Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No, you're the one who doesn't get, Backass, that the Warren Commission should have let the public see the photos of Lovelady to compare to Doorman. And they should have shown images of Oswald, in his arrest clothes, side by side with Doorman so that they would make that comparison too. 

But, they didn't, and the reason they didn't because the Oswald/Doorman comparison would only have heightened public awareness that he was standing in the doorway during the shooting.

You don't get it, Backes, that the images meant EVERYTHING and the lip-flapping meant NOTHING. What the Hell difference does it make what people said when the ground-rules were that they didn't see Oswald? 

What, do you think they subtle about that? "Say anything you want; we're just searching for the truth." Is that what they said? Is that what they told them? 

They buried the images, all of the images, because they knew that in a comparison like that, Oswald was going to win, not Lovelady. And they were right. 

They could have done this, Backes, but they didn't:


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