Wednesday, September 30, 2015

That can't be Hickey. It's not even mechanically possible. Facing that direction, he didn't have any place to put his legs. He wasn't standing because he's not high enough to be standing. And he's not kneeling because he didn't say anything about kneeling. There is simply no way to explain his being there in that position.

And you know of course that is hairline is all wrong.

 They're different men. Period.

That means the Altgens photo was definitely altered to put that fake Hickey in there. And that means it most definitely did not go out to the world at 1:03 PM. That claim is gone with the wind.

But, why did they have to replace Hickey at all? He was there. He was captured in the picture. What the hell was he doing? Flipping someone the bird? No, of course not. But, he may have had a look that just wasn't appropriate. Maybe he was frowning or snickering. Maybe he looked cunning and devious. Who knows? But, another possibility is that he was one more person peering at Roberts on the phone. 

So, they figured that they would turn a lemon into lemonade by taking him out and putting in a replacement who was doing the right thing: looking for the source of the shots.

That was stupidity because the right thing to do was to get Kennedy out of harm's way. Their intent, upon realizing JFK was under attack, should have been to get the limo driver to floor it and to get Kennedy and the other occupants to get low. They should have been directing all their attention to the limo, yelling at them, screaming at them, making as big a ruckus as possible- the very act of which would have alerted the shooters that the SS men know what was happening. Might have spooked them. 

Instead of talking on the phone, Roberts should have stood up tall and raised his arms high in the air. Secret Service agents were willing to take a bullet for the President, isn't that what we've been told? 

But, there is a smudge of his mouth to hide the phone. 

That is not a spontaneous photographic happening; it is a deliberate photographic obfuscation. So, we have that and the fake Hickey.

They altered the photo, which means they had the time and took the time to alter it. There is no doubt about that.

Stop the insanity!  All honest persons, who now know this, will stop saying that the Altgens6 photo went out to the world at 1:03 PM. It's a bloody lie. It is a lie of the bloodied.

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