Saturday, February 28, 2015

That doesn't cut it, Backes. I knew it was a different camera and different film. So, you're not telling me anything I didn't already know. The possibility remains that they may have photoshopped that purple color in, and it's more than a remote possibility.

And speaking of colors, here's a good one of the seatback.

 It's pretty dark. Also, look here:

So, it makes this one look pretty suspect:

And I gave you a good reason why they may have wanted to lighten it: to distinguish Kennedy's form, so that his form would stand out against a lighter background. 

And frankly, I don't even care. If that's all they had done, I never would have started this. I just find it amusing that you refuse to admit the possibility of any color adjustments. They had the whole world of digital technology at their disposal to perfect the image, but they didn't do a thing. They used it as is, and how do we know that? Because Joseph Backes says so. Nope, the only image he challenges is this one:

As if they were stupid enough to think they could get away with falsely claiming to find that on Oswald. And you know something else? Even if you want to say that they were 100% sure that Oswald would be killed (and no such assurance existed; how did it work out for them killing Castro? Judy's poison never reached him) it still doesn't matter. Even with Oswald dead, evidence could have surfaced that Oswald definitely did something else, and it would have exonerated him posthumously which was just as bad for them. So, they NEVER in a million years would have done that, you dumb pluck. Only someone as dumb as yourself could think such a thing.  

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