Friday, February 27, 2015

Steve Barber:

It has always looked to me like she was holding onto the window, or starting to grab hold of it when this picture was snapped.  But let me tell you Ralph, there can be no "thumbnail" in the photo.  She had white cotton gloves on. 

Ralph Cinque: 

Steve, I don't understand people who say that. I know you can't "see" the thumbnail, but you can't "see" the fingers or the palm or the thumb itself either because they are all covered by the glove. Her whole hand is covered with a glove. Get it? So, if you can claim to see, by it's form, a finger, why can't claim to see, by its form, a thumbnail? I am talking about the bed of the nail. It has a shape and a form, and through a thin tight-fitting glove, it can be seen. 

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