Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Here it is in color, Backes, and it doesn't help.

Backes, they are different shirts and different men. Don't make excuses for it. Don't try to spin it. You're just babbling. 

On the left, the pattern consists of large geometric forms. On the right, it's checkered with fine lines and  2 inch square boxes. You can't reconcile that. You can't attribute it to different cameras, different cameramen, or different anything. 

On the left, there doesn't appear to be any collar at all. And his hair is like a Mohawk- nothing like the other guy. 

Stop defending this, Backes, because you are just making yourself look foolish. And yes, on the left, it doesn't even look photographic meaning that it doesn't look like the output of a camera. 

Groucho Marx and Robert DeNiro: that's the best way to sum up the divergence between those two Loveladys. 

You know, Backes, you are such a moron, you don't have enough sense to pick your battles. You let a lot of stuff I write pass by without comment. You've been totally quiet for days. But, now you decide to break the silence by defending this shit? This is one of the weakest, most laughable issues there is.  You really want to defend this shit?

Those smarter than yourself would wisely take the 5th on this one and take a stand somewhere else. This is a weak hand for you, Backass. You should fold on this one; instead you go all in. Idiot. This is not a game you can win by bluffing. 

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