Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Allan G. Johnson 
3:35 PM (20 minutes ago)
On Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 7:21:16 PM UTC-4, Ralph Cinque wrote: 
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   Why is it that when you post the Altgens photo of Lovelady in the
doorway that you always post a picture of Oswald beside it?, like that is
evidence it is actually Oswald in the doorway.  Why don't you ever post an
actual picture of Lovelady next to the Altgen's photo of him in the
doorway?  That would show it is really Lovelady because it would be an
actual resemblance.  The question answers itself, I guess. 

Ralph Cinque:

No, Allan. The question is: Why don't YOU post an image of Doorman and Lovelady? You're the one who claims they are the same identical person, not me.

I post an image of Oswald and Doorman because how striking their likeness is, per the man and the clothing. 

And I guarantee you that most people have no trouble seeing it. You JFK buffs live in your own little distorted world-another dimension. But, in the real world, people can see it. 

But, if it makes you happy, here is an alleged image of Lovelady taken 15 minutes after the shooting. 

Happy now? You've got a winner here, do you? 

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