Wednesday, April 1, 2020

An Open Letter to Roy Buendia

Roy, I know this is a very personal tragedy for you, but considering that everyone in the world is affected by this crisis, it would help to know exactly what happened to your sister, Araceli Ilagan. Please help me understand. So, she went to work on Tuesday, and I'll presume she started the day feeling OK. She wouldn't have gone to work if she thought she had Corona disease, right? But then, at some point during the day, she started feeling badly. Did she work the whole day, or did she go home early because of how she felt? When was she tested for the Corona virus? So, she went home, where she lived alone, and what exactly happened after that? What do you know about her decline? And what do you know about her death? What did she specifically die of? You don't just die of a virus. Some vital organ in your body has to fail in order for you to die. So, what organ stopped working? What have you been told about why she plummeted so rapidly? Because, we're talking about 4 days, which is an awfully fast decline. To go from working on Tuesday to dead on Saturday? Maybe if you had a heart attack or stroke or pulmonary embolism, but that's about it. And as she was fading, why didn't she call 911 and get to the hospital? Why did she just stay home and die? She was a nurse. She was trained to recognize life-threatening symptoms. And I don't understand how it was that no one was checking on her. I know that you are in the UK, but she had friends here, right? Not even her medical colleagues, who knew that she was sick? And she had a personal physician, didn't she? So, where was he or she while this was going on? I apologize for the bluntness of these questions, but as I said, every single person on Earth is affected by this, and I think it would be very helpful if you would share with us the details about your sister's death. Thank you. Ralph Cinque

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