Thursday, January 30, 2014

I should have pointed out that at the time of the JFK assassination, Ben Bagdikin, author of that article in the Saturday Evening Post which used a photograph taken from the 2nd floor of the Dal-Tex building and represented it as having been taken from the Sniper's Nest, was the national editor of the Washington Post.

But alas, I'm disappointed. I was hoping that Joseph Backes- or one of my other enemies- would dispute that the image wasn't taken from the Sniper's Nest.   

In case anyone missed it, Steve Creighton pointed out the waffled decorative veneer at the bottom of the TSBD on the right. 

What the killer saw at the moment of tragedy my ass. 

There is an excellent article on Before It's News about media complicity in the JFK assassination written by DC Dave:

DC Dave wrote highly but also critically of Noel Twyman's Bloody Treason. Twyman listed 7 key conditions that the conspirators had to have in order to proceed with the execution of John Kennedy:
  1. Control of the FBI.
  2. Control of Lyndon Johnson.
  3. A means to divert attention away from the conspirators.
  4. Control, or partial control, of the Dallas police force.
  5. The need for an experienced professional assassin with a back-up.
  6. Control of the Secret Service.
  7. Control of the CIA and Military Intelligence. 
DC Dave: 

"To be fair, we must note that the very next sentence after Twyman concludes his list is the following:
 In addition, I surmised it would have been very desirable, probably absolutely necessary, for the conspirators to know that they would have support from the industrial-media establishment in 1963.

Probably?  Desirable?  How the total support of the news media could have missed Twyman’s “indispensable” list is beyond me. And, as we have seen, that support has extended—as it had to—well past 1963.  Twyman, for all industriousness and perspicacity, shows in the end that he just doesn’t get it..."

I provided the link to this article by DC Dave because it is very good, and you should read it:

He points out that the mainstream media rolling over has not only continued to this day but gotten worse- they've become like Pravda in the former Soviet Union.  

Of course, media complicity in the JFK assassination continues to this day, but how deep is it? How far does it reach? 

It reaches all the way. It reaches to the outer limits. It certainly reaches to WFAA television. How naive to think that they would not alter the content of a program that was broadcast in November 1964. 

But, keep defending them, Backes. It shows your true colors. Make that your true color, which is red. 


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