Friday, January 31, 2014

My point is that the term "Thorburn position" is NOT a well- recognized medical term; it is mostly just a JFK term. 

So, I googled it, and this is what I got:

Notice that the top listing is a debunking of Lattimer's contention, referring to it as the Thorburn Hoax, so that's JFK-related. Second is John McAdams, who, as you would expect, supports Lattimer, but it is also JFK-related.  The third is an argument about Lattimer's claim on McAdams' forum. The fourth is from the most prominent online dictionary, The Free Dictionary.  

Two definitions were provided, and both were referenced to JFK. It appears that this is what John Fiorentino found, and he quoted just the first sentence of the first definition. 

All of the remaining listings on the Google search results were references to the JFK debate about it. It means that 100% of the first page listings for "Thorburn position" were references to JFK.

On the second page of listings, all of them were JFK-related except one. That one exception was a bio message board in which a guy asked for information about the Thorburn position. 

Nobody responded to Jim Rathman, and I found out from surfing the net that Jim Rathman is an avid JFK buff. He's a professor, and he has even participated on McAdams' forum. 

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