Saturday, July 7, 2018

Just recently, it dawned on me that they brought Attorney Louis Nichols in on Saturday precisely because of what Oswald said to the world at the Midnight Press Conference, that Dallas Police were denying him a lawyer, that he complained to the judge about it, and then he asked for someone to come forward to give him legal assistance. 

So, they felt that they had to respond to that, and that's what Nichols was for. 

I don't know who Nichols spent two minutes with, but I don't believe it was with Oswald. And that's because: Oswald wasn't stupid. He would have known that any lawyer was better than no lawyer, and that if he started with a Texas lawyer that Abt could join the team later. Considering how impassioned he was about wanting a lawyer the night before, why would he turn one down a few hours later? It's ridiculous.

And compare it to Ruby. Ruby never asked for a lawyer. Ruby never asked for anything. But, the Dallas Police immediately got him a lawyer: Tom Howard. why Why WHY did the Dallas get a lawyer for Ruby but not Oswald? I'll tell you why. IT'S BECAUSE THEY KNEW THAT OSWALD HAD PLENTY HE COULD TELL HIS LAWYER ABOUT HIS ALIBI AND ABOUT THE PHONY EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM. BUT, RUBY HAD NOTHING HE COULD TELL HIS LAWYER. THEY KNEW THAT RUBY WAS JUST GOING TO SAY THAT HE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. 

Ruby was a blank. Do you get that? He wasn't sitting on any secrets.  He wouldn't know a secret if it cracked him in the skull with a two by four. Do you really think they would have provided him a lawyer if they knew he was sitting on all kinds of dirt: about the JFK murder; about Oswald; about the Mob; about the Dallas Police and his collaboration with them to kill Oswald? 

The very fact that the Dallas Police provided Jack Ruby a lawyer should tell you that he didn't know anything.  Not a damn thing. He had NOTHING he could tell his lawyer. And it's not that they could trust him to keep his mouth shut.  It's that they knew he didn't know anything. They NEVER would have given him a lawyer if they knew he was sitting on a ton of revelations. The whole "Ruby was up to his neck in the conspiracy" theory is pure, unadulterated horse crap. 

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