Saturday, February 28, 2015

Notice how the shadows are being cast to our left on the spectators on the far side. And it was actually very close to high noon. Officially, it was, what, maybe 12:20? But, Dallas is in the Central Time Zone which is based on the meridian that passes through New Orleans. So, Dallas keeps New Orleans time. And being east of Dallas, the sun reaches New Orleans before it reaches Dallas, as it sweeps its way across the sky from east to west. (Psst. I know it's the Earth that's really moving.) So, the result is that High Noon occurs earlier in New Orleans than it does in Dallas, so when it's Noon in New Orleans, it's really on 11:30 in Dallas, though the clocks say Noon. So, why such prominent shadows when it was so close to noon? Because of the time of year, late November, when the sun doesn't rise that high in the sky even at high noon.

And that brings us back to Jackie, her hand, and the window frame. There is nothing else but the window frame that could be casting that shadow on Jackie's hand. So, why is it the shape that it is?

How could a window frame, which consists of a vertical and horizontal span, cast a shadow of that shape?

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