Saturday, March 23, 2019

You know that My Stretch of Texas Ground is about Mujahideen warriors who track a U.S. Senator to a small town in Texas in order to kill him. But, along the way, there are some statistics that arise concerning child deaths in Afghanistan. We learn that 923 Afghan children died in 2016 and that it was almost as many in 2017 at 861. I didn't make those figures up. They are what the U.N. reported. And, after citing those numbers, the lead warrior Abdul Latif Hassan asks, "How many will it be this year?" referring to 2018. This is the actor Junes Zahdi asking it.

Well, it was July 2018 that we were filming, so the year wasn't over yet, and the dying wasn't done yet. But now, the U.N. numbers are in, and I regret to say that the child death toll in Afghanistan in 2018 rose to a new all-time record of 927 children killed. And, the total civilian death toll also rose to a new all-time record of 3804 civilian deaths in 2018.

It is my fervent hope and prayer that My Stretch of Texas Ground helps to end the war in Afghanistan.

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