Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Oswald: shot in the abdomen but not one drop of blood. No blood in the garage. No reports of blood in the jail office. You realize that a doctor, Fred Bieberdorf, said that the entry wound was clean and bloodless. They later presented this image of blood on the floor where Oswald was lying, but tell me: if the wound was bloodless, how could this be a blood stain?
There are no images of Oswald until he is rolled out of the jail office. But, if he was lying on the floor inside, presumably, he was lying on his back, right? They didn't put him down face down, did they? And they didn't put him down on his left side where he was shot, did they? So, presumably, they put him down on his back, and if he was turned at all, he must have been turned to his right, with the inflicted side, his left side, up, right? 

Well, in that case, how could such a blood stain get beneath him? He wasn't shot through the back. If blood traveled from the wound to the floor, it didn't fly there.  And that would have been a long way to go. So, how could this be blood? 

But continuing, there was no blood in getting Oswald to the ambulance in the garage. No blood was ever seen in the ambulance itself or on the stretcher sheets, which remained lily white. And there was no blood on Oswald or anywhere else in any of the Parkland hospital footage. So, this:
 is the only evidence of blood from a man who essentially bled to death. They say that the bleeding was mostly internal, but it would have taken a lot of external bleeding to produce a blood stain underneath him- unless the violated part was placed directly in contact with the ground.  And we know that is not the case because Dr. Bieberdorf said he saw Oswald on his back with the wound up and visible and exposed and not bleeding.  So, it makes no sense for this to be a blood stain beneath Oswald. 
So, the reality is that there are no reports of any blood and no images of any blood, any time, any place, any where, any how, except for this, and this is not legitimate. This is not real. The shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of the Dallas PD was a hoax. 

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