Friday, March 27, 2015

This is not a statement by Marguerite Oswald. This is a statement by an FBI agent who was reporting on what he was supposedly told by a Mrs. James L. Taylor. But, why is there no direct statement from Mrs. Taylor about what Marguerite told her about her having worked at Paul's Shoes? And why is there no statement from Marguerite Oswald about it?  

This was just a deliberate attempt to merge the identities of the Marguerite impostor with the real Marguerite. We know this was not the Marguerite Oswald of fame:

We know it at a glance because we know that in a crowd of people that big, the Marguerite of fame could NEVER appear so tall. 

That absolutely clinches it in itself. 

The hearsay statement of Mrs. Taylor above (written by an FBI agent) said that she lived at 4936 Collinswood, an apartment building in Ft. Worth. But, actually the street was Collinwood. There was no s. Do you think Mrs. Taylor would have made that mistake? 

It's true that the Marguerite of fame lived on Collinwood. But, that was after LEE had joined the Marines, and he listed HIS mother's address at the time as 3830 W. 6th. The Ft. Worth Retail Merchants Association also had Marguerite Oswald living on 6th Street and not on Collinwood at that time. So, that's two confirmations that the Marguerite who worked at Paul's Shoes was NOT living on Collinwood where Mrs. Taylor lived. Here's #3: an immunization form filled out by LEE in July 1957 in which he listed his mother's address as 3830 W. 6th. Here's #4: in August 1957, LEE mailed his mother a postcard from Hawaii (in route to Japan) and he mailed it to 3830 W. 6th, not the Collinwood address where Mrs. Taylor lived and knew the other Marguerite.  So, that completely eliminates Mrs. Taylor as having been a neighbor to the real mother of LEE Oswald.

It was in the fall of 1957 that the real Marguerite started working at Paul's Shoes in Ft. Worth. This picture was actually taken as a Christmas picture, so that's Christmastime 1957.

At that time, the Marguerite of fame was living, with Harvey, at the Hotel Senator in New Orleans. She wasn't even in Ft. Worth! 

That falls into the Palmer McBride period, where McBride said that he worked with Harvey at the Pfisterer Dental Lab in New Orleans, and they were spending their free time listening to classical music and going to meetings of the Astronomy Club. And Palmer McBride met Mrs. Oswald and described her as we know her: short. 

And it wasn't just Palmer McBride. It was also Georgia Bell, Maury Goodman, Rita Paveur, and Louis Marzialle. They were all shown the picture of the tall Marguerite outside Paul's Shoes, and they said she was NOT the Marguerite Oswald they knew in New Orleans.

In January 1958, the real Marguerite made a trip to New York City to spend 10 days with her son, John Pic. That's recorded. But, during that same time, the Marguerite impostor was still living at the Hotel Senator in New Orleans with Harvey while he worked at Pfisterer. What, do you think she left him to fend for himself while she went off to New York for 10 days? Of course not! THEY WERE DIFFERENT WOMEN!

NEVER did the FBI interview any of these employees of Paul's Shoes about the Marguerite who worked there. 

And more significant is the fact that the federal income tax forms of Marguerite Oswald have never, to this day, been released. Why? Because they would show simultaneous employments at different places of someone named Marguerite Oswald.

Just as there were two LHOs, there were two Marguerite Oswalds, and that FBI statement concerning what Mrs. Taylor supposedly said about the Marguerite she knew having worked at Paul's Shoes is pure tripe, and it is overruled by a mountain of evidence. The woman circled in this picture below was NOT the Marguerite Oswald of fame. No way, no how, no chance. 

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