Tuesday, September 29, 2015

We have had a very active day in the OIC with some interesting exchanges. I am going to post a very thought-provoking missive from John Hankey, which concerns Presidential submissions, that, in the end, they always do what they're told- at least since Kennedy they have, and it's because of Kennedy that they do. That's John's take. 

But, if you don't know of John Hankey, he has done the definitive work on exposing the role of George HW Bush murdering JFK. You can visit his website at bushkilledjfk dot com. Catchy title, eh?


And John Hankey has also done the definitive work on the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr. too. You should watch his film about it on youtube: Dark Legacy II. Dark Legacy I can also be found there, which is about Bush Sr.'s role in killing JFK. Both are riveting.  

But, before I post John's analysis of Presidential submissions, I want to point out that the office of President, which was always powerful, has become increasingly more powerful. 

For instance, do you realize that every war since WW2 has been a Presidential war? The last time that the United States declared war on a country constitutionally, that is, by an act of Congress was for World War 2. Since then, the Presidents have started all the wars themselves and done so without a Congressional act of war. 

Fact: The US Constitution says that only Congress can declare war, and fund war, and take this country to war. And the Founders made it that way on purpose because they figured some hothead might become President, and since war involves tremendous loss of life, horrific carnage and vast devastation, better to make sure that cooler heads are involved in the decision. 

But, when Truman entered the Korean War without getting an Act of War through Congress, that did it. Every President after that said, "Hey, I'm just doing what Truman did. If he could do it, I can do it." 

But, why didn't Congress stop them? Why didn't anyone use the Constitution and the laws of this country to stop them? I think the short answer is that they have all been fascist wars, and in a fascist system, it's efficient to have a fascist leader. It's been building in that direction for a long time.  

But, I think John's point is that this power of the President, which has been growing, is largely an illusion, that these Presidents do the bidding of the real powerbrokers who run the country and put them in office. And if they don't, they just might have a rendezvous with a lone nut the way JFK did. And they know it.  Here is John:

Dear Jim (and everybody!)
As I say, I have been thinking about it for 10 years.  

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