Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Roy, your sister Aliceli did not die from Corona virus. She must have had a catastrophic event, such as: a heart attack, stroke, or pulmonary embolism. She worked on Tuesday, so she must have been mostly OK, right? And then she died on Friday. But, please talk to your daughter or niece, Jhoanna, who talked to your sister in-between. Jhoanna said that your sister sounded fine on the phone and complained of nothing, and she said nothing about having Corona. Not a word. But on Friday, her husband called the hospital because she was in a bad way, and she was DOA. But, they have never said that the disease can progress that fast. They have been saying that symptoms start mildly, and if it's going to worsen, it takes 10 days to reach a dire state. The Corona virus can't attack you like a guided missile. So, if she was working Tuesday and then died Friday, it means that something catastrophic must have happened to her, internally, and most likely a vascular accident. It's just too short a timeline to think otherwise. If this seems intrusive and insensitive, I apologize. But, this crisis is affecting the lives of everyone on Earth, and we all need to know the straight scoop.

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