Thursday, October 31, 2013

"I hope you got several escape routes planned out for how you'll be leaving the hotel.  I wouldn't want you to get hurt out there." Joseph Backes

That sounds like a threat, Backes. I'll be sure to let people know you said it. 

But for the record, I have no doubt that consideration of killing me goes on. I've already been threatened by phone. Twice. And I live cautiously and never take my safety for granted. I keep my doors locked and my guns loaded. 

And we are going to have private security at the conference in Santa Barbara, there to protect me and all the speakers and guests. Licensed bodyguards.  

But, let's consider what Backes is implying. He's implying that Oswald in the doorway is so dangerous to the official story of JFK that some may try to kill over it. Well, he's right about one thing: it is dangerous to the official story. It is deadly to the official story. 

But, what's weird about this is that Backes claims to be a CT. So, you've got one CT relishing the death of another CT because of a disagreement over where Oswald was at the time of the shooting, one saying out the door on the landing and the other saying somewhere in the building but he doesn't know where. We agree that Oswald was not up on the 6th floor shooting at anybody but this is disagreement about where he was down below puts death on the line, according to Backes. 

Is it possible for a CT to be that venomous towards another CT? 

What's even weirder is that lately, a whole bunch of CTs have come to the conclusion that Oswald was in the doorway. Recently, Jim DiEugenio of CTKA was on Black Op Radio with Len Osanic extolling the idea of Oswald as Prayer Man, who was in the doorway. I wonder if Backes wishes DiEugenio dead too. Who knows, maybe Backes is going to get on the Prayer Man bandwagon. After all, it's Oswald in the doorway but in a form that is anti-Cinque. And that really is the bottom line for Backes. He doesn't give a shit where Oswald was or who he was. He couldn't care less. He just wants to get at me. 

Let's be clear: if Joseph Backes came upon a newly discovered photograph of Oswald in the doorway that was close-up and perfect, he would destroy it. Seriously. That is the caliber of JFK researcher he is, and it also defines the kind of person he is. 

Backes, there is no way that these two are the same guy at the same moment in time and space. One has his shirt open widely while the other is buttoned up almost to the top, save for the top button. One has a comb-over and the other has a Mohawk. One has large geometric forms on his shirt and the other has fine lines and 2 inch boxes.  One has a visible white t-shirt and the other does not have any visible t-shirt at all. None of it is a function of camera position or pixelization. They simply can't be the same man. And you really are a stupid fool to advocate it. 

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