Thursday, September 20, 2018

This is another article by Tim Cwiek from The Third Decade sent to me by my researcher friend, and it concerns something else I have written about: Marina's original statements about Oswald owning a rifle. 

Like me, Cwiek points out that Marina's earliest known statement referred to the rifle that Oswald owned in Russia, and she said nothing about him currently owning a rifle. 

This is the first sentence of her signed statement made on November 22. "When officers came to my house, they asked me if Lee had a rifle, and I told them that he used to have one to go hunting with in Russia."

Now, why would she say that?  Why would she bring up the Russian rifle (which was a shotgun) at all if there was a current rifle? Referring to the Russian rifle was her attempt to be helpful, to be able to talk about some rifle.  But, she wouldn't have needed it if she knew about a current rifle.  

Of course, Marina went on to tell elaborate stories about Oswald and his rifle, but that was months later, after intense FBI brainwashing and the helpful aid of a green poultice (money) which suddenly made her a rich woman. If I sound bitter and cynical, it's because I am. 

Cwiek points to the interesting fact that George DeMohrenschildt refused to say that he ever saw a rifle. His wife Jeanie said it, and she is the only one besides Marina who ever testified to seeing Oswald's rifle. 

Some of Marina's reported claims came from Ruth Paine (a suspicious source) and a White Russian from the Dallas community of White Russians, Ilya Manatov, who was not a police translator. He was just "some guy". So, why did they get him? And keep in mind what I have written before, that the Dallas community of White Russians were to Marina Oswald what the apartment dwellers were to Rosemary in Rosemary's Baby.  

Detective Guy Rose, who went to the Paine house on Friday, said that when first asked, Marina said that Oswald did not currently own a rifle; but later, she changed her story and said that he did. She took him out to the garage and pointed to the crumpled blanket on the floor, and Rose made it sound like it was hard to tell if there was a blanket in it or not. 

"She pointed to a blanket that was rolled up and leaning against the wall. At the time, I couldn't tell if there was one in there or not. There appeared to be. It was in sort-of an outline of a rifle." 

Are you buying that? Do you really think a rolled up empty blanket could look like it contained a rifle?

And Rose is the only policeman who claimed that Marina pointed to the garage or the blanket. Even Ruth Paine acknowledged that it was she, Ruth, who pointed Rose to the garage, not Marina. And Ruth went on to testify that when they opened the blanket, they saw a "portion" of the rifle. A portion of it? Well, that quickly got dropped from the official story. Officially, the blanket was empty, and Ruth Paine's statement about seeing a portion of it is "inoperative." 

Here is the last paragraph of what Cwiek wrote:

"Clearly, Marina's HQ statement was a sham, and most likely, Marina had no idea what she was signing. We can see from Mrs. Paine's and Mr. Manatov's statements that Marina said that Oswald owned a rifle back in Russia. But, the initial and sketchy HQ statement was the beginning of the unending exaggeration about LHO and his rifle. It is my hope that researchers will recognize the distortion and manipulation of Marina's first words about the rifle, even before she was placed in government custody, and that her husband (possibly) never owned a rifle in this country at all."

Well, I take exception of Cwiek's use of the word "possibly." Oswald definitely did not own a rifle in this country at all. John Armstrong has demonstrated unflinchingly that the paper trail to Klein's Sporting Goods in Chicago was fabricated, and even the Post Office records prove that Oswald could not have received, at his alleged P.O. Box, a rifle addressed to A. Hidell.  And remember who you're reading: I'm the guy who denies that Oswald even had a P.O. Box. He never admitted having one. He was never asked if he had one, which is strange. He had no need for one. The claim that he was paying to have Russian newspapers mailed to him from Russia is preposterous. The P.O. Box claim is screaming out loud false. 

Lee Harvey Oswald did NOT own a rifle. He said he didn't, and he had no reason to lie about it. And he was also the first JFK assassination photo alterationist in telling investigators that the Backyard photos were faked. 

The things that Marina Oswald eventually said about Oswald and his rifle are among the scariest elements of the whole assassination saga- the very idea that they could get her to say those things in the murky, manipulated, mental state that she was in, the result of intense brainwashing, intense carrot waving (although a better analogy would be lettuce waving since that's the color of money) and even intense sex, according to some reports. Were drugs also involved? I bet they were. 

Here is the link to Cwiek's article:

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