Sunday, July 1, 2018

If Ruby planned to shoot Oswald, why didn't he show up on time? 10:00 was the only time ever given. So, how did Ruby know he could arrive at 11:20 and still be able to shoot Oswald?
Stupid clowns claim that the Dallas Police signaled him from the window, but that makes no sense. How could Ruby be colluding with the Dallas Police when they were the ones who pounced upon him, dragged him up to the 5th floor, stripped him naked, and then subjected him to a rectal examination looking for weapons, as if he shoved a gun up his butt? And of course, they testified against him in court, called him a homosexual, and cooperated with the District Attorney to get him sentenced to death.
Do these fools not get it that conspirators work together because they all expect to win? They all expect to come out on top? And if you think the Police just double-crossed Ruby, then why didn't he sing like a canary? And how could they trust him not to sing like a canary after they betrayed him?
Just think about what they're saying, that it went something like this:
"OK, Jack, we'll signal you from the window when it's time to come down. Then, when you do it, we'll jump you, and sodomize you, you know, just for show, and we'll work with the prosecution to get you convicted and sentenced to death. Now, any questions?"
Nobody would do that. Ruby wouldn't do it, and the Police wouldn't do it either because they could never trust him to keep his mouth shut.
So, you can't make it that Ruby conspired with the Dallas Police- unless you are fucking insane.
So, since he could not have conspired with them, how did Ruby know that Oswald wasn't going to be moved until 11:20? The police never gave any guidance. Once 10:00 passed, it was up in the air. It was just going to happen when it happened.
And why, if there was collusion between Ruby and the Dallas Police would they bother complicating it? Why not just pick a time and stick to it? Why couldn't they have just done it at 10? Told him ahead of time and gone through with it at 10.
I'll tell you why they couldn't. It was because there was no collusion between Ruby and the Dallas Police. The reason it got delayed to 11:20 is because they were waiting on him- not vice versa. They were waiting on him to arrive- waiting for him to wind up there as a consequence of the manipulation that was applied to him, starting with the call from Karen Carlin. All of that was planned. But, Ruby was still a living, breathing human being who was seemingly guiding himself around. Ruby was oblivious- to everything. He didn't know a damn thing about anything. He was completely and totally in the dark. He didn't know that he was late to anything. He was just stumbling around in a drugged state, and the way it went down was that he just didn't get there until 10;20. And they had to process him. So, that's why it happened so late. They were ready. They were just waiting on him.
Think of it like a surprise birthday party in which the birthday boy is expected to get home from work at 8 PM, as he usually does, but it turns out that this day he does something different, and he doesn't get home until 9:20. So, the revelers waiting at his house just have to wait. They just have to sit tight until he gets there. It's not like they are in complete control of him. They still have to work around what his autonomous mind decides to do.
And Ruby's mind wasn't completely autonomous- far from it. But, he was driving his own car and going about his morning with the usual sense of autonomy that people have.
They were leading him by the nose, and it was a very Machiavellian process, but they still had to wait until his fractured mind got him there.
And frankly, there was no guarantee that he was going to get there at all. Did they have a backup plan in case Ruby didn't show up? They very well may have.
The people who think that Ruby conspired WITH the Dallas Police are not only stupid but really sick in the head. Their whole understanding of human nature and human motivation is severely warped. And, they are also extremely immature. Mentally, they are like children.

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