Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth spent the 17th anniversary of 9/11 in Washington DC, holding rallies at both the White House and at the Capitol. It was all morning and all afternoon. They had various speakers, including technical experts, survivors, and the loved ones of those who didn't survive 9/11. This is from the White House; the other images are from the Capitol. 

I presume they had to apply well in advance to get permission to do this. And I presume there were D.C. police and other law enforcement observing it.  It wasn't covered or reported at all by the Corporate Media. 

But, I want you to think about something: If these experts are right, that the towers could not possibly have collapsed due to plane crashes and resultant fires, (and note that Building 7 wasn't hit by a plane) then it means that the official story that 19 Arab hijackers, wielding box-cutters, conducted 9/11 must be false. 

And, if the official 9/11 story is false, then it means the whole basis for attacking Afghanistan in 2001 was also false. It means that the invasion of Afghanistan, the entire thing, was a monstrous, evil war crime. 

Many Americans don't know this, or don't remember it, but when George W. Bush demanded that the Taliban government of Afghanistan turn over Osama bin laden, the Taliban didn't not respond with defiance. Their first response was to ask to see the evidence against bin laden. Bush's response was to refuse to turn it over. But even then, the Taliban did not tell us to go to hell. Instead, they offered to turn bin laden over to a neutral third country, one that was mutually respected, where the evidence against him could be presented in a court of law, where he could be tried and judged,  where a proper prosecution and a proper defense could both take place.  But, Bush wouldn't accept that either. Instead, he attacked, and here we are, 17 years later, still mired in war. 

Even if Osama bin laden was guilty of 9/11 (and I don't think he was) George Bush had to know before he attacked Afghanistan that a lot of innocent people were going to be killed. 

According to the United Nations, civilian deaths hit a record high in the first half of this year, 2018, with 1692 killed. How many have died since the war began? According to a study out of Brown University in 2016, the total death toll is 173,000. 

Of course, today, the total has to be higher since 2 more years of war have passed.  But, all those deaths resulted from our presumed right to invade a country and start a war over wanting to take one man into custody. Our right to apprehend him gave us the right, (according to our thinking) to destroy any number of human beings, the vast majority of whom were innocent of any crime against us.   

What I am saying is that, even if the official 9/11 story were true, that those towers collapsed straight down into their own footprint at free fall speed due to plane crashes and fires (except for Building 7 which wasn't hit by a plane, which supposedly collapsed from fires alone)  the War on Afghanistan would still be crime against humanity. 

But, when you consider what the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are telling us, that the WTC buildings could NOT have fallen that way, that there had to be controlled demolition, then it makes the War on Afghanistan something far worse; something so dark, so evil, so monstrous, so wicked, that it is truly a nightmare that we live in such a world.   

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