Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The people who are fighting me and the OIC about this are doing so from a bizarre space, a bizarre mental space. 

There are those who are fighting me based on Oswald being guilty, but that's insane. There is no case against Oswald.  There is no way he could ever be convicted in a court of law. 

They don't even have a case for him bringing the rifle into the building. Buell Frazier insists that the bag he saw Oswald with was not big enough to contain the rifle. In 2013, Buell Frazier went to the Dallas Police Department and demanded that they make the record clear that he denies that Oswald brought any rifle. At trial, Frazier would be a defense witness on that issue- not a prosecution witness.  

They don't even have a case for Oswald knowing that Kennedy would be passing the building that day. Just because it was published in the newspaper- sparsely- they have no evidence that Oswald ever saw it. Just because someone said Oswald sometimes read the newspaper at lunch does not amount to evidence that he learned the motorcade route that way. There is no evidence he read the specific editions that contained it, and they were very few. If he knew that Kennedy was going to be passing his building that day, wouldn't he probably have mentioned it to his wife? Wouldn't it likely have come up in conversation between him and Frazier? They were stuck in a car together. What, do you think they rode in complete silence? But, Oswald didn't know, and Frazier didn't know either. James Jarman didn't know as well. He found out that morning, and he's the one who told Oswald. But, coming to work none of them knew. I'd be willing to bet that the majority of TSBD employees went to work that morning not knowing that JFK's motorcade would be driving right past their building that day. They didn't make an announcement about it the day before. What right is there to presume that Oswald knew about it when there is no evidence that he did? 

Oswald passed the paraffin test, the nitrate test. That's powerful. His fingerprints weren't found on the rifle, and only after he was dead was his palm print found. Why wasn't it found immediately?

The links in the chain of Oswald supposedly having bought the rifle from Klein Hardware have been torn apart by Gil Jesus. 

The very fact that Bonnie Ray Williams was alone up on the 6th floor until at least 12:20 obliterates any chance that Oswald would have had the time after Williams left to go up there, retrieve the bag with the rifle parts, assemble the rifle using a dime as a screwdriver, adjust the scope, set up the Sniper's Nest moving countless boxes of books, to be poised and ready to shoot Kennedy by 12:30. It is preposterous. 

Oswald could never be convicted in a court of law. Think about it. All his lawyer would have to do is come in with this collage:

Only 1 juror out of 12 would have to think, "Bingo! That's Oswald!" to make it a hung jury. Again: 1 out of 12 is all it would take. And if the prosecution chose to retry the case, the situation would be exactly the same: only 1 in 12 would have to think it. 

In fact, that one juror wouldn't even have to think "Bingo!" He or she would only have to think "Maybe." Maybe that's Oswald. It could be him. Remember, if there is reasonable doubt (and that would certainly comprise reasonable doubt) the benefit of the doubt goes to the defendant in our legal system. Oswald could never be convicted in a court of law.   

So, I've got those people fighting me over Oswald in the doorway even though they're fighting a lost cause. They can't possibly win. 

But, I've also got people fighting me who do, allegedly, support Oswald's innocence. But, not one of them offers an alternative location for Oswald during the shooting. They claim to be Oswald defenders but they give him no alibi? Unbemotherfrickinlievable!

Imagine if these stupid assholes were his lawyers. They'd be getting up in court and telling the jurors, "I can't tell you where Oswald was when the shooting occurred, and I'm not putting him on the stand, but, I'm sure he was innocent." 

Every lawyer in the whole frickin' world, the very first thing he would ask Oswald would be, "Did you do it?" And after Oswald said no, the very next thing he would ask is "Where were you at the time of the shooting?" 

But, these idiots, apparently, wouldn't do that. They're not interested. They've never devoted one post, one blog, one rant to acknowledging Oswald's location during the murder- his alibi. Backes hasn't. Farley hasn't. Norwood hasn't. 

They're not Oswald defenders. They're just disputers of the official story. You really get the feeling that they don't give a good God-damn about Oswald. 

But, there is a reason why they don't champion any other location for Oswald at 12:30 than the doorway. And that's because there is no other place to put him. Every other place can be ruled out by logical means- and easily. 

He wasn't in the 1st floor lunch room because he was there earlier when Jarman and Norman were around, both of whom wound up on the 5th floor at 12:30, along with Bonnie Ray Williams. 

And he wasn't in the 2nd floor lunch room because, as demonstrated by Gil Jesus, Oswald was just getting there when Baker saw him. Baker saw Oswald BEFORE Oswald entered the lunch room. He saw him going into the little ante-room. And he followed him into that ante-room or vestibule, using another door, and from there, he saw Oswald walking through the lunch room. But, Oswald had just arrived. He just got there. There is no way that he was there a minute and a half before. This really cinches it.

 I'm telling you, you've got to listen to Jesus. Gil Jesus. Hallelujah.
Where else could Oswald have been? There's no place else. Once you admit that he wasn't up on the 6th floor, "locking and loading" on Kennedy, it turns out that there is no place but the doorway for him to have been. That is, unless you are going to start getting wily and arbitrary, such as saying that he may have been in the bathroom. But, if he was in the bathroom, surely he would have said so. It's no crime to use the crapper, is it? We're all human, and when you gotta go; you gotta go. 

So, the point is that the people who are fighting me who also claim to be Oswald defenders really need to go to the bathroom themselves because they are completely full of shit. They don't know what they are talking about.

This is like a chess game in which the only move remaining to avoid checkmate is to move the Oswald piece to the doorway. 

And you know who else put Oswald at the doorway? Carolyn Arnold. And I don't mean the Carolyn Arnold of 1978. Forget about her. I mean the Carolyn Arnold of 1963. She claimed that she went outside to watch the motorcade (and it's known that she was among the last to get out there) and when she turned around and looked towards the building, she saw Oswald standing between the double doors, meaning: just inside the doorway. That was just minutes before. 

You take that; you take the Fritz Notes; and you take the powerful photographic evidence such as this:

and it puts Oswald in the doorway as much as the Gospels put Christ on the Cross. More actually. Much more. 

So, I've got clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right, and all of them are in fact: liars. They are lying to others, and some of them are lying to themselves. They are liars, and they are deniers. And their reasons for doing it are as stupid as they are diabolical. And they are very diabolical. 

But, fear not. There is only one way this is going to end, and that is with universal recognition of Oswald innocence and Oswald in the doorway. And those two things are indivisible, inseparable, and indisputable.  

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