Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sure, Backes, I'll admit I was wrong about the color reflection on the chrome. But you, apparently, have never heard the expression "All's well that ends well." And, I am very satisfied with how this analysis of mine worked out because, like the rat in a maze, I got to the end of it and won the cheese. It's all figured out now- by me.

And regarding the color reflection, why is it so bright pink in Zapruder and a rather dark purple in King?

In Zapruder, the color reflection on the chrome is the exact same shade of pink as Jackie's dress. In King, it is quite a bit darker. It isn't pink; it's purple. So, how come?  I'll let you run through the photobabble reasons, but here's one: they may have photoshopped it to make it darker because they wanted it that way.

So, I still may be right that they photoshopped that purple color. 

And anybody from any country speaking any language can see the thumbnail and covered thumbnail in this picture.

 That's it, the thumb; there's no doubt about it, and you're a fool to deny it. But go ahead, Backes, keep going. I know where you're headed (mentally-speaking).  

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