Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I just received some good input from Nelson L. 

Regarding your recent blog posts about Oswald's worn t-shirt: I wear my t-shirts until they're ragged. The hole we see on Oswald's shirt is in a spot that--as I know from experience--gives out quickest. I've never had a t-shirt shred around the margin, however.

Also, Oswald's outer shirt was worn-out. Why would it be surprising that his t-shirt was shot, too?

Yes, indeed, both Oswald's outer shirt and t-shirt were both getting well-worn and tattered. And like Nelson, I've seen t-shirts start falling apart at that that spot along the top seam where we see it on Oswald. But also like Nelson, I've never had a tear occur at the margin, and that's what we are talking about. 

bpete is deluded in thinking that that t-shirt was high and round like Lovelady's until Oswald got into a scuffle with police at the theater. There is no evidence that that scuffle did anything of importance to that t-shirt. And, even with that invented argument, there is still the divergence between Lovelady's t-shirt and Doorman's.

What good is it to hypothesize that Oswald's shirt got torn at the theater when it doesn't solve the problem of the discrepancy between Doorman and Lovelady? This is the point where Occam would be getting out his razor. 

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