Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Backes, you consort with those who say Oswald "locked and loaded" from the 6th floor. No real Oswald defender would do that.

The original version of the Dallas PD footage was the real footage; they just added the Lovelady figure to it. So, it was nothing like what you described. It's simple; the desk was unmanned, unoccupied; and they added the Lovelady figure to it. 

It was a video merger. Understand? So, take everything you said, and cram it the same place you cram your proscenium arches. And quit misrepresenting my work. 

And I know that McWatters, Whaley, and Bledsoe weren't actors, but, according to you, they were asked to act. They were telling an untrue story as if it were true. That's acting, Azzhole. 

And it's also painfully obvious that this guy is not the same guy.

That is not the same guy, Backes. That's right; his arm is bigger, thicker, and much more muscular. It's a different arm; it is a different man. 

Glance your eyes back and forth, Backes. Two different arms. Two different shirts. Two different men. You deny obvious reality as you knowingly consort with the agents of murder. Name one other Oswald defender who consorts with the likes of bpete. Ptoi! That's in your face, Backes. You collude with bpete who places Oswald on the 6th floor "locking and loading" on Kennedy. You don't give a shit about Kennedy, and you certainly don't give a shit about Lee Harvey Oswald.  You are a fake, a fraud, and a Kennedy-killer, which I'll tell you to your face.  You lost Mark Lane, and I won him. You lost Gerald McKnight, and I won him. You've lost every battle. Pow! Bop! Bang! Bok! Boom! Splat! I'm not even winded. 

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