Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The thing is that even though the terrorists had box-cutters and the crew and passengers did not, it's not as though the latter were powerless and without weapons. There is an ax on the plane that is for emergencies- in case they have to cut their way out through the cabin. A pilot could have grabbed that ax and started swinging it. You think a box-cutter is any match to that?   

I mentioned that I fly with a briefcase, and it's very solid. It's covered with leather, but the case is made of solid metal. A terrorist comes at me with a box-cutter and I'll slam that thing into his Adam's apple. I'll break his fucking windpipe. Me with that case and some guy with a box-cutter? I'll take that bet any day of the week.

A guy takes off his sizable belt, holds the strap end, and he starts whipping the buckle at his enemy. He can attack from a greater distance than the guy with a box-cutter.  And he can lash at high speed, over and over again, raining down on him. 

The attacker moves down the aisle. A lady throws hot coffee in his face. From behind a man jumps on his back, arm around his neck, starts choking him. Another man grabs the arm holding the box-cutter, and sinks his teeth into his hand, clamping down like he's got lockjaw. A lady with a nailfile starts stabbing him. 

You think the crew and passengers are going to let 4 guys take over an airplane, including the cockpit, just because of a few box-cutters??? Is that what you think????? Because anyone who thinks that is a fucking idiot. 

They are lying to us about 9/11. And the only thing holding up the terrible lie is the power of officialdom: the power of government and media to control the minds of the people. 

It is pure Orwellian mind control. It is also pure bull shit. If you have been falling for this nonsense. I am telling you right now to snap out of it because the same people who killed Kennedy pulled off 9/11. And the only reason they thought they could get away with the latter one is from having gotten away with the former one.    
But, both lies are going down and will be demolished. JFK first. Then the other 1960's assassinations, including RFK and MLK, and don't forget Marilyn Monroe. And then 9/11. 

Box-cutters. Hell No. We're not buying that crap. 


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