Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Who will join me? I am starting a new organization.  It's called:

Denouncers of Just War

There is a theory of "just war"; a political and military doctrine that it can be moral and justified to start a war- under certain conditions.   In 2003, President George W. Bush, sent his representatives to the Vatican to convince Pope John Paul II that attacking and invading Iraq would be a “just war.”

The result of that "just war" is that hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed, and some respected American researchers say that the death toll is well over a million. 

And, it isn't over. There is still fighting in Iraq today, and more Iraqis are going to die from cancers resulting from depleted uranium and other war-related toxins strewn across the country. 

The truth is that there is no such thing as a "just war." NEVER is it legal, moral, or justified to start a war. If there is no war, and you start one by invading or attacking another country, you have done a monstrous evil for which there is no defense, no excuse, and no forgiveness. No matter what you accuse the other country or the other leader of doing, you have no right to start a war. Starting a war is never the right solution. It is never the proper recourse. And that's because war invariably kills innocent people, and since no one has the right to kill innocent people (not even one) no one has the right to start a war.  

The question of whether it would be "worth it" to kill some people in order to achieve whatever political objective or regime change that is being sought through war is one that no one has the right to answer- or even ask. 

Starting a war is NEVER OK. It is NEVER a legitimate option. Starting a war is always a crime against humanity. The whole concept of "just war" needs to be categorically and unconditionally rejected as a gross perversion of ethics and morality. 


We, the Denouncers of Just War, categorically reject the idea that starting a war is ever justified or defendable. It is an abomination to start a war and an abomination to even threaten to start a war. We declare to every leader and every government that you cannot, under any circumstances, start a war, and if you do, you have committed the gravest and most despicable crime against humanity. And we slam the door shut on ANY exceptions to this rule, knowing that allowing any would completely eviscerate the rule.   

A country that is attacked has the right to defend itself, but it is never OK to launch an attack, to start a war. 

And just to be clear, 9/11, whoever did it, whether you believe the official story or not, was a crime and an atrocity, but the "war" didn't start until the United States attacked and invaded Afghanistan. Not even an event like 9/11 can be used to justify starting a war because 3,000 died on 9/11, but 300,000 and probably more have died in the war in Afghanistan- and after 17+ years, it is still ongoing, and people are still dying. 

You can't start a war. Period. No exceptions. No excuses. No exemptions. 

Starting a war is unforgivable, un-condonable, and unpardonable. It is the worst of crimes; it is genocide.  


Ralph Christopher Cinque
Jeff Smith
Robert Jordan
Marin Kovcic
Richard McHugh
Gary Skene
Tony Longo
Craig Allender
Don Mitchell 
John Eleazer
Carlos Alberto Ramos Gomez
Linda Simpson
Aaron Paterson 
Thomas Clancy
Denise Tatum
J. Stephen Courts
Ralph Nordenhold 
Richard Morrison 


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