Friday, January 31, 2014

Was Kennedy shot in the back with an ice bullet? 

He may have been. It's very possible, and it's a compelling idea. 

But, let start with what we know. Kennedy was struck in the back at a downward angle at the level of T3. Several medical people, including his own doctor, Dr. George Burkley, said it was at T3. 

Plus, we can see it ourselves. 

There is something that I want you to do right now, this second. Reach your hand around to the top of your back and feel around for the biggest bump you can find at the top of your back, right in the center. It will help if you flex your neck and lower your head. So, bring your head down to your chest. 

Did you find the biggest bump at the junction of your neck and back? That bump is the Vertebral Prominens. On most people, it is the spinous process of the seventh cervical vertebra, but on some it is T1. Now keep your fingers on that bump because your proprioception is working, giving you a very clear idea of where it is. At the same time, look at that bullet wound in the image above. You know that is the back and not the neck. To me that looks exactly like what Burkley and the others said: T3. Look at it again from a different angle:

That is not his neck. That is definitely adjacent to T3. So, let's stop the nonsense about T1. And there is no way a bullet that entered his back at a sharply downward angle at T3 could exit through his throat. 

So, what happened to that bullet? Humes probed the hole and said he hit a wall and could go no further. At that point, he should have sliced Kennedy open like a tuna to find out what happened. But, the FBI agents wouldn't let him. 

But, let's be realistic: there is no way that bullet came out his throat, and it did not come out anywhere else either because he didn't have an exit wound anywhere else. They could not have hit that. So, we are left saddled with the presumption that the bullet stopped inside of him. 

But, what happened to it? It certainly didn't fall out. If it fell out, it would have gotten tangled up in several layers of clothing. It certainly could not have worked its way out through the holes in the clothes. 

As I see it, there are only two possibilities: the first is that they dug it out of him at the pre-autopsy, and the second is that JFK was struck with an ice bullet that melted inside him, perhaps delivering a drug, such as a tranquilizer.  

I think both ideas are plausible, but I am more drawn to the ice bullet idea. And I'm not the only one. As with Oswald in the doorway, plenty of people before me have championed it. For some reason, Joseph Backes and the others waited until I championed Oswald in the doorway before they started having conniptions over it, but plenty of people advanced it before I did. 

Here is a discussion about the ice bullet idea from the Education Forum. The thread was started by Steve Kober.

Notice Jack White's Response:

"Excellent work, Steve! Jack"

It's interesting that none of the rabid lonenutters on Education Forum were inclined to pounce on this. Obviously, it challenged the Single Bullet Theory, so you'd think that would have spurred them to attack. But, they didn't; they just let it pass. 

I consider the ice bullet a very intriguing idea and certainly worthy of more thought and discussion. But, one thing is absolutely sure: Kennedy got hit at the level of T3 to the right of his spine, and the bullet that entered, however far it went, went downward from there at a sharp angle, and there is no chance that it came out his throat. The Single Bullet Theory is complete bull shit, and the number of people who have said that before me is too vast to even count.  


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