Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Here's a little exchange from McAdams' forum. This guy Shipman is no heavyweight:

Stan Shipman:

I think it's obvious that the two shirts (Oswald's and Doorman's) are not the same. The criminal's shirt is pretty solid with darker colors, yet there are significant pixel 
areas of either white or a much lighter color in Ll's shirt. Don't forget, Ll was photographed later in that same shirt- which IMHO is a much closer match to the Altgen's image than LHO's shirt. And with so much grain in the Altgens' photo when blown-up like that, you could make a case 
that the Statue of Liberty placed on those steps resembled LHO. 

I liked your little blues band a whole lot more than your arguments, Ralph. But you're entertaining- I'll sure give you that! 

Ralph Cinque:

The criminal's shirt is pretty solid with darker colors? I presume you are talking about Oswald although I deny your depiction of him. Meanwhile, the Newseum denies your depiction of his shirt:

They're saying that's Oswald's shirt, Stan, and it's not very dark. And they showcased it over and over during the buildup to the 50th. Are you calling the Newseum a liar?

And yet there are significant pixel areas of either white or a much lighter color in Ll's shirt? I presume that "Ll" stands for Lovelady but you are, in fact, referring to Doorman, who was, in fact, Oswald. But, even though I know that to be a fact, I always refer to Doorman as Doorman when discussing this for the sake of clarity in communication. But apparently, that is not a courtesy I can expect from you.   

Nevertheless, I'll extend you courtesy of providing a lesson in rational analysis. There are indeed vague indications of contrast on Doorman's shirt, but the question is: what do they represent? Is it an actual shirt pattern? That isn't likely, and it isn't reasonable, since it has no resemblance to any shirt pattern we have ever seen. What is likely is that it represents a combination of light reflections, worn threadbare shiny areas on an old shirt, and a certain amount of haze and distortion from the immense enlargement that was involved in blowing up the Altgens photo. But what is crystal clear is that Doorman's pattern is not remotely like the plaid pattern we see on Lovelady's shirt. Doorman's shirt has no vertical and horizontal lines crossing and forming boxes, which is the hallmark of plaid. Not one box can be seen on Doorman's shirt. 

Let's put this in mathematical terms: The "distance" between Doorman's pattern and Oswald's pattern is like a few yards, while the distance between Doorman's pattern and Lovelady's pattern is many miles. 

But, putting aside the issue of the shirt pattern, which is not at all in your favor, you have a much larger problem, and that is, the overall form, fit, and lay of the shirt. And on that issue, Doorman and Oswald are a spot-on match whereas Lovelady might as well be a hundred million light-years away. Of the three, only Osawld and Doorman are wearing a loose-fitting, unbuttoned, sprawled open outer shirt over an exposed white t-shirt. And the image of Lovelady above (on the right) was allegedly the first image taken of him after the assassination. That image was closest in time to the Altgens photo, so it is most appropriate to use.  

Take a look at it again, Stan. I am willing to bet that a majority of impartial observers would choose Oswald and Doorman as being the same individual wearing the same clothes, leaving Lovelady as the odd man out. It's a serious offer, Stan. 

And, you've got some nerve to claim that the pixel colors in Doorman's shirt resemble Lovelady's (which they do not) and then claim -in the same paragraph-that the graininess from the blowing up of the Altgens doorway makes it impossible to distinguish Doorman from even the Statue of Liberty (which is also not true). But, the point is that you contradicted yourself in a single breath.   

Stan, the Lovelady claim is never going to endure, and you're not even good at defending it. With your help, it's only going to sink faster. As I see it, the official story is left with only two hopes: 
no hope and Bob Hope. 

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