Monday, August 6, 2018

Dave Perry wrote a short piece defending Roy Vaughn from the idiot Robert Groden, who accused Vaughn of complicity, implying that he was lying when he said he didn't see Ruby, where actually he let Ruby in.

You really should read what Perry wrote because it's a case of one idiot calling another idiot, an idiot. 

So, how did Perry defend Vaughn? By pointing out that Vaughn must have been telling the truth when he said he didn't see Ruby enter because THREE OTHER OFFICERS DIDN'T SEE HIM EITHER. Those officers were Lt. Pierce, Sergeant Putnam, and Sergeant Maxie.  

But, Dave! Think! You dumb mudderpluck. How likely is it that Ruby got past FOUR police officers without being seen? And actually, you could make it five because there was another former officer there who was unofficially helping Vaughn. None of them saw Ruby. And supposedly they were all on high alert, knowing the grave danger that Oswald was in. Pierce was involved in securing the basement from the very beginning. Pierce is the one who called Vaughn at his earlier location and told him to report to City Hall. 

Perry cited Pierce's testimony, but what about Ruby's? Ruby recalled seeing Pierce talking to an officer on foot, but he said nothing about seeing Putnam and Maxie. How could he not see them? Coming from the direction of the WU office, Ruby would have had to look through Putnam to see Pierce. What I mean is that Ruby was on the passenger side of Pierce's car, and Putnam was sitting in the passenger seat. So, how could Ruby see the driver, and the guy the driver was talking to on the driver's side without seeing that there was someone sitting on the passenger side when he, himself, Ruby, was on the passenger side? RUBY REPEATEDLY SAID THAT HE SAW ONLY PIERCE AND THE OFFICER ON FOOT. Furthermore, Ruby said that he did not recognize the officer on foot, but RUBY KNEW ROY VAUGHN. I'll say it again: RUBY KNEW VAUGHN.  RUBY KNEW VAUGHN.  RUBY KNEW VAUGHN.

Perry's piece is supposed to be a defense of Roy Vaughn. It's called the clearing of Roy Vaughn. But is it? Perry still maintains that Vaughn incompetently and negligently let Ruby pass- NOT ON PURPOSE- but just out of incompetence, stupidity, and failure.  His claim is that, by accident, Vaughn let Ruby pass, as did three other officers, and as I said, really it was four. But, why stop there? What about the spectators? THEY, SUPPOSEDLY, WATCHED RUBY WALK DOWN THE RAMP, AND SECONDS LATER HEARD THE SOUND OF HIM SHOOTING OSWALD, YET, NOT ONE OF THEM CAME FORWARD AFTERWARDS TO RECOUNT IT?

"I saw this guy sneak past the officer. I didn't know what to make of it. Seconds later, the shot went off." 

Not one such person came forward and said that. So, what we really have is the invisible Jack Ruby, who wasn't seen by five police officers nor any of the spectators. Nobody but nobody saw him enter and walk down that ramp. 

Now, how credible is that? And Ruby didn't even claim to do it stealthily. He said he just walked down the ramp in broad daylight not trying to evade anyone from seeing him.  He wasn't hiding. He wasn't sneaking. He wasn't trying to avoid being seen. 

So, how is it possible that all those people didn't see him? 

The truth can only be this: that Ruby did it just as he said he did, but it was at an earlier time, when it was just Pierce and another officer on foot (not Vaughn) and the spectators at the ramp. And, they were all in on it  Vaughn was placed there after that. Vaughn was the other patsy that day. Vaughn was set up. He was young. He was a low-ranking officer. He was chosen to be the fall guy, to take the blame for, incompetently, letting Ruby in, where Ruby just got past him, doggone it.  VAUGHN SWORE TO HIS DYING BREATH THAT IT DID NOT HAPPEN THAT WAY; THAT IT DID NOT HAPPEN ON HIS WATCH; THAT RUBY DID NOT GET PAST HIM.

You should believe Roy Vaughn. I do. Ruby did NOT get past him. Ruby got in at a different time, a time when another officer was there, one, who like Pierce, was in on it. 

You should believe Ruby and Vaughn but not believe the others. You know very well that it's impossible for five officers to be at an 8 foot wide ramp and for someone to get by them unseen. That's lunacy. That is insanity.  If you are going to believe that, then you drank the whole damn pitcher of Kool-Aid. I am talking to you, Dave Perry. 

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