Thursday, March 26, 2015

No, Backes. The height difference between the two Marguerites was very real.
The Marguerite of fame was very short. She was shorter than Marina, and Marina is short.

The other Marguerite was tall- unless you think she just happened to always go with midget men.

Robert E. Lee Oswald, above, would have had to be awfully short for a man for the short, squatty Marguerite of fame to measure up that tall next to him.

And I guess Ekdahl was a midget too because she stood pretty tall next to him as well.  Actually, he was 6 feet tall. 

And you know, Backes, I'm not the only one who points this out. It's not really a Ralph Cinque claim; lots of people point it out. Here is George W. Bailey, who is 1000X smarter than you are. 

You want the link? OK, here's the link to George's site, you stupid shithead:

Maybe it's time for you to start a new webpage? George W Bailey is a stupid That's your style, isn't it? 

And what's wrong with this picture, Backes:

First of all, it's a picture of the employees of Paul's Shoe Store in Ft. Worth, a place that the Marguerite of fame never worked. The Marguerite of fame was a private duty nurse. She didn't work retail selling shoes. So, the very fact that the Marguerite in the picture is standing there with those people is proof positive that she is a different woman than the Marguerite of fame. But, should you be insane enough to continue claiming that she is the Marguerite of fame- that she moonlighted at the shoe store without telling anybody or putting it in her resume, I'll point that they would all have to be a bunch of midgets, the men and women both, for that to be the Marguerite of fame, considering how short she was. 

You're stupid, Backes. You were born stupid, and you're going to stay that way.  

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