Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Alright, Jim Fetzer gave me the go-ahead to announce what I've been holding back. He wanted to get something in writing first, and now we've got it.

I mentioned that Jim attended a JFK conference in Illinois last weekend. And there, he ran into Ed Tatro.  If you don't know who Ed Tatro is, just Google him. He's been active JFK truther for a long time. 

At that conference, Ed Tatro told Jim Fetzer that he talked to Marina Oswald Porter, and she told him that it was Oswald in the doorway, and she has no doubt about it. It's Lee's shirt, she told him, and she can remember washing it.

Jim was pretty stunned to hear it, but later, he decided that he wanted to get something from Ed Tatro in writing. And now we have it. This is a personal communication (email) from Ed Tatro to Jim Fetzer:

"It was a simple phone conversation. Some people have been contacting her about the Altgens photo and the controversy as to the identity of the man in the doorway. I told her I was unsure what to believe, but the shirt of the doorway man and the shirt Oswald was wearing after his arrest are remarkably similar. She said, "That's Lee's shirt." I believe she made the comment that she knew it because she had washed it in the past." Ed Tatro

So now we have Marina Oswald Porter substantiating that it was Oswald in the doorway wearing Oswald's shirt, as only Oswald could do.

What's this weigh? A ton and a half. Where are we spreading it? Across the planet.  



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