Tuesday, April 7, 2020

I put up this video of the young New York doctor who says that the ventilating being done on Corona patients is often wrong; it is inappropriate; it is doing more harm than good; and it may be killing people. 


He said that what he is seeing is not like the standard ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) but more like high altitude sickness, in which the muscles that work the lungs are working fine. Yet, there is hypoxemia (low blood oxygen). Then, an Italian Dr. Gattinoni published something similar, also comparing it to air sickness. Dr. Gattinoni wrote of the disassociation between having good lung mechanics yet low blood oxygen. 


Well, if the patient has no problem expanding his or her chest, and they have the energy to do it, there is no need for a ventilator. If anything, you give them oxygen-enriched air but let them breathe it themselves.   

But why, if the lungs are working OK, is the patient's blood oxygen so low? Dr. Gattinoni speculated that perhaps there is a loss of "lung perfusion regulation" and "hypoxic vasoconstriction." 

So, he's saying there could be a problem on the receiving end. Think of it like a hand-off.  The lungs are doing their job, but the blood vessels aren't cooperating. They won't take up the new oxygen that is being delivered. 

So really, he's saying that he thinks the problem is circulatory. 
But, could a virus do that? 

First, let's note that there is an acknowledgement here that, very likely, Corona patients have been killed by treatment. And when you die of treatment, you are not dying of the Corona virus.

Second, I have been reading about the immunological response to viral pneumonias, such as this article. It was written before SARS-Cov-2, but it refers a lot to SARS-Cov-1. 


As I read it, it sounds like the waging of a large-scale war. So, how could asymptomatic people who are infected be doing that? If that was going on in their bodies, don't you think they would feel it? Senator Rand Paul, after having his Corona test which tested positive, went to the Senate gym to lift weights and swim, and I just can't accept that he was "infected." Even if you presume that they really did find and duplicate some Corona RNA (and I don't) it must have just been there and not have gained a foothold in him. It could not have been wildly replicating in his body because if it was, his immune system would have had to respond, resulting in symptoms. 

When I have a question, I ask Mr. Google: How do asymptomatic Corona carriers, who never have symptoms, get over the infection? 

If you plug that into the search box, you will see that it mostly brings up how the asymptomatic can be contagious, but not how they, themselves, recover without manifesting symptoms. 

But, my priority now is to understand why the Covid patient with sufficient breathing mechanics isn't able to maintain his or her blood oxygen.


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