Thursday, July 12, 2018

Anybody can lie, on occasion, and I'm sure that everybody, or nearly everybody does. But, to lie for three years? About everything in your life, about everything that you are? You think Jack Ruby did that? To cover up his real identity as a conspirator in the JFK assassination, and as having known Oswald, and some say since Oswald was a teenager? To lie about all that for three years? To his family? To his friends? To his lawyers? To the Warren Commission? To the public? For three solid years?

Let me tell you something: that would take not just a liar, but an actor. Jack Ruby would have had to have been an actor- an Oscar-caliber actor. 

And his family had to know the truth about him, so I guess all of them were lying too. And lawyers, whom you might say are professional liars, are excellent at detecting liars. And yet, Ruby effectively fooled them too? 

You would have to be a very naive and foolish person to believe that. And all the indications are just the opposite, that Jack Ruby was scrupulously honest. Do you understand that he pleaded with the Warren Commissioners to give him a lie detector test or truth serum? That's right: he offered to take truth serum. So, I guess you think he figured he could lie his way through truth serum. And, guess what: you DO figure that he DID lie his way through a polygraph test because he was given one. And these were the first two questions:

   Question. Did you know Oswald before November 22, 1963?
         Answer. No. (16)
         Question. Did you assist Oswald in the assassination?
         Answer. No. (17)

The truth is that what really happened to Jack Ruby is the most Machiavellian story of all time. They deceived him about what he did and didn't do, while at the same time, they deceived everybody else- the public at large, the whole world- about what happened on November 24, 1963. It was all a lie; all an act. Call it the greatest deception of all time. I do. It is unbelievable; the size of it; the depth of it; the scope of it. It was so effective that it led researchers to go in exactly the wrong direction; to start thinking that Ruby was MORE guilty when in fact, he wasn't guilty at all. They had him not only killing Oswald, but being involved in killing Kennedy- and others. It really is incredible what they did. They created a whole false identity for Ruby, a false life, in which he was a killer, a Mafioso, a gun-runner, etc.  They have controlled people like marionettes- not only in believing the official story, but in how they went about disputing it- if that was their penchant. Who do you think started the rumors about Ruby being a gangster? It came from the same people who said he killed Oswald. And what we saw happen last year- with that ridiculous story about him "watching the fireworks in Dealey Plaza" which was published far and wide in the mainstream media, was a classic case of "baiting and battering the buffs." Don't you see that they are controlling everybody? The people who accept the official story as well as those who don't? 

Jack Ruby was innocent. He was bamboozled into thinking that he killed Oswald. He never admitted doing it; he merely accepted that he did it. And he accepted it because his beloved Dallas Police told him that he did it. He had an almost pathological admiration for the Dallas Police. It was more like an adoration. He worshiped them. And I wonder sometimes if he was trained, that is, programmed to be that way. I've said before that he was MK-ULTRA, that he was a Manchurian candidate. Do you remember in the movie The Manchurian Candidate that the soldiers would wake up in a sweat and start saying, "Raymond Shaw is the most nicest, the kindest, the most wonderful human being who ever lived." So, was Ruby put under hypnotic and drug influence and told, "The Dallas Police are the greatest men who ever lived" ?????

Jack Ruby was innocent. He didn't kill Oswald, and he didn't have it in him to kill Oswald. He was completely and totally out of it mentally, and they knew that about him. This is the most dastardly thing I can think of. I don't know that it gets any worse than this. What they did to him: they stole his life, and they stole his very mind. What they turned him into- it would have been easier on him if they had just killed him on November 24, 1963.  

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