Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ruth Paine. She must have been the one who set Oswald up for having brought the rifle to work.

Look: the conspirators knew that they had a problem. If Oswald had driven himself to work, they could have just said that he brought the rifle into the building, made his way to the 6th floor, hid it, and nobody saw a thing. Isn't that what they're saying anyway? 

But, with him driving to work with Frazier, there is no way Oswald could have had a rifle with him and Frazier not noticed it. 

So, they HAD to have Frazier seeing something that could at least be construed to be a rifle. As it was, the longest Frazier was willing to go for it was 24 inches, which was 11 inches shorter than the minimal length of the disassembled rifle. And I imagine they really browbeat him to get more. "No! It had to be longer! It was longer! Think harder!" But Frazier, meek and mild as he was, wouldn't budge. 24 inches is all he would concede.

But, at least it established that Oswald had something unusual with him, something that was beyond the realm of a lunch bag. 

But, they must have anticipated this ahead of time and set out to finagle 19 year old Buell Frazier.

So, the lunch came to Oswald courtesy of Mrs. Paine. It was her food, and it was certainly her bag.  I figure that it must have been bigger than the standard lunch bag, like these.

She must have made sure that all she had was a grocery bag, which is how Frazier described it. 

And, be aware that the Fritz Notes indicated that it wasn't a cheese sandwich but SANDWICHES. That's right, plural. So, there were sandwiches, an apple, and who knows? Maybe she put a whole bunch of napkins or paper towels. And, maybe there was other food as well. It may not have seemed important to Oswald to mention all that he had. 

But, the idea was for Mrs. Paine to make sure that Oswald presented with a bag that was large enough to suggest something other than lunch, something that could at least be construed to be a disassembled rifle. 

Now, if you don't like that idea, what's the alternative? The important thing was: what did Frazier see? And he had to see something that suggested an unusually large and unexpectedly out-of-place bag. If you don't think Mrs. Paine took steps to make sure that happened, then who do you think did? And if you think nobody did, then what you're saying is that the conspirators were prepared and entirely willing to accept a scenario in which Oswald brought a rifle to work, while riding in a small car with Buell Frazier, yet Frazier saw NOTHING. 

Can you imagine a situation in which you drove someone to work in your small car, and later were informed that this person had with him a disassembled scoped military rifle that you didn't see? How vigorously would you be saying, "No efffing way. If he had a rifle with him, I'd have seen it." 

And in this case, it wasn't so much a matter of convincing Frazier as it was convincing the world. 

So, if they had done nothing about this, and just let everything follow its natural course, what do you think would have happened?

I figure Oswald would have probably come out with nothing because it wasn't as though Ruth Paine owed him a lunch. He had to provide his own lunch most days, so why not this day? Just because he slept over there, was she going to provide him lunch? Seriously, why? Remember he wasn't 8 years old or even 16. He wasn't a boy; he was a man. The whole idea that she would/should provide him lunch for the day was treating him like a school boy. Oswald was a 24 year old man, and he was probably older than that. And he had money on him- plenty enough money to buy lunch. They had a sandwich truck that pulled up in front of the building every day, and he was known to buy his lunch from it sometimes.   

And whose idea do you think it was for him to take lunch? If it were you who stayed over at someone's house, and you were leaving at 7:00 AM, would you ask them to provide you a lunch? In fact, even if they offered it, wouldn't you be inclined to say, "Nah, that's alright, I can get something at work. You've done enough."

And I doubt that Marina would be presumptuous about it either. After all, she wasn't paying Ruth Paine anything for herself and her children to live there. So, her husband shows up, spends the night, no doubt partakes of a wonderful dinner the night before, and then Marina is going to expect lunch to be provided to him the next morning as well? It wasn't a Bed and Breakfast. And even at a Bed and Breakfast, they don't send you off with lunch. It ends with breakfast. 

So, I figure that Ruth Paine offered and encouraged Oswald to take a lunch. She provided the food. She provided the bag. And I suspect the bag was bigger than it had to be.

And remember what I said in my previous post: they never looked for Oswald's lunch bag. He told them that he brought a paper sack lunch and that's all he brought, and I should think that they would have wanted to see that sack. Because after all, they found a sack, that big long, tubular, pyramidal sack, but you know he didn't bring his lunch in that. So, why didn't they look for his lunch sack?

The bottom line is that the conspirators absolutely had to make sure that Frazier saw something that could at least be construed as a gun bag. The whole story would have fallen apart with that. And the only person who could have accomplished it was Ruth Paine. You know she was one of them, and they would not have ignored this or overlooked it or left it to chance. It was all planned out. 


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