Wednesday, April 1, 2020

It's even worse than I thought. Araceli Illagan died on Friday, not Saturday. And she did work on Tuesday.

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — An ICU nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital died Friday from the Coronavirus. Araceli Buendia Ilagan worked at Jackson for 33 years. It is not clear when or where she contracted the virus. She last worked at Jackson on Tuesday when she reportedly began showing symptoms.

This is from her niece in England, who is also a nurse:

Buendia (the niece) said that Ilagan had called her just a few days earlier to check on her and also mentor her on how to care for patients with COVID-19 in the U.K. "She told me she's doing fine ... Never did I expect that this would happen to her," said Buendia, who also said her aunt had doted on her since childhood because she never had children.

RC: So, this was one nurse talking to another nurse, and obviously, the niece in England did not hear her aunt panting, gasping or in distress.

Buendia said her aunt, the stalwart nurse, who never complained or showed frailty, had mentioned nothing about the illness or even that she had been feeling symptoms.

RC: And again, the niece, who is a nurse, detected no signs of distress over the phone.

Her niece said she was shocked with the devastating speed with which the virus killed her. She died as soon as she got to Jackson Memorial. "Her husband told us that he just saw her on the floor, and she was not breathing properly anymore," Buendia told ABC News on Monday. "He just rushed her to the hospital. It happened so fast. He is shocked, and I'm very surprised because I didn't know that she was feeling anything."

RC: Araceli must have had a catastrophic event: either a heart attack, a stroke, or a pulmonary embolism. They are blaming her death on the virus, but there is no way the virus could have killed her so suddenly. That's impossible.

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