Thursday, September 20, 2018

This is a recent exchange between me and Tom Cahill, one of my favorites in the OIC. Tom is quite advanced in years. I don't know his exact age but probably late 80s. He is a U.S. military veteran and an active member of Veterans for Peace. He traveled to Iraq in 2003 to serve as a human shield to deter the bombing. He was one of many who did that, but of course, it didn't work. George W. Bush did his Shock and Awe and the atrocity/war crime known as Operation Iraqi Freedom ensued. But, this concerns the JFK assassination.  

Bonjour Ralph,

I like Roger Stone's encapsulation of LBJ's role in the JFK execution here, interviewed by Jesse Ventura's son Tyrell.  And Stone doesn't mince words about the CIA's involvement but doesn't go into detail like he does about LBJ.  

Might the CIA be throwing LBJ under the bus to protect itself from any more damage?


Hello, Tom. I have felt for a long time that the powers-that-be are preparing to throw LBJ to the wolves about JFK.  That is their escape route, should one become necessary- Johnson did it. They have given coverage to some of the books accusing Johnson, including Roger Stone's. They gave coverage to the Jackie tapes in which she said that she believed Johnson did it. I think they are very willing to sacrifice him and precisely because he is long dead, and he's not a very popular President anyway. He's just a step above Nixon, and they may throw in Nixon along with him, especially since Nixon is already perceived badly by the public.

But, it will basically just be another lie. They might end up saying that Johnson got Nixon to get Ruby to get Oswald to do it, which is a grotesque lie. It is lie piled upon lie.  Oswald, of course, was innocent, and that's the lie they just don't want to undo. They'll say that someone put Oswald up to it, which they don't mind saying, not at all  They really don't. They have offered it as an alternative story since 1979. But, it's ridiculous because anyone who wanted Kennedy dead, and his wife and the others in the limo unharmed, would never, in a million years, have wanted the gun to be in Oswald's hands. We understand in every avenue of life that whether you need surgery or legal advice or investment advice or a plumber, that you want to get somebody good, someone with vast knowledge and experience and a long history of proven success.  Wouldn't that be just as true when it came to assassinating the President of the United States? Why would anybody pick a guy who spent three years working at a radio factory in Russia and then worked various grunt labor jobs here in the U.S. at minimum wage but couldn't hold a single one of them?  Just because Oswald, who was never a combat Marine, did the minimal amount of target practice required by the Marines, that somehow made him an assassin? He couldn't hit a rabbit with a shotgun. And yet, he was the top pick to assassinate the President of the United States? The best of the best? It is just plain ridiculous. 

So, it's a bit of a circus, Tom. But, one thing is for sure: it's is going to end badly- for them. And by "them", I mean the government and media who have been lying about JFK's murder for over half a century. JFK truth and Oswald innocence are going to prevail, and here's hoping that we both live long enough to see it.  Con amore, mio amico. Ralph 

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