Tuesday, January 22, 2019

We fight to defend Lee Harvey Oswald, but why? There have been plenty of other people who have been wrongly accused and horribly killed. But, we don't fight just for him. We fight to expose the truth, that there was a coup d'etat in 1963. Ultra-right wing cold warriors plus LBJ wanted to overthrow Kennedy, and they were willing to kill him; and they were willing to risk killing others, including his wife; and they did, in fact, deliberately kill two other people that weekend: Officer JD Tippit and Lee Harvey Oswald. And they might as well have killed Jack Ruby since what they did to him was worse than death. And that was just the beginning. They went on to kill many more people to silence the truth about what happened that weekend. The magnitude of the evil involved is almost beyond comparison. 

And think about this: it was November 1963, and there was going to be a Presidential election in just one year; exactly one year. So, instead of killing Kennedy, why didn't they just try to beat him at the ballot box? If his plans and his policies were so egregious and so dangerous to the country, then why not tell the American people about it, and let them vote him out of office? I think it's plainly obvious that they didn't think they could beat Kennedy the next November. I think they expected him to win big.  

But, what about democracy? Isn't that what we're fighting all these wars for? It's crystal clear that the men who killed Kennedy didn't give a rat's ass about democracy. And there is substantial evidence that Allen Dulles and J.Edgar Hoover despised democracy.  And the only thing LBJ gave a damn about was LBJ. 

So, the next time somebody tells you to support a war for the sake of democracy, you think about the killing of JFK. That will snap you out of it. You'll quickly  realize that "democracy" is just a platitude. It's a Pavlovian ploy. And it's a scam. Democracy just means that you get to vote and there's more than one candidate on the ballot. So, your whole life  you've had the choice of voting for Democrats or Republicans. But, what's it gotten you? All it's gotten you are: more wars, more taxes, more inflation, more debt, more growth of government, more government intrusions into your life, more violations of your liberty, and more lies. Democracy (i.e., voting) has done you no good at all. 

For all practical purposes, there is no one left to prosecute for the JFK assassination. But, the institutions that were involved in killing him and protecting his killers and lying to the American people about it are still here. And there is plenty of fresh lying and recent subterfuge. We know, for instance, that there has been photographic chicanery in the JFK assassination in the 21st century. It was in 2009 that new phony imagery of Billy Lovelady appeared in the History Channel documentary, Three Shots That Changed America. It was in 2013 that the Newseum produced a shirt which they claimed was Lee Harvey Oswald's that was clearly not his. The lies and the manipulation of evidence has never stopped. Has the killing even stopped? After killing so many people, would they kill again to silence the truth about the JFK assassination? I don't doubt that they would.

And it's because of the unassailable fact that if Oswald didn't kill Kennedy, then the State did.  The Leviathan State did it. All this talk about the Mafia having done it is just noise. It's stupid. It is worthless blather. The Mafia could not change the motorcade route. The Mafia could not control the press. The Mafia could not get everyone in government, the corporate world, the educational system, and more, to support the official story. Only the Leviathan State could do that. And the Leviathan State did it. 

There will be a reckoning. And those who were or are "accessories after the fact" in the murder of John F. Kennedy will be exposed. And there are a lot of them. 


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