordinary coincidence that on the same day she was spotted reading the book at a burger joint in L.A., someone  with the same first initial and last name just happened, by coincidence, to submit a review of the same book on Amazon? What are the mathematical odds of that?

It's been pointed out that there is nothing in the photo to establish the date. It's not like she's holding a newspaper with a date on it. 

What if it was staged right before she left L.A.? Or even weeks or months before? And what do you think the chances are that this woman possesses other ID with which to travel? I rate the chance of that at 100%. So, what if it was done just to start a woman-hunt for her in L.A. even though she is far gone and perhaps long gone? And look at her hair.

Do you notice that that looks like it could very easily be a wig? Here she is, below, in 1991. She had thin hair, but look at that nice sheen it had. That's because sebaceous glands oil the hair. 

Now, that is real hair, and her hair was thin. And remember who you are reading here: Dr. Cinque. And this is me telling you that human hair does not get thicker with age, and we are talking about the passage of nearly 30 years of aging. 

So, since that appears to be a mop on her head, and notice how dry it looks (like straw) imagine how different she must look without it? Hair frames your whole face. It very strongly affects your appearance. Look how they changed Oswald's look by transferring the hairline of Young Billy Lovelady to him in the Altgens photo.

So, on the left is how Oswald must have looked in the Altgens photo before they tampered with it, and on the right is what they gave us. 

So, were those pictures of her in L.A. released after she was safely ensconced in a hideout far, far away? And remember, she probably has the kind of resources to disappear permanently. And even if she didn't, she's got the kind of friends who could easily afford to keep her in burgers for the rest of her life. So, is she now completely gone? Vanished? 

Friday, August 23, 2019

Ghislaine Maxwell. Why isn't she being brought in, if only as a "person of interest"? Right now, the mainstream media is prepping the public to not expect charges filed against her. I'm reading various articles, and they all say the same thing: that it takes time, that prosecutors won't do it unless they are certain of a conviction, etc. etc.  There are multiple witnesses claiming that she was involved in recruiting and coercing underage girls. So, when I read about how it takes time to build a case... 

"Nonetheless, prosecutors would need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Maxwell knew that force, threats of force, fraud or coercion would be used to cause victims to engage in a commercial sex act. The bottom line is that prosecutors would need to prove that Maxwell knew Epstein abused the girls and that he used force, threats of force, fraud, or coercion to do so."  Renato Mariotti, attorney

No, no, no. That isn't correct. The biggest issue is the girls' ages. If they were underage, if they were minors, then it's automatically force and coercion- regardless of anything else. 

So, how could this Yale Law School graduate and former federal prosecutor and current candidate for the office of Illinois Attorney General not know that? Why is he making excuses for why this woman isn't being brought in? 

Then, she was reportedly spotted at an In N Out burger joint in LA. but then they said it was staged by her attorney. 
But, even if it was staged by her attorney, if it's her, it's her. 
It's very hard for me to believe that she was photoshopped into that picture. Posing like that? How would  you piece her in? How likely is it that she would fit there? No, no, no,  whoever that woman is, she was there. So, is it Ghislaine? 
To my eyes, that's her. So, whether it was staged or not, who cares? It's her. So, the claim of it being a hoax that it's her is a hoax, as far as I'm concerned. 

She is the daughter of Robert Maxwell, the media mogul, who had very close ties to Israel, and was a big supporter of Israel, even to the point of procuring weapons for Israel. And after his mysterious death in 1991, he received practically a State funeral in Israel and was buried on the Mount of Olives, alongside past prime ministers. And I am not saying that with malice. I have close Jewish friends; my brother-in-law is Jewish; and I am not an anti-Semite.    

But, the question is: why would this woman get involved procuring underage girls for Epstein? They were reported to be in a romantic relationship with each other. Don't you agree that most women would be totally averse to doing that, and I mean to where it is anathema to their DNA to do it? So, was she dependent on him financially? Well, I can't believe, that being who she is, that she did it out of financial desperation. Not going to go there. 

And speaking of finances, what about his? He was teaching Math at a  private school; he didn't even have a college degree. He takes a low-level job at Bear Stearns and becomes a trading wizard?  

I don't care how good a wizard he was; he was living in New York City; he had to pay federal, state, and city income tax. The idea that he could have accumulated a billion dollars that fast is ridiculous. And remember that at the same time, he was adopting a very, pricey lifestyle with private planes, private islands and jetsetting all over the world. That's all consumption, and consumption doesn't make you richer. 

And then he becomes a "hedge fund manager" but only with one client, who goes on to accuse of him of theft and embezzlement?

Now that I'm a famous screenwriter, let's talk movies. Do you remember in Godfather2, the Nevada Senator? He didn't like those greasy New York dagos moving to Nevada and mixing with decent people, and he refused to get Michael Corleone a gaming license unless he paid a huge bribe. But then, he wakes up in a whore house next to a dead hooker with the implication being that he killed her, and the Corleones are there to swift him away before police arrive and cover his tracks. Of course, from then, he owes them; he is beholden to them like slave to master. 

So, was this that kind of thing? Were they, Epstein and Maxwell, luring rich and powerful men into sex with underage girls to corner them, control them, so that their actions and statements and votes would always conform with the interests of, let's just say, the Deep State?  It's in a court filing.

In a 2006 court filing, Palm Beach police noted that a search of Epstein’s home uncovered two hidden cameras. The Mirror reported that in 2015, a 6-year-old civil lawsuit filed by “Jane Doe No. 3,”alleged that Epstein wired his mansion with hidden cameras, secretly recording orgies involving his prominent friends and underage girls. The ultimate purpose: blackmail, according to court papers.

What personal reasons would Epstein have to blackmail those powerful men? I can't think of any. He had to be doing it as an agent. 

Epstein getting away with committing suicide in a maximum security prison and after a prior failed attempt? That has zero tenability and credibility; and I mean absolute zero.