Friday, September 21, 2018

Pete Hymans Marina was a scared woman (a stranger in a strange land with intimidating assholes questioning her and probably threatening to separate her from her kids and send her back to Russia). She "lied" out of a sense of survival. Lest we forget the KGB in the U.S.S.R. was oppressive and people knew how to craft their words and stay "safe." Marina's ability to leave Russia and her uncle's position are also large looming questions. Oswald probably never touched the Mannlicher Carcano attributed to him (while he was alive--that is).

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Ralph Cinque I agree with that, Pete. I don't doubt that Marina was scared. But, I don't think it was as simple and straightforward as her "lying" as in consciously, knowingly lying. I think they worked on her. I think they manipulated her mind, using mind control techniques, that a cult might use or what were used in the MK Ultra program. And the result was that reality was blurred for her. Normally, when a person lies, reality isn't blurred. He or she lies while knowing the truth. But, in Marina's case, I really think they did things to separate her from her past with Oswald, and to replace her real memories with ones they wanted her to have. Exactly how effective it was, I can't say. I have to think that on some level, she really did know what she was doing. But, I suspect that they trained her to suppress that, to not only lie to the Warren Commission but to lie to herself, so that, to a great extent, she remained "in character" even when she was alone and behind closed doors. They created her character, and they taught her to live as that character.. But, no way could the conversion have been 100%, and the result is, I suspect, that Marina Oswald is a very troubled woman, demonized by what she knows deep inside. And if you look at her in latter interviews, she really seems like a battered woman. And it's interesting that in later years she did reverse herself and defend Oswald and condemn the Warren Commission, but the fact remains that she was their star witness. And she has never reckoned with that, certainly not publicly, and maybe not privately either

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