Sunday, September 16, 2018

A prominent researcher, whom I shan't name, sent me the link to an article that was published in 1995 that has left me stunned. It turns out that much of what I have been saying about the very suspicious Bob Jackson photo of the Oswald shooting was observed and noted a generation ago by one Timothy Cwiek and published in The Third Decade, which was a skeptical journal of JFK assassination research published out of State University College in Fredonia, New York.  The Third Decade was also an activists organization with prominent members, including celebrities, such as Ed Asnor and Dick Gregory. 

The article is entitled, The "Oswald" Pulitzer Prize photo: Is it a fake? and the quotation marks around Oswald were Cwiek's doing.  I learned a lot from this article. Did you know that Robert Jackson was an active Texas Army National Guardsman at the time of the assassination?  It's a division of the U.S. Army, so Jackson was in the U.S. Military.  Did you know that? I did not. 

So, here is the link. It's on the Mary Ferrell Foundation website.  And it's a gem. I thank the researcher who sent it to me.

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