Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This is by AJ Weberman, and it is well-put. He brought up an important point: how could Judyth Baker not be in Oswald's address book if they were as close as she claims they were? 

Baker never told her story to the Warren Commission, The Rockefeller Commission, the HSCA or to my friend Jim Garrison. She is not mentioned in any of the Warren Commission documents and Exhibits and there is no correspondence with her from Oswald as there is with his mother, brother, CPUSA etc. She used the fact that she worked at JCS to construct a total lie. She is not encoded in Oswald's address book as Frank Fiorini Sturgis name is, who does come up in the Warren Commission documents as saying Oswald tried to infiltrate his group. It is a sad commentary on the state of the people interested in the Big Event have degenerated into over the years. One would think she would have kept some memento, a photo, a note something linking her to LHO. It took her decades to come forward with the story which she never repeated under oath or to the FBI. Oswald had no training in microbiology. Men like Sidney Gottlieb would have been called upon to create a carcinogen for use on Fidel. It would have been produced at Fort Dietrich,not in New Orleans. This book is total fabrication.

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