Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What an idiot! He's not only bpunk, he's bputz. 

The only thing I have right is Oswald in the doorway? But, that's everything. If Oswald was in the doorway, it means he was completely and totally innocent. It's not like I need anything else. If my ardent enemies have to admit in writing that I'm write about it, including Marty Eichler and apparently bpete, then I have prevailed.  

Tell you what, bpete: you can put that smear of me up every day. Make it a permanent heading on your site.  

And, regarding what Judyth Baker posted of mine, why didn't you put up the whole thing? Afraid to show it?

Yeah, that is the same guy wearing the same clothes alright, and even Judyth Baker and her followers, as much as they are at odds with me, are forced to admit it. That's how powerful it is. And since I first posted it, the Likes for it on Judyth's site have gone up from 8 to 13. Check yourself if you don't believe me. That is supposed to be bad for me? How? 

And so Charles Catalano slurred me. Big deal. What do I care? And the only one who gave him a Like was Carmine Sevastano, who is a lone-nutter from McAdams forum. 

Look, I have a lot of enemies, and they are so desperate that they'll put their differences aside- professed lone-nutters and professed CTs, as these two are- to join forces to try to oppose me. Why? Because they think they have to. They know I don't take prisoners. Yes, there is some desperation here, but not by me. And it's the same for you and Backes: you put your differences- of which you have many- aside in order to fight me. Why? Because you think you have to. But, it does you no good. I advance. I always do. And the whole lot of you are powerless to stop me.   

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