Thursday, January 10, 2019

One of the many problems with the "Oswald was innocent" theory is why would he take out his revolver and try to start a gun battle with the Dallas Police when they showed up to the Texas theater? And then outside in the parking lot during the arrest he said to onlookers "I'm not resisting..." Think about it, if you were innocent would you draw your weapon on police? Come on, that's not what innocent people do...

Ralph Cinque
Where you are misleading people is in accepting the official account of what happened in that theater. Indeed, why would a man who drew his gun on police say "I am not resisting"? That's not what guilty people do. So, why not question whether Oswald really drew his gun? And why not question why Oswald even had a gun on him? And why not question why Oswald went to the theater at all? It's not like he had hankering for a war movie. SOMEONE MUST HAVE TOLD HIM TO GO THERE. It's clear from his movements within the theater that he expected to meet someone there. And it could not have been a rendezvous that he arranged, that he set up. The whole official account of what happened in that theater is fraught with lies. The first account was that Oswald tried to fire his pistol, but the gun misfired. But, the FBI's own expert said that the firing pin never struck the primer of any cartridge in the revolver. His name was Cortland Cunningham. So then, Officer Nick McDonald CHANGED HIS STORY and made it that the reason he wasn't shot was because he jammed the web of his hand into the firing space between the firing pin and the primer as Oswald was pulling the trigger? You believe that, do you? So, the firing pin struck that very thin tissue of his hand? Do you have any idea how painful that would be? He would have screamed out loud, and he would have had something to show us in the way of trauma. So, that was a lie, another lie. If he had really done that, he would have said it from the beginning. And how come there is no account of this in the reports of Oswald's police interrogations? We know Oswald professed his innocence vigorously from the start and all along. So, why wouldn't police ask him, "Well, if you are innocent, then why did you try to shoot a cop in the theater?" But, there is nothing about it in any of the reports by Fritz, Hosty, Bookhout, or anyone else. And why isn't there one word in any of the police reports about Oswald's alibi for the Tippit shooting? Why isn't there a single word about what Oswald said about how he got from his room to the theater? Why such huge holes? They told us what he said about how he got from Dealey Plaza to his boarding room, but then it is a complete blank. How come? It must be because whatever he told them was extremely exonerating. So, the only thing that you said that we have any ability to confirm is that Oswald said he was not resisting arrest. A lot of people heard that. And no one doubted that he said it with conviction. He must have meant it. So, STOP ASSUMING THAT THE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT OF WHAT HAPPENED INSIDE THE THEATER IS TRUE when it is already proven to be a lie. Oh, and by the way, I am making you famous.

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