Sunday, March 10, 2019

Everyone knows about the famous photo that Robert Jackson took of the Oswald shooting, just three-tenth of a second after the shot, except that it is really a staged photo that was taken before the spectacle began. Why Robert Jackson didn't get any photos during the melee' is a mystery because he was there and pointing his camera towards the action, which we see him doing in the KRLD footage. But, there were no photos taken by anybody during the melee', and all the film footages were designed to simply show  nothing. Supposedly, two men picked up the stricken Oswald and carried him into the jail office, but there isn't a glimpse of that object in any film. You buying the innocence of it all, are you?

But, there is only one other photo attributed to Robert Jackson from that day, and that's one of loading Oswald into the ambulance. 

Closest to us is Michael Hardin, the ambulance driver. Look at the long, wavy, Fonzarelli-style comb-back. Go Fonz! But then, a funny thing happened on the way to the hospital: his hair got shorter. 
What a difference.  So obviously, it wasn't the same day. But, we already knew that it wasn't November 24, 1963 at the hospital. That's because he leaves without his assistant Harold Wolfe, and it's not like Wolfe had any other transportation. And then, Hardin replaced the sheets on the stretcher with fresh sheets at the hospital. But, he didn't work for the hospital, and it wasn't a hospital stretcher. It belonged to the O'Neal Funeral Home, for whom he worked. So, he would not have replaced the sheets at the hospital, not on any day.  And look at the lady behind him who is broadly smiling. You see a lot of that in the hospital footage. So, how could it have been 11/24/63? It was kind of a bad weekend, don't you think? 

So, they made a phony film of Oswald getting to Parkland Hospital.  OK, I get that. But, what I don't get is: how could they be so stupid about the hair? Everyone knows that hair is constantly growing and regularly being cut. So, why not make sure that the length is the same? How smart do you have to be to do that? 

But, what does it say about the JFK assassination that they were staging and faking events for it?  It says that the story they were telling was a lie. And in this case, it isn't even the JFK assassination; it's the Oswald assassination. But, the same applies: it means that the story they were telling about how Oswald died was a lie. 

Oswald was the patsy in the JFK assassination. Millions of Americans believe that. But, what they need to realize is that the so-called evidence against Oswald was so weak, so fabricated, so easily refuted, that they absolutely and positively needed Oswald dead before he even shared oxygen with a lawyer. And then it happened? 

Recall the Latin expression, Cui bono. Who benefits? Those who killed Kennedy and framed Oswald with deplorably phony evidence are who benefited from Oswald being permanently silenced on 11/24/63. They didn't just get lucky. And no, it had nothing to do with the Mafia putting pressure on Jack Ruby by threatening to kill him or his sister. Nobody would do that. You wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do it. And neither would Jack Ruby. The plotters couldn't trust Jack Ruby to kill Oswald for them. How could they? Even if he promised to keep his mouth shut and go quietly to the electric chair, what if he changed his mind? If Ruby had actually done it and had inside information about the assassination and who was responsible, they would have had to kill him immediately. Ruby was the last person on Earth they could have trusted and relied upon, and I mean to do anything. He was a scatterbrain. And he was completely lacking in discretion. He was like Kramer. You don't confide in such a person about the killing of the President of the United States- or his assassin. Ruby was totally manipulated. He was played like an instrument. He didn't know anything. He was completely out of it mentally. He was a basket case. 

The killing of Oswald was theater. It was theater in the garage. It was theater in the jail office. And it was theater at the hospital. They did get Oswald to the hospital. He was shot. He was operated on. And he did die. But, all they showed us was theater. We never saw Oswald at the hospital, and he must have looked a fright. Doctors said he lost 80% of his blood. What do you think a bloodless person looks like? He looks afright.  

The whole story of the JFK assassination is a lie. Not just the part about how Kennedy was killed, but the part about how Oswald was killed too. You shouldn't believe any of it. And don't believe half of what you hear about Jack Ruby.  He was a Mafioso, a hit man, a gun runner, a pimp - bull shit.  He was a putz.  He was the world's putziest putz. 

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